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When will these liberal atheist stop shilling their space hoax?
>implying that the ET's watching us will let us colonialize a different planet before we learn to resolve conflicts without violence

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Every week, a sum must be paid to the researcher that found the exploit or else the vulnerability is leaked. The cost of this sum increases exponentially, so the company can decide how fast they want to patch. Is this already being done?
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This just motivates companies to never pay.
Because the companies would actually get around to fixing the vulnerabilities or because they're just that short-sighted?

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>his kernel doesn't have built-in support for TLS so he can browse 4chan very fast at incredible hihg speed
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Does anything even use this yet?
Linux 4.13
TLS support in the kernel doesn't mean any software has to use it.

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>this is the best Intel can do
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pls buy intel
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>look mum all the numbers are bigger!
>*performs worse under any real world load*
Intel is fucked and will even be more fucked on 7 nm.

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Why is /g/ always so racist towards Indians?
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You will be too once you have to deal with them at work.
>look Sir I pushed this thread again on master branch
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Redpill me on VA monitors. Is the motion smear as bad as they say?
The high contrast ratio is a big selling point for me.
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unless you're some csgo autist who needs 144hz you wouldn't notice anyway
go for it
all current monitor technologies are pure shit
t. /vr/

i'm not so happy with my conky config, can you suggest me some cool conky configs that look pretty and show a good amount of system info
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Are you aware that 4chan is made for people that are 18 years or older?
Why are foreigners always stuck 10 years ago? Looks like edgy shit. Do you really need all that information available at a glance?
if you changed your WM to fluxbox your desktop would fit right in any desktop thread in the year 2000.

I got a brand new iPad Pro 2017 version with the Smart Keyboard.

What’s some cool stuff I can do with it? Should I get an Apple Pencil? I’m not an artistic type.
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keep scrolling down facebook like you would on literally any other touch device
could have bought a pc
I already own a PC. I use that for gaming and more serious stuff.

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>could setup fingerprint reader in arch for X200 to use it for authentication
>2 years later have no clue how to set up pam properly and how to make the device executable without spaghetti code
This is the only thing i hate about linux.
Myself that won't make notes about setting up things outside ~.
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Would you like to try that again in English?
Can you translate it to my English?

If you zoom in to the max on text in a browser, it gets huge and there won't be any pixelation.
Unlike an image, or a logo.

Anything worth talking about this?
Why not apply this to logos?
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kys yourself
What is a vector, the Thread.

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>not using the greatest programming language ever conceived

Explain yourselves.
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Programming is for iq89 white baboon.
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I already have a high-level Lisp dialect.

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Same way as the niggers stealing shit meme. People noticed it happened a lot and it caught on.
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Some Indian got butthurt on /int/

Penis envy, friend.

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How do I configure my Windows 10 firewall to stop sending telemetry to Microsoft?

> kek (if only it was that easy)

In all seriousness though...

Is there any way to block all internet connections by default and get asked every time software wants to access the internet?
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Why would they hardcode ip addresses of telemetry server?

Because they knew someone ( maybe a few percent users aka bit advanced users) would use hosts file to avoid the connection. They wanted telemetry from _every_ machine. They would get huge data from all those dumbass users yet they seem to target a minority of tech savvy users as well.
Why is Microsoft being a dick here? The answer is quite obvious.
Stop using telemetry infested OS. You could use a clean install of win7.

Tryina install win7, I have an SSD with linux mint and an HDD with only a big NTFS partition. I dd'ed the iso to an usb, it boots but then asks to install cd dvd drivers. I've got no cd dvd drive, so I don't know why should I install the drivers. Tried to change boot order, no luck. I tried to put SATA mode to IDE, but my mobo has no such option (only AHCI). I even tried something I've seen on Tom's HW, It said you should cancel installation and move your USB drive to another port, It still asked me for those. I tried using different ISOs, this last option is the only one I still have to try on a different ISO but I'm beginning to think I should just give up. Do you know what should I try before giving up? Also, do you have the "unbotneting Win7" pic? I've lost it, if you can post it please do.
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By the way I'm now downloading a new iso to try one last time
You may need to patch the iso for XHCI support (USB3 controller). Your motherboard manufacturer usually has a utility for this. Asus, Asrock, and MSI do. I've run into the same issue. AHCI is built into Win7 so that's fine.

Fine, I'm on an MSI h110m pro-vd. Looking for that.

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I've just bought a CD with 4mlinux and Fedora 26 on. I'm running a really old version of Ubuntu that doesn't seem to let me update anything anymore and has got kinda glitchy. I think I broke my windows partition, it tries to update and just freezes, I dunno. I don't really use it anyway.

I'm not sure what to do now. I'm thinking of just booting from a USB pen from now, but I don't know how to transfer the live CD to a USB pen. Or maybe overwriting one of my existing partitions entirely with Fedora 26, but I've never used it before.

I dunno, I just want something that runs smoothly on an old laptop and won't give me too much trouble. At the moment I'm thinking 4mlinux because it seems kinda lightweight and I just want something to type on, play telehack and watch videos. What should I do?
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Install Gentoo.

I don't have that...blargh.

If I can download a disk image running the live cd I'll give it a shot.

I downloaded a disk image for kali linux but it's on my windows partition and for some reason I can't view it from Ubuntu anymore, it used to let me view my windows partition while i was running Ubuntu but then it stopped.
You don't have gentoo? There's a discount on it here: www.downloadmoreram.com
It's only $10 now.

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