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>buy 2400MHz RAM
>runs at 2666MHz stable with stock voltages and timings
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What timings
why though
16s across the board, we poorfag

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>internet goes out
>They're on to me
>I'm going to jail
>How will I tell my family?
>I'll get kicked out of uni
>I'm not living my life with this over my head
>I'll have to become a fugitive
>I'll plan the greatest killing spree ever and go out with a bang
>All I need is some ammonium nitrate and fuel o....
>Oh internet is back
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I'm concerned anon.
What is that you do on the internet all day?
Nene is such a shit. Just accept it you ungrateful little fuck.
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>can make phones with OLED

>cant make that 20 times bigger and make a Monitor

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Why is this /g/?
OLED has longevity issues and burn-in issues. The typical phone screen is only turned on for a small portion of the day, has few static elements on the screen, and is expected to be replaced every few years anyway. A monitor in typical use can be on almost all day, and the average desktop environment has many static elements. A good monitor is also expected to last many years, even upwards of a decade in some cases. OLED technology isn't at the point where monitors that don't need to be replaced every 6 months can be produced, let alone at an affordable price.

polite sage

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>try to learn programming
>literally get a syntax error on a simple hello world print
Guess it's the shotgun mouthwash for me, anons
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Not all errors are logic errors, you baby. Computers are retarded and cannot infer what you mean like a person can. One missing character will fuck up your program.
nigga it's literally just print "Hello world!" how the fuck can it not understand what to do lel
print("Hello world!")

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Have you signed it already?
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I like how no one cares about racism towards Indians
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>100 goal petition
remove yourself with a gun faggot

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>enter you email address or username
My spidey senses are tingling
Ashley Madison
The site haveibeenpwned is legit.

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I have an old wi fi router and laptop which I'd like to set up as an unsecured access point and then when people connect to it, no matter what site they try to connect to all they get is a jpg of a goatse, blue waffle, lemon party or other pic from my collection, preferably a random one that changes every time they connect. Please tell me how to do this
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install gentoo

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>Cats ruining Cables
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dogs > cats

cats are for fags
My cat5 supports my 5 cats.
If you are using other type of network cable you are a faggot.
hearty kek

I change to Windows 10, and come´s with Microsoft Edge.
Before, I used Google Chrome.
I should keep using Chrome or stick with Edge?
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its better than ie. that's about it.
I´m using It now, It´s very fast.
It uses way less memory in my experience testing in a VM - 250MiB vs 1.2GiB for roughly the same setup vs Chrome, with similar differences vs FF. The engine is great and renders pages just as well as other major browsers. In terms of speed it's a bit slower than Chrome and roughly the same as FF.

The only downside is that it's Win10 exclusive and it's not worth installing Win10 for. It also doesn't have VP8 support, which isn't a problem for most sites but sucks for this site because gookmoot doesn't know what VP9 is.

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hey /g/ i am having trouble using a software that extract __cfduid, cf_clearance and User-agent to work (the software is a poetrademacro used for searching items in poe.trade).
my problem is that when i visit poe.trade and complete the captcha challenge, my cookie archive in AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache dont have the cf_clearance, the code used from retriving the cookie is this one:
Normally it works for most users, but for my case it din't work.
I always get a first time challenge (like after clearing cookies) captcha's from sites with high allert (like poe.trade or https://www.masterani.me).
my OS is Windows 10 64 bits, i use chrome but the program use IE to find the cookies (basically it uses a c# script, this scripts opens a hidden IE browser, navigates to poe.trade and reads user-agent and cookies from this browser. ), i already tried to resolve the captcha first in IE, but the program still have problems to automatic extract the cookies, it only works if i do this manually.
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Install Gentoo
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install gentoo will fix your issue
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i currently own a oneplus 2 since last summer, and its been having a little bit of lag every time to time. im thinking about gettit the 3t one. or do you guys think that it would be better to get the op 5?
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yeah, the 5 is obviously better.

why are you considering the 3t over it? just because of price?
Not much of an upgrade from the 3T to the 5. I'd get the 3T or wait for the 6.

The 5 doesn't even have OIS so it's camera is dogshit from the get-go.
jelly problem on the screen surf experience, camera its not that good.

and also between the 3t and the 5 there is not that big of a difference.

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How do you think they're making all that money to plant trees? They're selling your data.
if a company has a logo like that, it's gotta be a botnet

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Is it possible for me to install spyware on another computer to take files from that computer ? I'll be alone with target pc for a while where i can give permissions.
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you can
but you shouldn't
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Can you explain how I can ? So I won't do it.
i am not going to encourage skiddies

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explain this bullshit
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isps cheat at speedtests anyway
use fast.com instead
it's not mine.

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>be bill gates
>be a multi gorillionaire
>only know how to develop in BASIC

Just because you can hire someone who can develop for you doesn't mean that you're smart, goy.

y even live?
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that man will make more money taking a shit that you will working your entire life
OK, he couldn't code shit, and just watched Paul Allen do it, but it was a brilliant business move to license an OS instead of selling it.
>Dad was a lawyer.
Where's your millions if it's so easy then?

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