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Intel 8700K.png
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>New Coffee Lake 6 core i7-8700K

>same single threaded performance as 7700K
>only slightly better multithreaded over Ryzen 1600X 6 core


So this is Intel's answer to Ryzen? I expected much better from a company worth $170 billion.
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Who would have expected any better?
CPUZ is a meaningless benchmark desu.
>Intel has better IPC
Intel fanboys shouted
>4.3Ghz bearly can keep up with 4Ghz

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Why aren't you using Waterfox yet, anon?
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Because Iridium with uBlock Orgin works wonders.
Because Bravery
I am tho

Ive been experimenting with a sub-8-cha-n called /rtd/ with my characters but wanna make some kind of public and private message app that could become popular like skype. No camera or attentionwhoring photos tho, but an option to draw if u wanna send a picture. And in the message post options theres gif emojis i could make. Something that could get popular in the app store for any discussion and fun random drawings.
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are all Koreans mongoloids?
Jangmi is korean, and she does not have downsyndrome.
People with BPD should unironically be rounded up and exiled. You don't need to kill them, they'll kill each other.

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post them musical boys

Just put a CF card in this child this morning. Planning on getting it a 32GB card soon since all I had on hand was a 2GB card.
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Your taste in electronics gives me anxiety
>why don't I know what the headphones or PMP is
what is our those
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>clear shure headphones
My nigga

I'm currently running a command-line-only Debian install under Virtual Box for development purposes. I almost never use the console itself, I just shell into it with PuTTy.

I would like to start developing windowed apps (games), but I don't want to install a window manager. I just want to run my program and have it pop up a window. Doing everything through PuTTy is part of my workflow and I don't want to disrupt that.

How do I do this? I've never used X before I dunno where to start.
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you should start at the "/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team " part.
Depends on where you want to start.
It is a lot easier if you can use an existing graphical framework.
But you can manipulate /dev/fb0 if you want.
Does putty have x11 forwarding?

If not, look into cygwin

Yo K! I just hit big pay dirt!

Some old bastard died and gave me half his wealth and now i need an upgrade.

Hit me up with some suggestions and or share your own build.

Max i can do is 10k
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Invest it you faggot
Also excuse the LED memes i know it's fucking autistic.

I invested a majority and saved some for fun.

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jesus christ ive had this same fucking captcha more times than i can count
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>He doesn't have a 4chan pass
I'm working on a way to solve any reCaptcha (image ones included). I hope to blast them out of existence.
Every fucking time

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sadfrog question.png
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What is the best vpn according to /g/?
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I use pia
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I personally recommend TunnelBear. Easily browse the internet privately. With a bear.
>p2p not allowed

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Is Exodus down? because it's pretty much unusable now not even any HD streams
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Fuck off
kill yourself

Alright /g/.

My old rooted LG G3 died due to boot loop and now I chose the S7 (edge?) as a replacement.

Now I don't know if it's worth spending extra on the 'edge' or not.

Advice from any users?
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Edge is a meme. I personally don't like it.
do you like holding your phone comfortably?
if so, get a regular s7.
File: IMG_4406.jpg (84KB, 500x482px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Aye the edge triggers my autism when reading. Regular S7 boyo

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>people unironically buy 'space grey' instead of silver
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what's wrong with space grey? I have MBP in space grey. i love it.
>my boring monochrome > your boring monochrome

Reminder that minimalism is a fad for pretentious idiots that lack the creativity to make anything visually appealing of any sort of complexity
Silver looks like shit with the white front. Space Grey's back looks a lot better and the front is black, which is more pleasing aesthetically.

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What are some neat, techy things I can implement on my barebones website, /g/?


I don't know what to put, but i like to host servers and crap like FTP and such.
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Please respond.
What do you want?
Hmm... For my website? I'm not sure.

I just want it to be simple but neat and practical in some way.

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Is MEmu really better then BlueStacks?
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Use nox
Use the Android SDK Emulator.
anything like this for linux?

File: nana-x-domo-07.jpg (369KB, 1600x1029px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm making a game. Just finished coding the combat system. And holy shit /g/ ... the rush I got from solving the logical problems and eventually, after burning thousands of brain calories, getting a super complex system (and smoothly), is like nothing I've ever experienced before. Is writing code always like this? Why did nobody tell me earlier? This shit feels incredible. Nothing in my life has ever put me in a state of flow and intellectualy stimulated me like this.

Is this normal???
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It's called euphoria.
File: 1495019328946.webm (823KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No, you'll get burned out eventually and age out of it.
Yes, satisfaction is normal

I feel bad for Microsoft employees. It won't be long before the company loses its dominance. The stress of losing so much power in such a short time will be overwhelming!
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Well microsoft is certainly trying to turn the tables by playing the good guy.
Who knows they might release the source of their windows, .NET (mainline), win32API, skype, office, VS Studio etc
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Microsoft successfully transitioned to the cloud unlike some tech companies, they aren't going anywhere, anytime soon.

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