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Imagine being google, you just sit back and wait until apple invents something and then do it better in 6 months.
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This is backwards
>amazon sells alexa
>google makes one
>barely any different than amazon
why bother at all?
To make money and collect data to be used for advertising, dipshit. It's amazing how often this "tech" board forgets Google's business model

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Hello /g/. Need advice to extract data from dd images made before purging friend's phone. Tried testdisk and photorec. Any other suggestions?
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ok, lemme see on that.
Also will the data extraction be better on windows or linux?
Linux of course.
>Windows: Read only? What's that?

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stupid phone frogposter

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What's your excuse, hackers of /g/?
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No excuse, but a fact: GPA is not statistically relevant to be a good agent of our society, but rather consistent hard work and learning
as far as "society" is concerned, working hard (for someone else) and learning (to put up with their bullshit) is being a "good agent"

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Starting posting rants on Instagram and wants to start beef with people wont disclaim who they really are, feel free if you want to help put an end to this. The account is doe4521
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slap slap slap
clap clap clap
You must be over 18 to post here, kid.

Give me a reason not to buy ASUS vg248qe during prime day
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shit color tn panel
144hz is outdated
Can't you just fix the colors?
I can't find anything below 250 with DVI since I don't have display port and HDMI is 60hz

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So I created 1d grids of floats and I'm adding their values to values of their direct neighbors. I created the code where threads have shared memory, CGMA increased but computation time increased compared to the version with no shared memory. Can you explain this? My Occupancy is near 100%.
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Hey /g/uys, did you install SharkLinux yet? Yeah, me neither. Hey /c/reators, go fuck yourself. Nobody wants to use your shitty distribution. Stay the fuck away from Linux.
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Looks like a Micropoo shill thread. Saged.

Will there ever be a Surface 4?
The Surface non-Pro series was so great for anyone who wants a tablet and/or laptop, but also has a solid desktop.
Plus, fuck having devices that require ventilation, that just ends up getting dust in your shit that often can't easil, if at all, be cleaned out.
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Dafuq nigga?
Windows RT was complete shit.
The Surface 3 used full Windows, it dropped the dumb RT thing.

>8gb phone
>30gb sd
>can save photos to sd automatically
>can save mp3 to sd automatically
>apps update to phone memory and have to move them to SD

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So that filthy casuals don't blow their tops when they remove their SD and wonder why all their apps are gone. Even if it's on SD pre-update, it'll assume that was an accident.
I hate this fucking phone. I know someone who's always like "oh guys, this is the latest Samsung phone!!!1!1!! wanna know how much it was? $1000! yeah it's very fast and has a lot of storage!!!1!!!111!". It's literally a piece of shit.
Anon. I think you got scammed. (yes you fucking retarded piece of pussy, I read the "I KNOW SOMEONE", that someone is obviously you, you retarded fuck)

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You should be able to answer this.
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images (26).jpg
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I'm not an amerifat wtf is a woodpecker. Is it a sex thing?
A bird with a long beak that allows it to drill holes in trees 'n shit.
pic related, best captcha

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How do I convince my friend that he doesn't need to freak out when his gpu gets up to 70c during hard gaming? I installed speccy on his new build (that I built) to make sure his ram was running at mach speed. He noticed that gpu was running at 45c and freaked out. Now whenever he plays arma or something it'll get up to 70, and he just freaks out and turns his computer off. This is pissing me off because I can't seem to play with him at all because he's temp paranoid. What do?
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Tell him to stop being a fucking moron and look up what actually constitutes for 'too hot'.
You don't. You can't reason someone out of a position which they didn't use reason to get into.

Just play with better friends.
call him a sperg and/or find new friends

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What is the best vendor to buy used servers from and why is it Dell?
Pic related, 7 dollar used enterprise iDRAC card gives all the remote management features for a shitty Dell server. HP needs some kind of faggot subscription. I don't know about Lenovo or Fujitsu.
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>unity engine has 500 developers
>check godot contributors
>barelly two developers
>one guy is the bulk of the engine
>godot already can compete with unity

It doesn't even make sense.
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>godot already can compete with unity
That's where you got it wrong.
But godot is still good for some limited needs, it still young project and already challenge the big guy.
nigga use kivent. #CythonMasterRace
>he's not using UE4

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This is just hilarious if you have a wifi router that your are not using.

Setup your SSID the same as your neighbour wifi SSID.
Put on the same channel.
Just wait and listen him cursing!
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>That screencap of an anon that replaced all network served images with cat images of same sizes via an evil twin.
Though, is this that which summer brings?

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