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using macbook pro 2015 retina for 4 months
using iphone se for a year now

i've also used arch based linux operating systems and windows. still using both ubuntu and windows at my custom pc set up. also used xperia z before iphone
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Thanks for letting me know
Upvoted! :^)

Keep the stream of DANK content flowing, my man!

Where can I subscribe to your FRESH blog?
Nice blog

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Raptor Engineering is having another try at making a botnet-free POWER-based motherboard. This time, with POWER9, and in cooperation with IBM.

Official IRC-channel #[email protected]
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Is this one going to start at around $4k too?
that's some crazy web design there, its barely functional even from a web 1.0 point of view
Yesterday anons were pricing it to be $20k.

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Is there an easy way to sync all of my backed up data over multiple sources? I have cloud storage, my main SSD, my external HDD, and a flash drive usb that I have a backup folder with all my files in.

I'm looking for something like git that can sync between multiple sources and only sync the stuff that has changed.

Any suggestions?
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rclone has various cloud storage support
This. Combined with a shell script.

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Should I use Debian or Fedora?
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Whatever lets you use KDE

>install solus
>install python ide
>default set to python 2.7
>need python 3.x+
>change python path
>import tkinter
>module not found/not configured correctly
>pip3 install tkinter
>check system monitor
>running in python 2.7

>install python 3
>install python ide
>import tkinter

Linux is a fucking meme
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keep retards like you away from Linux
all you had to do was type 'python' in a terminal
You are the retard who lacks reading comprehension. Python would just tell me the path, the issue was that so much had to be done to just get going. There is always something missing or something going wrong on linux systems that take large amounts of time to fox.
Hahaha of course its a meme...
Lincucks dont do shit but fix their broken env.

ahoi, i tried that beauty in a store. damn it feels amazing specially the pencil. so now i would love to know if you bought one if so, do you regret it? what use cases are there for you. are you happy with that piece of technology. tell me about it
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I got one as a graduation/birthday present and i've actually really enjoyed using it. I haven't had an apple product since my ipod nano in 2008.

The pencil is awesome but I'd recommend trying to get it secondhand since it's so expensive (£100 wtf)
Did you graduate high school too?

It's pretty shit. I have no idea what to do and time is only ticking.
I've got last years 9.7" with the pencil. Don't regret it in the slightest.

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Hey /g/
Whats the best online store to purchase ICs for fucking around with logic gates? Along with resistors, LEDs, switches and buttons, breadboards and jumpers, etc.

Also do y'all know of any recommended ICs that I should start with? Preferably 5v.

I need something with

I'm planning on making a binary adder circuit and building some flip-flops.
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there's absolutely no reason to fuck around with unitasker ICs in 2017, even an attiny microcontrollers can store ENTIRE MEGABYTES of rom now, and requires barely any electricity to run

Hi /g/uys, I've just repaired this little qt netbook with a comfy keyboard, 2 GB RAM and an intel Atom N570, which I would like to install some lightweight Linux on in order to use it as a little companion for doing some programming and notes in college and writing some articles for a website I work for.

What distro do you suggest me? I'd rather avoid Arch as I have no time for tweaking with it, I'd rather use something Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora based, but I'm open to suggestions.

Among those I already know about, I tried LXLE in the past and performances are great but it's just too unstable (it kernel panicked twice on an old notebook I tried it on), I was curious about Lubuntu which is what it was based on, and I really like Ubuntu Mate's looks but I fear it's too heavy to really go fluid on these specs.
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Install Gentoo
Used Lubuntu on my old HP mini 2133 which has a single core VIA C6 processor when I would travel overseas. It was very slow, but I was happy enough with it.
BunsenLabs. Just make sure you get rid of any cruft they give you. I don't remember whether it comes with Conky and other shit.

Is Tor insecure?
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Are you insecure OP? It's okay we're here to help.
Tor itself is secure but e.g. in your example law enforcement took stealth control of the website and I never used it but I assume people entered their home address in order to have things delivered so here the fault was that of the user and not Tor. I think pretty much all exploits that were used to deanonymize people on Tor relied on JavaScript so blocking that shit is a good idea if you want to preserve your anonymity. If you want to go even further you have options like the sandboxed TBB (Linux only), Whonix+Qubes and one or more VPNs.
>pretty much all exploits that were used to deanonymize people on Tor relied on JavaScript so blocking that shit is a good idea
Either that or bad opsec. No JS stops the vast majority of browser exploits cold.

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Is there really any viable alternative to Chrome today ? In terms of smoothness / stability
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Firefox. Mozilla is a fucking piece of SJW shit but Firefox as a whole is still a good browser and it's become just as good as Chrome or maybe even better in terms of performance lately.
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Pretty much this desu.

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Looking for a durable flash drive for storing keyfiles. What does /g/ think/use?
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>go to walmart
>remove flash drive from shelf
>use legs or complimentary mobility scooter to place flash drive on cashier shelf
>exchange currency for flash drive
>Optional: Return complementary mobility scooter
you're over thinking it
don't get anything more than 32gb on a dongle stic if you expect it to last a long time.

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What's /g/ consensus on buying (((Refurbished))) or even (((Used))) PCs? They do come with 1 year warranty but I don't want to be memed.

The (((used))) ones are very cheap, the (((refurbished))) ones are only slightly cheaper than new. I'm looking to buy a server for a small project.
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i got one refurbished. it was mostly like new - new keyboard, clean inside etc, still shitpost from it but you never know (from some threads i see here) you have to test it on site, carry a livecd with gnome
>carry a livecd with gnome
I don't want to ruin the PC with (((gnome)))
you're doing it wrong

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Why aren't you using Hannah Montana Linux /g ?
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Too hip for me
i totally would, but i dont know where to get it.
My monitor doesn't support 478x358

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I'm a poorfag and was looking for vpns on linux, which all cost money. Do any vpns have a free tier (not trial) similar to TunnelBear's free tier on Android? As long as they work, they're good, as far as I am concerned.
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if you can't afford $3-5/month maybe you shouldn't bother with VPNs
My uni has blocked several sites though. Plus I can't torrent.
Install OpenVPN, and choose from one of the many free servers from VPNGate.

It says here that you're "to intelligent to use IDEs", care to explain?
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>*holds eye contact*
>who is this semen daemon
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