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how to i fuck up my windows updates so it bricks my surface pro 4?

tech support are being dicks because they want me to "fully update" because might fix the battery degredation.

it's only been 100 cycles and im only getting 5 hours from normal use.

the battery report says the full capcity is 80% of designed capacity and somehow updating will magically fix everything
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Step 1: ignore the "Don't turn off your computer" notice during a firmware update (anything else won't work, it's gotta be firmware)
Step 2: "ok send it in for a new one"
Step 3: pfff. There's no step 3. There's no step 3!
you be to are that was for out been

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Has anyone else noticed how they updated their website?

Apparently the DNS servers I had been using went down yesterday because all of a sudden I couldn't access the internet anymore. I ran a troubleshoot and found out my computer couldn't connect to them.

It's understandable that Opennic would have no way of informing me that this had happened, but now their website is not fucking helpful at all to navigate compared to what I saw last year when I switched from Google's DNS service.



It's like they're being deliberately obfuscatory.
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Here's the document you're looking for champ:


For some reason the front page of the wiki steers users towards the Wizard that never works and hasn't updated in two years.

I do like progress made towards modern site design at least.
I don't know if I'm just dumb, but I've hovered over just about every link on the wiki front page and I can't find the page you linked me one level up, i.e. \setup

how did you even find it
dnscrypt-proxy for dns
unbound for dnssec

thank me later

So I am concerned that people that shouldn't be are going where they shouldn't be going. Can anyone recommend the best source for getting the right cam setup?
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you wouldn't need cams if they respected you. start by threatening them and putting holes in dry wall when they act out of turn. intimidate them at every opportunity. keep a baseball bat near your door and don't hesitate to break shit when it serves your purpose.
>people that shouldn't be
What, like abominations from the deep sea?
>people that shouldn't be
glow-in-the-dark CIA niggers, perhaps?

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What are some daily activities you've chosen to "downgrade" from digital to analog? And for what reason?

For me, it's quick reminders and passwords. I used to type out stuff on my phone to remind myself of things, but quickly realized that finger-scrolling doesn't work well at all when you have multiple pages of reminders to keep track of. Keeping a small notepad in my pocket made it easy to peruse through and mark specific pages if it's urgent.

As for passwords, I used to store mine on a Keepass database and made regular backups, but when my HDD crashed and none of the backups were functional (CD-R ages terribly, apparently) I lost access to a pretty large number of accounts whose passwords I couldn't remember. Now I just use a composition book stored inside a carved-out Stephen King novel.
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Your backup solution doesn't work and your biggest concern is losing passwords which can easily be reset?
>Pen and Paper for notes
>Dumbphone for calls/texts
>Laptop for everything else

>>From e-books back to hardcover/paperbacks
>>Notes on phone to handwritten
>>Important dates, from Calendar to Calendar on my wall
>>more shit I don't want to list.

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>browsing clothing website
>absolutely retarded design that runs like ass and requires MBs of javascript to function

Why does this always happen for clothing stores specifically? I understand that they might be more aesthetically-oriented than other businesses, but doesn't somebody actually test the layout of the site on a normal connection and realize it's clunky, unintuitive shit?

tfw the botnet wants me to be naked
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probably designed by women
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Yes good goyim take your clothes off.
Why would women design men's clothing websites?

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How do I get a program to do division? I have to build a program that divides money down into smaller denominations and can't figure it out. I'm using double for the data type of the money and can't figure it the fuck out.
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write a guess and check machine
I don't know how to do that. I have to use multiple data types. I'm using int and double but I have to use this "%" thing.
Type it in like you would a calculator.

It's called a *compute*r for a reason.

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Where does the rumour that arch breaks often come from?

I've been using it since early 2016 and not once has anything broken. The only thing i remember was spotify not updating once because there was some problem with it on the AUR, but it simply just didnt update until it was fixed. (this was before i started ripping my own lossless files and using deadbeef)

thats not even a break, unless i would've forced it to install spotify - but i was just patient and waited until the next day which allowed me to just install it normally
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cont. so where on earth does this hanus meme come from?
Well, because it is "bleeding edge" packages are brand new and therefore have been out and in use for a shorter period of time. That being said, I've been using the same arch installation since 2014. I've also had year to two year old backups run through package updates just fine. Never had any major issues.
Comes from unlucky fucks who `pacman -Syu` every day and get hit with every single mistake ever made by the packagers

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Are your electronics secured, /g/?
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I hope it wipes out the world's power grid
shouldn't mean much

radio propagation will go mental tho
good time to try dx-ing

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>CSO with a music degree
>They get hacked
Welcome to equality.
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I bet they overlooked a virgin white guy like me for that job. Fucking whores. This is why Trump won.
But music degree people are the best bosses

>ma'am, we have decided that [random thing]
>that doesn't sounds right
gotta have women. too bad she isn't a woman of color.

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I don't plan on putting text on it.

You make it.

It is the virgin linux sysadmin vs the GNU/Chad

Enjoy it.

t. maded on the gimp(tm)
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Based on this
thank you for using free software

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You know who you are.
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Other OP is a faggot and so are you.
>>62325236 (You)
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Where is my beheading!?

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Byte was the shit.
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It's on 4chan, but it's still true. Read some of his books, and sometimes checked his website. Sad. RIP

August 7th, 1933 to September 8th, 2017
84 years old
Pournelle died in his sleep at his home in Studio City, California, on September 8, 2017.
Illiterate retards on /g/ try /lit/
>outlook as a mail client

That shits offensive, this doesn't belong here

So, what you guys study/studied in college? Tech related, of course.
Majoring in electronics here.
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>tfw had to tutor hordes of CS retards who failed at babby calc/LA/disc
>tfw amazed modern software works at all after that unforgettable experience
Same here. CStards here learn Software Development, not CS itself. Poor things are doing baby math thinking it has something to do with proper CS.
Currently studying Computer Engineering in University

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.welcomE to thE circlE
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Welcome to the Circle.

WTF this is so epic!

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I'm looking at buying some stuff and I want a domestic seller to reduce shipping costs and hassle.

Which ones would you recommend? I only know about Amazon.ca (duh) and Newegg.ca, along with the website or brick and mortar stores like bestbuy.ca.
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Try ncix.com. They have a lot of stuff and offer price matching.
>Try ncix.com. They have a lot of stuff and offer price matching.

Cool thanks.

Usually does a good job of getting the best prices from multiple canadian sites.

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