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What is it that I can use to improve my typing, I hate second guessing and looking at keyboard.
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Switch to Dvorak but don't switch your keycaps. The only keys in common are a and m. Print out a keyboard map to refer to while learning. .
Dear god don't fucking do this. Switching keyboard layouts is a meme, sure, in the long run it might increase your wpm by 5 but you'll just be inconveniencing yourself the rest of your life when using other computers, plus there's nothing wrong with QWERTY and it's a hassle to change.

If you want to improve your typing speed I recommend using Typeracer, a multiplayer typing game. It helped me go from 100wpm to around roughly 120-130 average.

Ultimately in the end it just comes down to using your computer a lot and typing. Practice makes perfect.
I've been using Dvorak for 20 years now. It's never been an inconvenience.

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I don't know much about VPS pricing but I'm getting tired of being slowed down by long build jobs. I have an old and slow 4c/8t i7 with plenty of ram and fast nvme storage. My compiles are bottlenecked by CPU currently.

My options are as follows:

* Spend anywhere between $1500 and $2000 on a new PC. With the i9's and AMD threadrippers / EPYCs coming out, I'm sure to get some fast compiles.

* Find a good hosting provider with variable hourly pricing, ideally one where I can have a lot of storage available and scaling CPUs available. This way I can pay less when I'm sitting in vim, and pay more only when it scales up to 64CPUs and I want my builds to complete faster.

The latter of the two interests me more, but I'm not sure it makes economical sense with these new cheap chips.

Anyone with experience in this, I would appreciate it.
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Cloud computing has a really dodgy price structure imho. It's a clusterfuck.
100 raspberry pies and then distcc
I just use python for everything. That way I don't need to worry about compile times :^)

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are graphics card the cheapest thing in terms of the ratio of price to processing power?
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I don't know, but it's usually some mid-range AMD GPU.

then again, apples and oranges
do u know parallel programming is?

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One more month till we get the Retro
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THis is a thinkpad, according to the picture
Reminder to not get your hopes up for the Retro
so if I mod my T430, will that automatically make it a real thinkpad?

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What do you think?
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Thirteen reasons why
Speaking of which, good friend of mine died a couple days from suicide before i received this. Coincidence.
Or Memorex?

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I have a Python bot periodically talking with the internet that I like to run in several configurations.

How come running it 10 times next to each other in PyCharm is much more stable than running it in 10 different terminals.
At least that's what I think I'm seeing. Does PyCharm somehow manage those threads?
I also have a shit PC and stuff freezes if there are too many calls from different bots at once, and worse if I watch youtube at the same time and so on.

Also, to reveal my full noob level, should I buy a better computer component or rather check if I can get a better internet connection.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Is it still possible?
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No because you'll trade a false sense of security for a pedophile OS made by big fag smelly pedophile neets.
but will it have completely free hardware(gpu too)? if not then its just a scam.

I want to hear your opinions, /g/.
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determining if go is good is left as an excersise to the reader.
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Sure, if you're a bicycle helmet-wearing mongoloid.
Go is a dumbed down version of C with some nice things.
Google needed a system programming language with the speed of C but _safe_ thus Go was born, and because it is _safe_ you can program larger projects with different people.
I like that functions can return multiple values without using unsafe pointer trickery but I hate this:
f, err = fopen("op_is_a_faggot");
if err != nil {
// such advanced error handling

Why does this look like a dildo attached to a wire?
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Looks like donkey cock to me.
Why are they trying to make "mixed reality" stick? Are normies too stupid for the term augmented reality?
Lol wtf is this pls explain

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>He doesn't use a Linux VM on a networkles Windows Host directed to a dupe DNS to get optimal gentoo-ism while maintaining optimal legacy support.

L.O.L. Why aren't you doing excactly this ?

Castrate Wangblows by disabling the network adapter and directing it to a fake DNS, while allowing the VM internet access. Set up a shared partition and clipboard sharing and simply set the VM to start at boot in fullscreen mode.

Simply use CTRL-L to switch to Linux-Windows-Hybrid-Mode (pic related) when in need of legacy applications and CTRL-F to switch back to Linux-Only-Mode.

No bugs like on vfio, no hours of switching back and forth like on dual boot, no kikery like on Windows-Only and no "no-gaems" like on Linux-Only.

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>uses the two worst os

>MacOS or BSD
But do you have PCI passthrough enabled so you can actually play videogames?

Which is the best desktop environment?
Window managers need not apply.
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Not your mom's basement that's for sure you smelly fat pedophile neet.

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>best monospaced font
>best sans serif font
>best serif font

Let's see if /g/ has good taste.
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Lucida Sans
MS Sans Serif
MS Serif
Iosevka Term
Iosevka Regular
Iosevka Slab
DejaVu for both others I think, who cares

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I have installed this on chrome to reduce size of data in some websites.
If you have any suggestion for a working extension or web browser, please help.
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it works but you can't block ads while using it

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Me and a friend are trying to triple boot gentoo, do we need a boot partition if we already have a bootloader (grub 2 ) ?
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Fuck off retard.RTFM
install gentoo

Is this the future of graphics API cross platform?
Will OpenGL still have its space? How can Metal 2 even compete?
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Yes, OpenGL will exist as long as programmers don't have all the time in the world.
metal competes solely because apple does not support vulkan or modern opengl
Waiting for some books to come out on this.

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