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I've been making some Android apps for fun and recently started charging for one. Now, I've heard that selling on Apple's App store is easier than on Google's Play store. Assuming this is true, would it make sense to get an iPhone just to sell iPhone apps? I need a new phone anyway and an iPhone isn't /that/ much more expensive than any other phone I might otherwise get.
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I don't think that will be a problem for me.
bear in mind that iOS apps are generally higher quality if you wish to charge for downloads

>Intel does not respect your priva-
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>sure a webcam cover will protect me against Intel's CPU backdoor!

Any real battery saving applications for Android nougat not using root, or general tweaks I can do?
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Remove the battery from the phone
No app will use less battery than not using an app.

Hey guys. My grandma recently had a stroke and we've been told that we need tools to help her communicate. Due to her age and the fact it was a massive stroke they say she will never be able to talk normally again. Does anyone have any suggestions that has been through this before? Honestly any help will be appreciated.
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Have you considered that asking a speech therapist would be better than asking an anime imageboard?
The speech therapist hasn't been much help. I just figured id ask incase anyone had experience with this before
you'd be better off speaking to somebody in the assistance tech field or the relatives of someone afflicted to find out what the best tool would be. Over here the most you'll get is people telling you to get your grandma a 9 year old Thinkpad with libreboot + gentoo

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Sup /g/, whats the best audio player for android?
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ur mom
>What did he mean by this?

Is it kill?
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>suscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates!
>our website uses cookies...
>http://blacked.com wants to send notifications...
>we noticed that you use an adblocker...
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I seriously don't understand the appeal of blacked.com.
Pornstars are already worthless, blacking them doesn't mean anything.
Amateur bmwf videos on the other hand are god tier. Because I can pretend the girl getting blacked is my future wife who is merely settling for me because she is getting old and she will never be satisfied by my 5".

Apparently the models are beautiful. I'm not into 3D anyways.

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Don't let Intel fool you!
Xubuntu runs just perfect on EPYC
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Install Gentoo
doesn't run perfect on EPYC, or anything else for that matter
*buntu is cancer. Gentoo is Heaven.

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God this website turned the fucking shit. After 30 minute in queue they want to play troubleshoot and only responding every 5 minutes.
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Suprised anyone still buys from there especially from their sketchy return policy for GPUs.

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>More and more .coms & .net's are being taken everyday.

>As a startup I'm having a very difficult time finding a good company name/domain.

>It's hard to find a reliable and cool domain. Do you think using .co and .io is degenerate use of domains and just unprofessional or do you think using cTLD's the new norm?

>Do you think people will get turned off by .co and .io?

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It no longer matters (as much).

As a guy who has opened several companies over the years I can tell you that clients won't give a shit what domain extension you use. As long as the name is good they'll fall in love with it.

Would you rather a client go to:




for example?

I wholeheartedly believe its the latter.

Its only the SEO nerds and dweebs who obsess over domain names. Go whatever you feel fits your brand. If you found a good domain any TLD will do even country level ones. It will be harder to optimize for SEO but if it grows bigger and bigger it won't matter anymore as you'll have Google account managers listing your domain as "all countries" rather than "Serbia" for example.

Get my drift?

Anyone who disagrees please do let me know your opinion as I'm interested in this as well.
get the cheapest and shortest domain, always

I'm using .cn for my website for affiliate related stuff. At first I thought only Chinese based users would come but I get 100x more US visits then I do China.

So it really depends on your sites content and your brand. I do a lot of Amazon affiliate stuff and also monetize my site through AdSense because it's in English.

The site also pops up #1 on Google search on .ca, .com and .co.uk - in theory it should only show up on Google.cn but it does on the Western sphere ones, so who am I to argue?

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I wanna digitize a book but ,having never done anything like this before, i'm a bit unsure on what should i do to get decent results. I found this guide https://natecraun.net/articles/linux-guide-to-book-scanning.html

You guys got some usefull tips/guides?
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depends do you want to keep the book intact? and be cheap about it?
if yes then cut out the pages and put them onto a batch scanner
then use an ocr to get the text out
You should type it out. It's the only viable option.
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Google something called openCV. Buy a DSLR, and a rig to turn pages automatically.

Or cut all the pages out a book and throw them all in a scanner printer.

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Glossy screens just look way better to me. Am I retarded?
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they look better under right circumstances, however those circumstances are almost never met unless you are a basement dweller.

>Why the hell hasnt this general been created?
Successful overclocks, failed overclocks, overclocking help, tips and advice, etc
Go ahead and contribute some advice, i can't think of shit.
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OC'd to 3.825GHz, Vcore 1.38, Vcore SOC 1.2

Happened to be digging around in some of my old chip collections and I found a MOS Technology 4040 chip. I don't remember what it's used for and a google search came up with nothing. Any suggestions on what this chip is? I also would be happy to help identify any other chips that you need identified. Pic Related.
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It was the fourth result in a google search, the first was your thread.
Then from the page which listed a different mos chip, I went to MOS category in wikipedia.
Seems to be commodore 64.

>The bottom line is this: if you're serving anything over an insecure connection you need to be planning how you're going to go HTTPS by default now. There's a great appetite to go secure by developers themselves too; a few months ago I published a new Pluralsight course on What Every Developer Must Know About HTTPS and it went straight up into the Top 10 in a library of more than 6,000 courses. If you're embarking on the journey to a secure transport layer, that's a great place to start.
>It's taken us a while, but finally we're getting to a "secure by default" web!

What do the agencies know that folks like this don't? If he really cares about security, why isn't there a SINGLE word on javascript?
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>HTTPS makes things secure
>but you send all your data to Mozilla and Google anyways in the form of telemetry

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