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*single handedly destroys apple*
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What is NVMe storage?
I don't know.

It has great thermal conductivity, it's easy and inexpensive to build and most importantly it's aesthetic and a nice conversation piece as all artful technology should be.

Why haven't you done a pi immersion build yet?
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How hot can those things possibly get?
That's taking up an awful amount of desk space for an SBC.
It lives in the living room on a small table with a lamp.

I use it as a CI machine for some of my projects. It gets about as warm as a fresh subway cookie

>two life sentences for making a website
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Is this the silk road dude?
It's unconscionable. How do they live knowing they ruined an innocent life?
>accessing said website directly via personal computer instead of doing it remotely through a VPN

He deserved it. Also he tried to order a hit on someone. That's not cool.

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> doing my quarterly maintenance routine
> main cleaning with bleachbit
> done
> cleaning the registry with ccleaner
> done
> defragging with defraggler
> done
> see the "boot time defrag" option for the first time
> ehwhynot.tiff
> reboot
> defraggler corrupts Windows' registry
y u do dis to me Piriform? ;_;
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Why are you defragging in 2017?
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>trusting a 3rd party to understand the intricacies of your Windows
You were simply lucky it took so long. Restore from your backup.

You made a back up right? Using your Super BackUp Progistics 2017®™©, right?
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If by backup you mean encrypted files in Google Drive then yes, still, I'll have to install all my shit again and uninstall windows 10 shit I don't care about ;_;

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When I bought it I thought I may have been falling for a meme, but this book is probably one of the best I've read. Thanks, /g/
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How much programming knowledge did you have beforehand OP?
A good bit.

I've mostly worked in Java, C++ and Python but wanted to learn C. Definitely not a book for beginners.
I think the meme comes from people trying to learn from this starting at scratch.

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>the state of apple
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>the state of apple
Pretty brave

Hello everyone (and good evening), I am really wanting to build a gaming computer that can play DooM (2016) at 60 FPS, and at least medium settings. I plan on saving for a while as I know that $700 is the base price for an OK machine, but I was wondering if anyone had any helpful suggestions. This is my first time building, and I thought it would be nice to talk to everyone about it. Thank you for any help you are able to give!
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DooM 4 will run at a decent framerate on ultra on most graphics cards. I'd go with a 1050 TI for the graphix, a ryzen 1600 for the processor, a random m2 ssd (enough to hold both DooM and your OS), and 8gb of ram. Scoot along now.
Ah thank you! I hope you have a wonderful night!
Be sure your RAM is compatible with your motherboard of choice, don't buy a cpu cooler, the stock one included with it will suffice as long as you don't push it too much, make sure your m2 SSD of choice will have the same slot type as your motherboard.

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insanely smug pepe.jpg
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>downloading ubuntu
>donation page comes up
>not now, take me to the download
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>select your own amount
>download enabled
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Personal favorite: "Purchase"
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>buy HumbleBundle monthly pack
>set the slider to 100% for the developers to get the money and 0% for HumbleBundle organization and Fresh Water for Africa Charity

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What do old Macfags think about current Apple?
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It's terrible, they've just been coasting on the name since Jobs died. The only current Apple product I'd consider is an iMac.
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Nice digits

Bought my first MacBook in 2008
2.4ghz upgraded to 6gb of ram and eventually 1TB hdd

Long since jumped ship from any of the iPhones as jailbreak/Dev support died out

Google won the smartphone war

But the driver support on machines is unrivaled, you get osx windows and nearly any Linux distro you can think of without issue

I have a triple boot machine for work and legacy serial support (eeprom flashing in windows)

I haven't been excited about any Mac machines since the ultrathin 12 inch model in gold. Absolutely will be purchasing by the end of the year

>Tldr; it was a good ten year run but smartphones have replaced most laptops and the Only reason you should even consider a Mac at this point is for proprietary audio production software
got a G4 in 2001, PB in 2005 and MBP in 2009. i also head a 3GS, but i'm completly off apple since 2014. they only aim to a consumer audience and i'm not interested in such products. back in the days of tiger OSX was the goat os, hands down. everything worked out of the box, real plug and play, native pdf support (big thing for DTP) and a stable, secure system - keep in mind XP was the only mainstream alternative. but since they've introduced the iphone, everything went to shit.

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How does a company like Equifax get breached when it comes to code and security?
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>interviewer:At which number do arrays start?
>interviewer:You're hired!
by not giving a shit
Inside job

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Every laptop should come with a cupholder
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wew lad
They stopped putting them on newer laptops but you can still install one on your desktop.

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he actually thinks using a thinkpad is a good idea
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its a good laptop
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yes and php is a decent server side language too!
I love my x220t but man this keyboard is fucked. Sad thing is I can only replace it for another used keyboard that will prolly also be fucked, or get a shady replacement from aliexpress.

Lenovo should be selling memepad parts man.

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I'm angry anon.. I'm angry that over the last two decades I have spend countless dollars on optical video discs and their interfaces and NOT A SINGLE GOD DAMN ONE has lasted more than a year. The drives, the discs, it's all a fucking scam... and they've gotten away with it.. to be forgotten with history... never held accountable for their shoddy merchandise. Fuck me I want to perpetrate a scam like that...
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I've never had an optical drive die, and I have ones that are decades old. All my pressed CDs, LaserDiscs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs work fine. I don't really have anything stored on burned discs so that's not an issue, although I'm not sure how common disc rot is anyway.
That's amazing to me. I have five optical drives within reach of me and not one of them can even respond to basic SATA commands let alone read a pressed disc. Imagine my rage when I wrote over 500 burned discs in my day to store content and can't read a fucking on, let alone tell if they are are readable because the multitude of drives at my disposal won't even initialize.
There are things that even a man with patience and willpower can not get back. Things he entrusted to optical media. Things that you fucking casuals will never experience... like having to deal with optical media...

So apparently huawey delivers and this time its the Android 7.0 "Nougat" update within its Emui 5.0 update.

I have the Huawei P9 one of the few phones capable to get this update, see pic related, do you think its worth giving up the 6.1 version for the 7.0 or not, i dont really want to fuck up my phone whith an update than makes it trash.

Also Android 7.0 discussion thread

>In b4 phoneposter fuck off
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there was no 6.1

only 6.0.1

is that what you meant?
yeah, my bad

no, stay on 6.0.1

nougat is fucked.

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*blocks your path*
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*blocks your path*
Can someone tell me how they're getting away with marketing this as a bezel less display? Unless these phones are all using cases, it's straight up false advertising.
Because Apple can buy and sell every judge in America twice.

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