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sup /g/ im noob at programming at c/c++

heres my problem, i have
char x[] = "kek 12345";

is it possible to perform mathematical operation on the whole value of 12345?

pic unrelated
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I'd sscanf that shit
int main ()
int i;
char x[] = "kek 12345";
i = atoi (x);
printf ("The value entered is %d. Its double is %d.\n",i,i*2);
return 0;
what if it's

x[] = "kek 12345 afwaf 7478645" and i only want to do it on 12345?

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How on earth could that clusterfuck be "comfy"?
>how can you enjoy things i don't understand?
is vue.js more like angular or more like react?

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Where is your Arduino Leonardo, peasants ?
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In the drawer, next to the pi and other useless shit
Yeah because a fucking key is better than xxx_pussyeater420#bushdid=9/11-jews,.;'[fuck]

get the fuck out

/toy/ ->

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>tfw this should be posted at /gif/
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That's a fucking horrible idea
this reminds me of clockboy
why not just make a fucking video?

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Why aren't we (as in those who care about libre software) working on ways to brute-force reverse engineer proprietary software into modifiable FOSS?
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we are
A single person couldn't do it unless he had 1000 years to live and was already and absolute genius - programming alone is not enough you have to re-invent the concepts main programmers came with on your own.

A team of 10 people of the same caliber would take 100 years.

And 100 people would do it in few years, but who's going to pay them?
You could spend the next years actually working for that proprietary software, not be a genius and achieve more in the same amount of time, helping much more people.

and 100,000,000 programmers could do it all in about 5 minutes

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Hey does anybody know the Name of the Game pictured in the Redmi Note 4 AD
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>advanced 20nm process
IKR the 10nm Helio X30 is available.

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Has anyone bought one of these and installed Linux on it?

I know "botnet" but they aren't that pricey, can run linux, and have nice 3:2 displays
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I'm actually typing this on an old c720. Is there a Linux distro that mimics Chrome OS
chromium os
why 3:2

i want to use linux as main OS,but i also want to keep windows as a backup when the main OS break/app is unsupported
which one is the best solution?
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If you plan to make money using Linux ie you need performance, dual boot. If you want to tinker, VM. Note that if you dual boot make sure you have a spare PC handy, Linux can be a cunt to use sometimes.

Haven't tried using Live USB extensively, but when I did try it I found it to be 10x worse than a VM on my old Dual Core CPU.
it seems VM is a better choice
also,is pic related good?
wine and whine

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User Scripts (including opengl shaders):

High quality video output:
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No sound on high sierra. What do?
Got a new computer and thinking of using this instead of deprecated Kawaii codec pack, got a couple questions though (didn't see them answered in the faq):
Does mpv have anything like icaros to generate thumbnails with a little mpv icon in the corner?
Can I get as good performance as mpc-hc w/ madvr?
This one's more general but mpv is said to be command-line, but it has an onscreen display and seekbar and shit (at least the compiled windows version), how is that not a GUI?
>Does mpv have anything like icaros to generate thumbnails with a little mpv icon in the corner?
No, continue using Icaros.

>Can I get as good performance as mpc-hc w/ madvr?
Yes, out of the box and with no extra software to install. Just setup your config file.

>how is that not a GUI?
It is. The kiddos are confused by anything that doesn't look like a 20+ year old Windows media player, though.

Any reason not to dual boot arch as my first linux distro?
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Not really, only that Gentoo is objectively better. Have fun.
If you're a person with mental disabilities, no.

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Is there a usable browser that isnt so RAM hungry?
I am currently using firefox but its just ridicilous how much RAM it uses. 200MB per tab, wtf? Why tf do you need 200megs to show some text and pictures?!
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200mb isn't shit tho...

it's 2017 for fucks sake time to stop being a poorfag and buy some more
Thats a sad excuse for not optimizing shit. I have other shit open that ACTUALLY NEEDS more RAM, its just becomes impossible to use anything else when on ff.
I have 8 tabs open, and am using 570.7 MB of RAM.

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Name a more useful piece of software.

Pro tip: You can't.
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Clippy, motherfucker
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This disk had 0 bad sectors yesterday, and 1170 bad sectors this morning. Is the disk really "OK"?
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HDDs failing abruptly is not unusual. Every HDD that I've ever owned has shit the bed catastrophically without warning rather than telegraphing its imminent failure.
this. save your files ASAP.
>spinning rust

Not unusual at all

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I am receiving the attached warning by email almost every month.

What can be the source of them gaining my steam password?

-I use a +20 character password for Steam, and change it every time i get the warning

-My email password is same length, but is never hacked (otherwise they'd have the steam account)

-I use both passwords regularly on all computers, so I would rule out keyloggers, as that would already have cause me to lose my account.

Based on these points the possibility of cracking the password should take +10,000 years.

Only thing I could assume is that hackers can get into Steam passwords. Which would be a big deal.
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Install gentoo

Probably a keylogger
>Both passwords
Use keepass, dumbass.

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oneplus 5.jpg
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Is this a meme phone?
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I dunno I feel that the OP 2/3 was the epidemy of their line up
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Chink shit , go get an htc 10 cunt

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