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>using a dark theme
I seriously hope you don't do this.
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My eyes are kill
Open the curtains, neets.

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Are full size ATX form factor motherboards going to die soon?

Everything else in tech is always getting smaller but ATX boards have remained the same for nearly 3 decades.

Is mATX the new king? and is mITX a meme?
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I think the MATX platform will eventually offer all the features and capability that ATX boards have now. Smaller than that? I dunno man.
mITX is a meme but it's a nice meme. Made my dad a mITX htpc and it fits nicely in his TV cabinet.
Even mATX is still pretty big! what features do mATX lack that ATX have? Aside from maybe a dash of space for more cooling?

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ITT post the version of programs you stopped updating because they reached their peak and every subsequent update was a downgrade

PHP 5.3.5
7z 9.20
MsOffice 97
PaintDotNet 3.3.6
TrueCrypt 7.1a
utorrent 2.2.1
WinRAR 4.20
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gcc 5.4.0
Windows XP
Opera with presto (cant remember what version)
Compressor 4.1.3, because it's the last one available via torrent that works properly and all the new updates broke everything

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What do you guys do on your PC when you're bored?
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I jerk off to women's feet.
>inb4 >>>/v/
Roleplay as a cute girl.

You have exactly 30 seconds to find the sum of all primes below 2,000,000.
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import primes

muh_primes = primes.primes
sum = 0

for i < 2000000:
if i in muh_primes:
sum += i

I just like to shorten things.
require 'prime'
(3...200000).step(2){|n|m+=n if Prime.prime?(n)}
puts m
Easy, I'll just go to Project Euler and find the answer from when I did this the first time years ago.

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Previous thread: >>61537779

What are you working on, /g/?
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Learning Rust.
i too like to waste my time
3rd for C#

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Critique the build.


2500k system died, will replace it in a month.

I'm running a 144hz 1440p display and I need every frame I can get so Ryzen is a no-go.

I already have the other peripherals, hence not being part of the build.

I'm new to water cooling even if it's an AOI, is expecting an AIO WC to last many years a mistake ?
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By many years I mean at least 6.
If you needed every frame, you'd have purchased a 2600k for your original build. Buy Ryzen and stop being a fag.
This thinly veiled Intel shill thread.

kys OP

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Anyone have one, was it worth it for the money?
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Buy a Vive instead
Maybe he doesn't want to spend $800
I have a vive. It would be more than worth it if I had a bigger home. As it stands I have to move all my furniture around every time I use it and it keeps me from breaking it out on amything other than special occasions or when I can be arsed to work on my project with it. It's really nice, but you need space that most people just don't have. Also vr porn is fine I guess. Buy and onahole if you plan on getting into that. There aren't really any games right now but what does exist is very very promising. If just anyone would focus on the strengths of the hardware and make things centered around atmospheric exploration then we'd be going somewhere.

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Post your simple/small/stupid questions
Take at least 10 seconds to google first

Old Thread: >>61530280
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Help a retard out. How do I remove that blue bar?
shit idk senpai but it looks disgusting
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Is there something like a 4chanX for Twitter?
Specifically the RegEx filtering

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Uh oh....
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I remember this Simpsons episode
Repent. All of you. Please.

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Does Blu Ray respect your freedom?
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>proprietary drm
excuse me did you take that picture with a camera from 2003?

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon's Original Somake mod still holds up >>61523685
• Anon can't stop doing magic tricks >>61524098 changes a €20 note into one billion dollars >>61524310 also has some chink shit arrive that isn't just magic tricks >>61524439
• Anon drops his Xiaomi phone on hardwood flooring and carpet and metal at the same time >>61529404
• Anon is happy wit his chink mech keyboard >>61534383
• Anon gets extorted by customs >>61535800
• Anon mods his Monks+ to be bluetooth >>61535998 >>61536009
• Anon finished assembling a plane he bought off Hobbyking >>61536637 >>61536767
• Anon is happy with his TOMO Powerbank shell >>61536964 >>61537081
• Anon enjoys his new ear pads >>61537258
• Anon is happy with his KZ ATE >>61537657 >>61538036
• MagictrickAnon has more chink gadgetry to show off >>61538883
• Episode 5 of the CSG podcast is now available for listening here

Previously thread >>61522671
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What country will replace China as wages increase and Chinese products gain a better reputation?
Do not lewd the panzers.


Anyone tried this?
Since Regular Op has unfortunately forgotten about it again, here is a link to the post with the Gearbest coupon spreadsheet.


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What is /g/ opinion on Deepin?
I've been distro hopping for months in order to switch from Windows and this is the only one that just werks (for some reason all the other distributions gave me screen tearing).
>useful software out of the box
>best interface I've ever seen
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First the start menu. Now paint. When will it end...
for pixel art original paint is better. for basic 3d sketchup is better. paint 3d is a waste of time.

Paint has been there for me when I didn't want to wait for GIMP to load.

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Retro thread - Goodbye to MS Paint edition.
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