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i have 8gb of 2400mhz ram should i upgrade or not? pic related
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Enough for what, retard?
watching gay porn in the highest definition possible
tell me you fucking nigger is it enough. did i fall for 8gb ram meme

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aeris cia.png
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The CIA has developed implants which target Debian users (among many others) and it's named after Aeris, a Final Fantasy character

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The FF7 character's name is Aerith you retard.
fucking weebs don't have anything better to do than sperging out and defending their waifu when someone spells their name wrong
This is Trump's fault! Fuck that orange Cheeto am I right Reddit?

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Can I embed a video source inside of Windows in real time?

I'm working towards playing Smash 4 on my Wii U competitively. I'd like to be able to hook up the video output to my home media computer, and tab in and out of the game without switching sources on my TV. I'd also like to put it in "Windowed" mode sometimes, so I can have other information on the screen as well as Smash 4.

Is this possible? What kind of hardware and software would I need? I can think of some ways to do it with a capture card but I'm worried there might be a delay.
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That image is pretty old. That Wendy's in the background got a Face-Lift like 2 years ago.
It's literally the "oldest" image on my phone.
>Smash 4 on my Wii U competitively

Hi, Jamal.

What is their endgame?
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to stop looking like a bad Google clone (they actually started at almost the same time) and spy on everybody (not just russians).
To increase shareholder value.
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To please Putin.

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>not having a cassette player in your computer's motherboard
What are you, a peasant?
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cassete is VHS
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>republic of gamers
>cassete is VHS
and cartridge is Nintendo, right?

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If Microsoft and Google can see everything I do then why am I not in jail?
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you're data is in a special tier that they often don't have access to.

Though it's only a matter of time before your use runs out and the sell it off to someone who gives a shit.
Because the police have more important matters to tend to than your torrents and loli collection.
Turn off your lights, the bottom of your bed will start glowing.

I've just bought a 1080 gtx gpu and it requires an 8 pin pci-e cable which I threw away from my modular psu as I didn't need it at the time so I'm looking at buying one for this gpu but the connections don't seem to match up when I look at pictures of them online with the gpu's socket but they do match with my psu why is this?
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>I've just bought a 1080 gtx
Gamers = cancer
>Throwing away cables

8-pin pci-e cables are standardized on the device side, not PSU side. That means you have difference in pinout from manufacturer t manufacturer. Best bet is to keep your cables in the future, but If you really need the cables try buying ones that are from the same manufacturer/model.

Also go to /pcbg/ next time.

I've never built a PC but I've done my homework. I'm pretty sure parts are compatible (not just off of what PcPartPicker says) but If I missed any big flaws in a part or an incompatibility issue can someone let me know. Also if you recommend better parts for just around the same price. Trying to keep my budget at $850 give or take.
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Motherboard has dual memory channel, get 2 sticks of ram (you want 16gb anyway). Rest checks out. If you got money left get a 120gb SSD for your Windows installation.
Ill look into an SSD
No, get 2 goddamn sticks of memory first, if you really don't wanna go over 8gb look into 2 sticks of 4 but chances are it's not gonna be cheaper anyway.

For more info on the dual channel stuff (and how to install without making you wonder why your pc aint starting) download the english manual and check out page 26.


Explain reasoning behind Shintel using TIM in their newest HEDT. It just doesn't make sense. Let's say they're saving $1 per cpu not soldering it, but they're also losing purchases by informed buyers not willing to go with this crap. Say they're saving $500 for 500 cpu sold, but if just one person decides not to buy their newest 10 core because of that, they're losing much more than 500.
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plz respond
The company is being run by beancounters.
Nobody really knows. Intel are just a bunch of cunts


Only Apple can do dis!
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Only Apple can do dis!
This would have blown my mind in 1999.
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Only Apple can do dis!

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What do the pajeets of /g/ have to say about this?
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That he is right
He's right. C++ doesn't even feel like a C derivative any more, it's a bloated mess.
as much as i hate taking coding advice from the man who made the least optimized game ever, he is entirely correct.

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[   OK   ]

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Where is the processor in this board?

It's a built-in Celeron.
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Other side of the PCB, I'd imagine.
Flip it over

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my laptop gets hot when its plugged in so i was wondering if removing the battery would lower temps?
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It probably changes to high performance mode when you plug it in. Clear the fan and swap thermal paste. And no, removing the battery won't lower your temps, most you can do without opening it is downloading throttlestop and setting lower frequencies.
i did clean the fan somewhat and i tried to change the thermal paste but the screw was prestripped by shitty asus so i couldn't reach the thermal paste under the heatsink
Put a rubber band on the screw

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Redpill me on the SSD meme.
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marginal speed upgrade for more money.

That being said it's still an upgrade.
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marginal probability

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