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Can anyone recommend me a good hdd for backup? Speed doesn't really matter I just want as much space as possible (at least 3tb) while staying under the 200€ mark.
Pleas do not recommend any seagate drives they are shit and die after 4 months...
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The backblaze study is flawed if youre using that as your primary hate for seagate. A lot of the drives were donated and/or schucked, ran in bad temps, and stacked poorly. Interesting read
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Hey /g/, where do you usually go when you need to refresh your knowledge on a programming language, or quickly learn everything about a frame work? Like Structure, Pointers, Data types, types of function etc

I used to autistically browse /g/ and had good memory about things in 3rd year of course but since I haven't done any programming in six months all my knowledge is rusty, I need a quick refresh.
The guides on internet are too slow though.
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Hi /g/
I have an intel i5-3450 processor with an inbuild fan. Since it began getting very hot the last days, my cpu fan started rotating very loud
My question is, is it normal that your pc gets louder when it is warmer in summer ?
Or is my cpu fan just giving up ?
My temp is normaly around 50-60 C
while gaming it is aroung 70-80 C
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Get it
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You are just as much as annoying, you fucking dipshit. How did your last thread go?
About as well as their careers

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Is it me or these fucking captchas is getting crazy? I need at least mark seven cars before made a post
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Post the apps you use for

>Word Processing

And any other useful apps you have.
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Notes: QuickMemo+ & Keep, that's all I need
You forgot
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>word processor on phone

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my pc is frozen! can I get this guy to fix my computer?
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you might just get him to design you a new cpu architecture while you're at it
Yes he will heat it for you

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Thoughts on SOLID principles?

I personally think they are fantastic as guidelines. Some people hate them and think it makes programming harder. I couldn't disagree more. Thoughts?
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I'd rather take a programmer that uses SOLID that somebody who thinks he's god but actually sucks ass
I disagree with open/closed principle.
I generally disagree with the open by default of Java inheritance as well since it causes so many design problems due to over reliance on inheritance. The open/closed principle is in my mind made counterproductive by the interface segregation and dependency injection principles.

soup /g/
I've been running a mid 2009 Macbook Pro (5,5) since about the middle of 2009. Been on various Linux distros for the past year since El Capitan decided to rev the cpu to max at boot despite all fixes. I've been enjoying Arch recently and would like to keep it despite its inability to work with my shitass Broadcom card that complies with Netctl on startup a literal 50% of the time. I figure a good solution might be to just grab a wifi adapter. Considering the fact that I'm using such an old ass device, you can imagine that I'm about a stench of pepper away from being what one would consider a first class dirt merchant, so I'm hoping to spend as little money as possible. Assuming I can keep track of the fucking thing, one of these little pain pill sized guys seems about perfect for my needs. Do any of you kind folks have any experience with them? Is it going to shit out on me if my kids are playing 13 Dead End Drive or some equally monolithic board game too close to the router? Honestly, I don't mind splurging on something better, but it'd be nice if I could maintain a connection without bumping my elbow on an antenna or looking like Rickety Metalshacks with satellite dishes in the Starbucks and shit when I need more than 108kb/s. Advice appreciated in advance.
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They're more than enough for your basic browsing needs. Just don't expect them to perform well on more latency-sensitive applications. I live in a place where the only choice for an internet connection are these stupid little "pocket wifi" things and have been using these wifi dongles for over a year on my desktop. The closest thing I had to a problem was plugging these things into an unpowered USB hub with a long-ass cable which meant that there wasn't enough power for the thing to operate properly. Just keep your expectations reasonable and it will serve you well.
Found your problem.
I have that edimax one. Works ootb with xubuntu. Osx drivers are trash, windows works but I don't know if it works ootb without networking.

Rage thread.
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Hey /g/, I'm not a regular here, but I'm looking to get a few queries sorted from a few experts if possible.

I recently went to a tech shop looking to get an old laptop refurbished and factory reset, but I was informed that there was quite a bit too much wrong with the casing for it to be very cost effective, so I figured I'd open it up to extract and sell the parts instead.

Issue is, I have no idea how much to sell these sorts of things for, nor which parts in particular are worth any amount of value. And I'm aware that shops may try to undercut me if I go there so they can make a larger profit - taking advantage of my ignorance. So I'd prefer to sell things online on my own terms if possible.

The laptop in question is is an aroundish 6 - 7 year old Asus, though I didn't use it for around 2 years. Specs are in the image.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Sell ram for 20 bucks
Sell screen for 20 bucks
Sell mainboard for 50 bucks (cpu and gpu are probably soldered onto the motherboard, which makes it a mainboard)
Use the hdd

Im thinking about getting GoPro Hero cam. I wanted to get the newest (hero 5 black) and most expensive one but i started reading about it and people say that it's not waterproof at all, it has problems with stabilizing video, audio is shit and it comes without any accesories so you can't even use it without aditional cost.

What camera would you recommend?
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The thing with gopro is that you basically pay 400+ € for a glorified phone camera with a disgusting fish-eye lens.
Source: I have a hero5 black, thank god I didn't pay for it.

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i wonder how much effort should i put in developing a bot that learns how to make the right queries for BI pourpose. I suppose dba is too difficoult to develop with my skills.
i figured out it can't take more than 2 years is i slowly take less jobs.
from an analyst perspective wuold you take it in mind?
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DB admin stuff is maybe not all for idiots, but it is *way* easier than doing anything new in machine learning / AI.

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fuck job prospects. what's the black magic and forbidden arts of programming? the code that makes people sinister/evil? i want to transcend, to reach a level of understanding that leaves most people in pain when trying to grasp it.

im tired of day to day monotony. i just want to leave my pleb lifestyle and just drown in knowledge.
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Bit hacking
try understanding literally any LISP
Read SICP.

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Do open communication protocols and standards have a future on the internet?
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