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My IPhone's sim is locked and the screen is broken so there is no way of getting into the phone without paying to fix the screen. I tried to connect it to the computer but it needs access from the phone to trust the comouter. Is there a way to get access from the computer instead of the phone?
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Give it back Jamal.
K neckbeard
Delorean, return the device !

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>they see your function's quadratic time complexity
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Not only have you done nothing with your life, you've made other people's lives worse. Good job you fuck up miserable excuse of a human

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Hey /g/! My fan just died, was a cheap Lasko Window fan. Was thinking about picking up a Dyson AM07 Tower fan. Should I splurge? Or should I just go cheap again? Anyone here have a dyson fan?
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Its like buying an apple product.
If you are stupid enough go for it.
Any fans you'd recommend?
I fell for the Dyson fan meme, these things are way too fucking loud to be any useful, I regret it every time I turn it on.

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Quick, prove you arent new!

>wooden screws

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3 4
only newfags even care about this tired injoke

Where can I get a good smartphone for non-gay use? I don't need a 6 million pixel camera, or slow motion video, or any of the shit they try to push.

Just a reliable, quality smartphone with a big screen (easy to browse Internet on), and as closest to stock Android as possible.

Most important smartphoen use imo are:

- finding information online;
- Google Authenticator (security);
- checking E-mail.

I have a fucking PC to play games and if I need to take photos (which I don't, taking photos is a waste of time, you never look at them anyway) , I would get a fucking camera.

/end of rant

Any recommendation for a non-gay, serious, business oriented smartphone (not BlackBerry)?
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They are all the same but if I had to choose one that was cheap and close to stock I would go with a Motorola
This is not your consumer electonics review website.
Every phone can do that, retard.

Nexus, Pixel.

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So I was reading here that IBM 7nm will make 5GHZ and more possible. But how? The last shrinks like to 14nm didn't change much in this regard. Also what happens when 5nm is reached? Is 1nm even possible?
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Probably swap to alternate gate designs ala SOI, GAA, to improve power scaling while increasing reticle size and using tactics like MCM to allow further size increases. After that they'll move to alternate substrates.
No 1nm is not possible .
source: my ass

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I know my email and my password but I lost my phone and number so I can't verify it is me, I am in a different country for the holidays, how do I recover my Yahoo email and can't recover it through their shitty service, please help lads, I need this...
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help pls
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>using a botnet
you're on your own, faggot
you're fucked until after the holidays

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Anon's is there any way to open a rar without the password?
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other than brute forcing it with a dictionary?(which is pointless if the pass is over 5 chars) no
what you recommend me anon?
getting a PhD in quantum physics and advancing the progress towards consumer quantum computers becoming mainstream.
Barring that, kill yourself.
/g/ is not your personal tech support.

/Cyb/er/sec/urity general is for the discussion of anything and everything related to cyberpunk and cybersecurity.

What is cyberpunk?

Nothing to hide? - The importance of a cyberpunk mindset applied to a cybersecurity skillset.

Cyberpunk directory:
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Cybersecurity resources:

Harden your OS, reroute your DNS and fire up the VPN!
Shit just got real: - Looking for more resources, help is welcomed.

The Old Skool: - Looking for more resources, help is welcomed.
>0ld 5k00l h4ck3rz:

Join: irc://irc.rizon.net:6697
>#/g/punk - Requires SSL
>#/g/sec - Requires SSL
IRC guide:

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Suggestions for new resources are welcome.
The Gentoomen /sec/ community is looking for CTF team members, contact them at the IRC channel.

OP message:
Sorry about that, I got caught up in some real life drama so the updated pasta is a thread belayed.
I'll be posting it once this one has died.
You guys move so quickly.
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1st for OP I will suck you. No homo.
>Clearly as Islam related incidents happens, the climate around encryption, privacy and anonymousity...is growing tense. Although there has been a month or two without incident, GB is going away from net privacy and stuff, for instance.

>Europe today can be pretty dystopic. Media is too influential, politicians often weak, uninformed and planning only personal success and the financial system is in a meltdown.

Jeez, sounds eerily like over here. The world is going to shit, anons, and we're the only ones who realize it. It's kind of starting to sound like 1984, where the propaganda is that the other countries are doing shitty, and only ours is prevailing--except it's the opposite.

"The other countries are fine, we should be more like them!" cry the headlines, meanwhile the global economy is tanking, and eventually only the strong will survive. We're being led into a technological evolution, anons. Survival of the fittest. And holy shit if it didn't come at the worst time imaginable....

Yes, close. Darwin so a straight line and like 3000kms separates me and Adelaide

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How much would it cost to make ur own gameboy
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Depends on the implementation. It'd actually be more expensive to try and get original like hardware. Cheapest route would probably be a Banana Pi Zero with an LCD screen running in monochrome.
What do you define as "make?" How detailed do you want it to be?
About 30-40$

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best player for watching anime?
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Baka MPlayer?
mpv. almost all its devs are weebs.
shitty player without GUI.

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I wrote a program /g/. How the fuck do I use GitHub?
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Was your program made with <3?
rtfm ... lmgtfy

US Air Force vs US Navy

Which would be better to join for job in the cyber security area? Also, if you have experience in either of them, please share how your experience was, thanks
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Ask your military recruiter.

Navy CTN.

>t. inna navy and work on electronics

Recruiters are there to sell slots. They don't always give the most accurate information. Best information is from those in the fleet that are familiar with that rating

Which VPN should I go with? I'm in Japan.
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Flip a coin. I've been using ExpressVPN for about a year now and am satisfied with the service. Servers literally never drop you, if they did theres a killswitch, latency and speed are good, logs are minimal/non existent, strongest encryption of all. I've used NordVPN before and didn't like it because the speeds were dogshit but some people report the exact opposite and say its the fastest out there so what the hell do I know. Only think I can tell for sure is that you shouldn't be using vyprVPN because they log literally everything, forward DCMA seize and desist and kill your contract if they feel like it. Should probably just try all 3 from your picture and see whats the fastest/most stable for you.
Use perfect-privacy
First post, best post.

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Does /g/ hate ubuntu?
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>/g/ is a single person
Most people don't.
I think /g/ mostly hates Unity.

I like it to some extent though
if you're using Ubuntu, you might as well use windows 10

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