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Is there anything more UNcomfy than reading ebooks on a desktop computer?
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>laying under an old car on a dirty garage floor as you worry a venomous spider will come out of the clutter and bite you on the ankle while you're removing the plug to drain the oil.
yes: doing it on linux which has a way worse font rendering than windows & os x
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I don't see the problem.

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Is becoming a system admin hard
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create a local tomcat server that does unit tests on a timed infinite loop and have it send you emails when something bad happens and you can find out
Whats the advantage of this over a regular ticket system
. . .

Yes, it is very hard.

When is summer over again?

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Which one of you did this?
I love you.
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if it's so bad, why did every distribution that matters adopt it? checkmate.
Ease of use?
Doesn't automatically make it good.
i wouldnt go this far to say systemd is bad.
we just hate the design
and poettering as a person

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>be a young poorfag in the late 90's
>have no computer
>want a computer like those macs at school
>go to a local evangelical church (not a regular)
>they have a garage sale
>they are selling a C64 with a disk drive and a ton of software.
>get it, connect to TV.
>one of the disk was a bootleg of Super Mario Brothers.

I've also owned a Early Mac (with an external HDD - I think it died when my Mom hit it too hard) and IBM XT. Also had a NES. Earliest 'current' tech to buy was a Costco Daewoo computer and N64.

What obsolete tech did you own as a kid?
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>I've also owned a Early Mac (with an external HDD - I think it died when my Mom hit it too hard) and IBM XT. Also had a NES.

Forgot the mention that I only have the NES still around. I think it is broken, however.

I kind of wish I had kept them.
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In 1986 or so, for some reason my dad bought a Commodore 128 instead of an Amiga. It was somewhat current but man, all that lost opportunity.

I think it might have been because we knew someone who was big in this massive pirating ring that operated locally, and we could get 64/128 software. We literally never bought software other than the disks that came with peripherals like the Koala Pad.
Truth is, C64 was nowhere obsolete yet in the 90's.
Having 10 year old computers in the 90's was perfectly normal.

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>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61508185
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Thread claimed by Beyerdynamic
How do the K612 and K7XX compare?
The K7XX is $252+shipping but the K612 is only $155
So aside from amazon, where do people buy headphones from?

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Leave Apple to me
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>Nokia name at the front
>Not stock or near-stock like motorola
Sucks, because I was hoping they'd be more on top of security updates.
So is it good hardware wise? It better should, since it's all they have going for them at this point.

frametime lag

i have a 144hz monitor. therefore my frametime should be 6.9444 ms. (1000ms / 144 fps = 6.9444 ms per frame)

CSGO has horrible frametime variance, going up to 16ms (equivalent to a 60hz monitor) every few frames.

How do I fix this?
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Install Gentoo, eSports faggot wannabe.
You're at the mercy of the servers, so that high refresh rate display is mostly useless when playing online... except for maybe the ULMB feature.

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im trying to convert from linux mint to windows 10 but i only have 1 hard drive. how do i convert my hard drive to ntfs?
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just install windows 10 and it does it for you
for i in /dev/*; do sudo mkfs.ntfs $i; done
ive tried, but i cant install it without converting my hard drive. (its in FAT32 but it needs ntfs)

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Why aren't you doing it yet?

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Because my A4-SFX fits only one video card.
house fire
>muh "everything I can't afford I'll say house fire to" meme

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Wow it's fucking nothing
Nothing on my home connection, but I figured I'd check my cellular IP (it's dynamic, so it should be fun, right?)

Who the fuck downloads all this? On CELLULAR DATA.

there was also AutoCAD
Based lauraposter.

Remember me, fuckers?

>minimum hardware requirements
>no heavy GUI shit
>no hardware restrictions
>fast as fuck
>stable and easy to use
>no pajeets involved in its development

It was really great.
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Anything 2k can do XP can do better
XP can do anything better than 2k~
Probably the best thing Microshit has ever done.

Anything before and after is garbage.
Why not Gentoo?
>minimum hardware requirements
>no heavy GUI shit
>no hardware restrictions
>fast as fuck
>stable and easy to use
>no pajeets involved in its development

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Do you rike it?
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M-mom.. ?!
I bet her clit is so massive.

Be honest, you'd munch on it.

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Hi all,

This is where we wait for the latest AMD graphics card which AMD will surely release in a timely manner and will definitely blow all of our minds, no questions asked, 100% guaranteed, no chance it'll fail, just you wait.

Last time: >>61486850

RX Vega is arriving in Portland for PDXLAN today through this weekend. You know the drill, if you're attending PDXLAN, go take some videos and leak them here, then leak them to VideoCardz so they can then be leaked here too.

Last stop is the big reveal at SIGGRAPH 2017 on July 30th.

The latest:

Vega is almost DOA so wait Navi
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lmao why are you waiting for navi just boot up OoT
Random rumor by unverified faggot on leddit

>Reference models are already stockpiling at one company with which I have contacts. They apparently have "low thousands" ready for release.
>They usually have tens of thousands, though, but this is apparently a very expensive GPU. Supposedly priced above the 1080 at the top (my contact doesn't have pricing info outside of internal rumblings).
>The company is a primary supplier, not a reseller.

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I have a pretty straight forward board in front of me. But I'm still new to working with a multimeter and understanding it.

Shouldn't this resistor circled be 650 omh if I read it on my meter? If it doesn't, I take it that is most likely my problem on why its not working.
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Actually now that I look at it again, I think that brown is actually gold.

So 6.5 Ohms 10%?
Or maybe, the first one is black instead of blue, so that would be .5 omh.

Holy fuck, please send help.
yeah looks like definitely black and definitely gold from here

Just purchased a delid tool, thermal grizzly conductonaut liquid metal tim, and will be delidding two of my processors soon. Will also be relidding it afterwards, too.

What am I in for?
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So I'll be delidding my Skylake 6700k and Devil's Canyon 4690k.

Originally just wanted to do this on the Skylake 6700k, but I think I'll go ahead on my other processor, too. 6700k is barely stable at 4.8GHz at 1.44v, but kinda feel the voltage is a bit excessive and moving to a liquid metal TIM should help me control temperatures and therefore be able to use lower voltages a bit without affecting the overclock. It can get up to 80C on an x264 loop stress test (AIDA64 Extreme reaches 73C) on a H100i V2 with two good Maglev fans.

In my head it makes more sense to prolong the life of the CPU by foregoing Intel's shitty TIM, rather than sticking to Intel's TIM and letting my CPU cook itself to death over the next few years. At least by delidding it, I can prolong its lifespan by having better control over thermals and lower voltages.

Reason being is that Corsair Link reports the H100iV2 as being 40C under load, but the CPU package itself is 80C under load. If perfect thermal transfer happened, these two temperatures would be equalized, but the fact of the matter is that there's a huge temperature gap since the shitty TIM is letting the CPU cook itself.

Also want to do it to my 4690k running at 4.5GHz because it's currently in a mini-ITX case (portable LAN/HomeTheater PC) with a small cooler, and controlling the thermals would be a big boon for it too.
You're in for possibly 2 dead CPUs
I guess we'll see. The delid tools on the market seem to have good reputation for delidding, barring the poorly manufactured 3d printed plastic ones that still require a hammer/vice to delid.

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