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Is it time to move DEFCON to a country that doesn't have retarded laws?
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It's time to move DEFCON to the trash can.
> going to fedcon
>hiring mulattos

/g/ wtf is going on? pic unrelated - random from my work folder

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Can nobody provide any further information, or does nobody care that burgers arrested MalwareTech?
Maybe he knows too much.
Shame, now that they have him detained they'll probably leak his data in some way. There goes his internet anonymity.
No one seems to know yet. All I've read so far is that it was the FBI. I'm sure we'll hear something eventually.

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So /g/ i just installed minimal debian. Installed FrankenWM as a windows manager and Tint2 to have a bottom pannel.

Now, how the fuck do i make these 2 interact with each other? I cannot maximize / make master / focus windows using the taskbar.
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Install ratpoison

Will i be able to maximize/minimize "Windows" using Tint2? Giving that ratpoison, well, ignores the mouse actions?
Run DWM + all of the suckless tools newfag

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>Chrome can't even have bookmarks on the address bar to save space

Literally every other browser can do this.
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Anzu is a whore!
this is only useful for pajeets with 13" laptops
Why would you need this if you're using the standard 1080p(or higher) resolution? Literally pointless.

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Redpill me about Rust
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Redpill me about gassing children
Systems language with safety guarantees and no GC
Zero cost abstractions
Strong type system
Great package manager
Performance on par with C++ or better
you forgot fearless concurrency

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Why didn't they teach programming in schools in the 1980s like the leaders of the home computing revolution wanted?
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Because computers were fucking expensive.
Because all they want is cheap labor
It was for losers at the time

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Firefox is officially dead for me. I never really cared about the upcoming WebExtensions until today when I upgraded to Firefox 57 (nightly) and it broke 4chan X because it seems Greasemonkey can no longer change the appearance of websites so the CSS isn't applied which makes everything looks like fucking shit. Does it work on Chromium or am I just gonna have to switch to ESR and stay on it forever?
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stable is still on 54 though, 57 is still a while away, just don't upgrade to 57 until addons are either fixed or there are alternatives out
thank you for your blogpost
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>He is so lonely he needs a 4chan extension
Sad, isn't it?

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Which software(s) do you use to organise and to keep track of your personal data, notes, past and ongoing events, etc ?

I receives messages by email, SMS, IRC and from a dozen of private messaging apps. I have a hundred RSS feeds and a few mailing list subscriptions (mostly for technological watch).
Overall, I like to takes notes on particular subjects, save music or video links for latter.

My problem is, I've many "data inputs", and all is scattered overs different services and apps.

So, how do you do, /g/ ? dozens of apps without integration ? personal wiki ? heavy use of IFTTT ? wizard-level org-mode config ?

I'll be disappointed if nobody here has fully automated his cyberlife
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I have a sticky note widget app on my phone and K9 Mail as a receiver for automails from my server
Any of Google/Apple/Microsoft have a full stack of free services that can handle all that and more flawlessly. I used to rely on org-mode/git/rsync and various cli utilities but those just don't cut it anymore, having all your info one swipe or voice search away is infinitely more productive. It would probably costs me a few hundred $ just in lost business opportunities weekly if I ever had to go back.
I'm currently using Google Keep for ephemeral notes and personal wiki for information dump, but I'm still not sure about it. I want to ditch Google Keep, but it seems that there are no good libre alernatives to it.

tt-rss for RSS feeds, eveyrthing that supports RSS is fed there. Podcasts are handled by clementine, haven't found good solution for it yet.

Email for more important stuff. God bless botnet because Inbox webapp makes it easier to have inbox zero. I've also set up some email alerts for my machines with papertrail, want to replace it with a libre solution too though. All IM is considered unimportant. Ask people to use email, bugtrackers, mailing lists, etc. for sending important information that shouldn't be lost.

In general it's good to reduce your information intake and maybe get rid of "data inputs". Also, I don't like IFTTT, memes aside it's a real SPoF.

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I need to get a VPN, what do you use or recommend?
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Just use chrome in incognito mode you dumb sack of potatoes. It's literally free.
Don't even need this, just delete your browsing history, it deletes everything off Google's servers before they can check.
Use tunnelbear with the linustechtips disccount code :D

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relatively cool
You named your PC space heater?
motherfucker dissipates ~300w on average

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WOAH, the future of eating is FR*CKING EPIC!
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I was planning on killing myself but at the rate a part of me dies everyday it won't take long
We already have automated salt dispensers, they are called liberals
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>Salt grinder with a Bluetooth speaker, RGB ring, and is connected to your phone and Amazon Ehco
I'm sorry, what?

Hey g/amers
Whats the best gaming laptop in your opinion?
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>gayman laptop
If you play relatively light games then laptops with the new MX150 gpu are perfect for you.
pick one

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amd 6.jpg
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>1060 Performance
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>pocket calculator performance
>400 billion watts

lol amd btfo
Why did you even bother with AMD.

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hello /g/ents.
I recently moved into a new apartment complex recently and they lied to us about our service provider. Before signing the lease, we were told we would have the option to go with Comcast or Century Link. This was a lie, for the first 3 months, noone in the building had internet. We finally go hooked up yesterday with a small isp company with about 50 employees. The apartments were built with a cat5 hookup directly into the wall, which goes to one central modem wired to all the apartments. The cable company never asked us to sign a TOS or anything. We just plug the cat5 directly to the wall and pay them 50$ a month for 20mbs. all this along with the fact there is cameras everywhere, and apparently the management can walk into your apartment at anytime without notice, I'm worried my internet traffic is being spied on. Is there anything I can do to determine if my traffic is being spyied on?
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What the actual fuck.
Go away from there.
Your traffic is being spied on regardless of where you are or who you get service from, but you should still definitely follow this anons advice >>61713007
All sounds very dodgy. Move before something gets worse.

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>based intel
Coffee Lake isn't compatible with Z270. A chipset change a year keeps the goyim in fear.
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You forgot this, OP


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