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How does one develop custom software for small business use/apps/etc?

Basic understanding of programming is present, but the capability to build something using modern day best practices, is not. Would like to hire/freelance coders to do this, but literally no idea where to start.

Pic unrelated.
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>literally no idea where to start.
the mark of a true leader...

face it. you're a follower. Just apply at walmart.
It needs to be repeatable, and consistent.
As soon as your app displays a different shade of lavender on its main page people freak the fuck out. Always assume that they can't see "oh it's going X, I should go and do Y to correct..."
B to the u-m-p.

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Hey I'm all 4 it, especially if it comes with room service.
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in b4 jerk off algorithms.
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I'm curious to see how they tidy the rooms. There is a lot of shit you have to take into account if you want to completely replace the cleaning maid with robots.

the cleaning maid....
>picks up trash
>rearranges misplaced things
>vacuums the floors
>mops the floors
>changes the bedsheets
>makes the bed
>washes the sinks
>washes the toilets
>washes the shower
>scrubs the bathroom mirror

That's just a few things off of the top of my head, I'm sure she does way more to clean a single room.
Tbh id rather that a robot "rearranges misplaced things" in my room rather than some minimum wage Mexican worker

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If open source software is so great, why don't they make software better than adobe or microsoft? For example, there are ides that you have to pay hundreds of dollars per year, even though a group of developers could write one in a few months.
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If proprietary software is not utter garbage, why is insiders Windows Subsystem for Linux so developers developers developers don't forget windows exists?
If Open Source is so great then how come there's no Open Source 2? There's already a Windows 10 because everyone likes it but only one open source that no one uses except nerds with boring jobs
advertising and marketing eat up a huge chunk of big company budgets, you pay just to finance their ability to shove their product down more people's throats

>adobe, microsoft
what's so great about their software? i haven't used anything made by either of them in around a decade

I plan in a few months to buy a loaded ThinkPad X1 yoga for work and school. I'm wondering if I should put openbsd for it since having wanted to use the BSD kernel for a awhile. is it worth it? Is there any compatible issues? Because the thinkpad yoga is a 2 in 1 and wondering if the touchscreen, nubpad and pen will work?
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If it's made in this century it's not supported
>Any compatibility issues?
If I had to guess, I'd say all the compatibility issues
Not sure about the yoga series, but the carbon models, even the newer ones (2016) appear to be popular among the OpenBSD devs and work pretty well as of 6.0, probably fully supported in 6.1.
You will likely run in some problems with 2017 models though, or at least you will have to run current snapshot builds.


So, /g/, was the internet really better before 2007?
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>56kbps internet
>MPEG2 audio/video

nigger why did the scissors disappear?
ctrl + x

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Warup /g/
I'm looking for a small and cheap laptop, somewhere between 100 and 200 euros.
It doesn't need to have 32gb RAM or 1TB storage, but it would be cool if it's somewhat good.
What can I get?
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100 or 200 euros
Doesn't need 32 gb ram or 1tb storage but implies
Hey if it's possible that'd be great!
Fuck off poor fag
We have enough of these threads already just lurk on those
Don't fucking take up room on the board by creating another board that you could just find on the catalog. Get out
At that price point, used Thinkpad T420/X220s and T430/X230s are unbeatable.


So i'm starting a new build, I've saved $1500 for a whole new pc from the ground up. So far I've got pcpartpicker.com/list/nvzNM8 I still need a case, a wireless card and a monitor. I would like to do a triple monitor set up so If anyone knows a monitor that is good for that let me know.
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what do you need 3 monitors for? 2 is enough for most people
I do a lot of programming and video watching simultaneously. But your right two would suffice
There is a general for pc building you cunt, a good thread died for this.

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what i've read so far
-open source
-works across all apps

are there any cons?
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Just use AdAway
the sole ourpose of rooting for me now, hence why i ask if this is good for a rootless solution.
I assume it is a batterykiller tough.
It's probably similar to DNS66 so should drain close to zero battery

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Is microG legit?

Does google make any money if I use microG? I just need it for a trafic app and iYTBP (modded youtube with no ads and background play) is nice

Otherwise my phone is gapps free
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There's everything you need on F-droid, and it's botnet-free
There isn't, i'm from Lithuania, the local bus trafic app needs google location nlp thingy, navigation apps are trash comapared to google apps, i just can't stand them being so free to censor what they want, when will governments step in and ban internet censorship

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I'm sure people come here just to ask similar questions all day, so I'm sorry but I need some help.

>Galaxy S5 I've had for years finally breaks and wont charge anymore
>Asurion says $150 for a new one
>move SIM to old Galaxy S4
>3 months later screen is very dark at max brightness and starts flickering constantly

Basically I need to get a new phone but don't want to spend over $400. I just use it for the basics and I'm sure anything new-ish will seem like a huge upgrade from my 4 year old phone.
What's the best place to buy a new/refurbished phone that is reliable?
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Check out the >>>/spg/ thread, you'll have better luck there.
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I would suggest you to get a Motorola Moto G5 Plus, it´s cheap, durable and fairly new!

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Post bullshit certificates which requires math degrees
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hey i work there. AMA
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do your products have backdoors?
Post skin

Hey guys I have a bit of a problem.

I wanted to install windows 7 on a new system but my keyboard and mouse dont register and when I am at the installation screen.

I tried enabling legacy usb through the bios and using a usb 2.0 port but they wont work and they shut off once the installation starts.

Any help?

Thanks in advance.
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install gentoo
Get a ps/2 keyboard or ps/2 to usb adapter. Or just install gentoo. just about everything is supported on their installer.
You're not allowed to. Did you really think "you don't control proprietary software, proprietary software controls you" was just a meme?

I fucking love this computer (MacBook 12"). Great keyboard (although I admit it takes 2 or 3 days to get really used to it), great trackpad, great screen, comes with macOS, completely silent and fanless, perfect portability.

Post technology you love that /g/ loathes.
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Battery life?
Pretty good. Haven't done any scientific testing with it, but it lasts all day for me. Reviews say it's around 9 hours average use (wifi, web, some video, etc).
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Inb4 $1000 for core m3

What does /g/ think is the best VPN?

It's in the news today that my country the Netherlands is allowing prosecution of torrenting after being a bastion of free internet for so long, so I guess I have no choice.
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Best VPN is a botnet of compromised computers.
Interested in this too
I mean for a noob like me that doesn't into linux or tor, or please redirect me to the board where I can dump this question.

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Holy shit how is any of this okay?
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Normies can't stay organized on their own, need the botnet's help.
It would be okay if Cortana had a customizable personality but blue haired feminists at Microshaft said she can't be submissive because "it would be the wrong message"

Feminist genocide soon
It's free.

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