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How can i crack my neighbors wifi password? for research purposes of course.
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Give me your name, adress, phone number. For research purpose of course.
Pay for it Tyrone

I reached the conclusion that (at least technology-wise), humanity reached its peak in 1969. Can someone explain to me why I'm wrong?

I don't think I need to explain why all of these accomplishments are monumental:

>The first message to be successfully sent through the internet (ARPANET) was on October 29, 1969
>UNIX was originally developed in 1969
>C was developed between 1969 and 1972
>The only successful manned moon landings occured during 1969 and 1972
>On 1971, Intel released the first microprocessor (the Intel 4004)

I'm not saying that there haven't been any innovations since then. Of course there were, but I'm saying that the "median" was in '69 and it's downward from there. The further we go, the less trascendental and profound are the new technologies we are seeing. There are "local maximums," like, for example: the boom of personal comptuers during the seventies and the eighties, the web becoming publicly available in '91, Google/PR in '98/'99, the iPhone on 2007, the Bitcoin blockchain/protocol in 2009.

It goes without saying that things are much more sophisticated now, what I'm arguing is that most of the legwork was done during the sixties.

I know this is a pretty autistic theory and probably nobody gives a fuck, but I'd like to know if I'm right or its just nostalgia goggles.
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The US government was spending about 7% of it's total budget on space and computing contractors at the time.
This. Now it's for weapons.
That actually makes a lot of sense. About NASA, it doesn't surprise me, but about computing contractors I didn't know. I thought it was all private fundings (AT&T Bell Labs, etc). Is there anywhere that I can read about that? (doesn't seem trivial to find)

Whats up my /g/s
Currently live in student accommodation and I can't live with this fucking wi-fi. I have to pay £30 to use a stupid code for the network and then it's only for that one device. The MAC address is registered and then I have to Pay again to add more...

Pretty much this is what I need help with: Setting up a router that runs of the existing ethernet in the flat. Changing that router's WAN MAC to the MAC address of my laptop so I don't have to pay for more codes. Then making sure other devices connected to that router are able to connect to the internet.

Discuss how this could be done, also bonus if there's a way to do it using a BT Home Hub 3 because i already own one.
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How is just hooking a router up to the existing ethernet not enough?
Because I need to enter a code into a webpage that show's up when you originally connect to the wifi. This doesn't show up however because it's a router. This is why i want to change it's WAN MAC so I can bypass the whole enter a passcode phase
Login into the router you want to use. Go wherever it says clone MAC address. Put the MAC address of your notebook. Plug the router to the ethernet port. That's it.

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Is musk /our guy/?

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He's an evil man on a conquest to have sole sovereignty over all of us.
captcha can't keep them at bay forever.

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I'll bet you my chicken tendies you can't find a language better than forth.
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But forth is pretty awesome
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if natalia were a language she would be forth

Powerline adapter general.

What kind of network data transfer speeds do you get? My NAS will be across the house in an unused room and I debating if I should just have it next to my work desk for faster access.
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i had the previous gen of that pic, and it worked fine. got 100% of the speeds that we were paying for. several times a week though, it would randomly stop working, and i had to unplug my end for at least 5 seconds, and then it would work again. not sure if that was just the house, or something endemic to the technology.

get wired ethernet if you can.
If your house is wired for coaxial just use MoCA 2.0

Unbonded speeds are in excess of 400mbps
Bonded MoCA 2.0 will hit over 850mbps in optimal conditions.
This desu. People are infatuated with power line for some reason and never consider the better option.

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i have a galaxy s4 stuck in a bootloop. i mistakenly removed the "touchwiz" launcher after rooting the phone. a factory reset does not work and i tried flashing with odin which failed but caused the bootloop as soon as the battery is inserted.....can someone please help
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The first step you'll need to take it to put a sturdy plastic bag over your head, then tape it down around your neck.
Alternatively, you could start by reading the sticky.
install gentoo

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Is 750/750 TI suitable for medium-heavy vidya? By the I mean I don't want/need full graphics settings, but at least not something as bad as my current GTX 420.
>pic unrelated
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Get a 1050 Ti or a 1060 if you can swing it. 750 is last generation.
Understood. So no 750 no matter what? I'm telling you, I can only afford poorfag shit.
A 750 was a great price/performance card for it's time. It's time has passed. If you want 750 level performance, buy a 1030.
Don't buy outdated hardware just because of the reputation it once had. The industry moves on. Old stuff is only worth it if you need it for specific compatibility reasons or if it's heavily discounted.

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Thoughts on launchpads?
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If you want to start programming micro controllers go with chink arduino boards.
And for more serious applications go with STM32. Most of the tools for it are open source, it has a similar price to Arduino, but is an order of magnitude more powerful.
Avoid if you want any degree of power in your proyects. Go with STM32 or Freescale FRDM boards

Should I sell my S8 for a One plus Five?

Dash Charging and 8GB of ram really sell me.
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No, get a oneplus 3T instead. I heard the oneplus 5 has problems.
I don't wanna downgrade on CPU/GPU power.

Also I really want better fast charging than Samsungs shit.
One plus 3T or gfto

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Is there a difference between C and Turbo C?
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only that you're a turbonigger for asking this question and not googling it
I like getting insulted that is why I use 4chan

well then by all means, make more threads like this you faggot

anyone running linux on skylake/kabylake got hardware video acceleration working on VP9 youtube videos?

my CPU utilization (i5-7200U) is like 70-80% when playing back 4k youtube video, it should be < 10%

same shit happens in standalone video players (vlc, mpv, mplayer)
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>/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.
Sage and kys yourself.

what's wrong, did your mommy not give you enough tit as a child?
VAAPI works?

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Is it safe to leave my laptop charger plugged in to my laptop at all times, /g/? When at work, I have to use a laptop and I keep it plugged in just so I don't have to worry about the battery dying and what not but my co-workers are constantly telling me it's bad for the computer
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If you're always leaving it plugged in, what difference does it make if the battery goes to shit?
reduces battery life over time

Dear /biz/

Ive gotten into bitcoin trading on bitfinnex but the piece of shit wont track my positions. Any suggestions for doing so?
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Found the mobile poster
kek dat feel when you post on wrong board
10/10 bait
Disguised a memecoin shill thread as a mistake that he meant to post on /biz/

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I have Xiaomi Mi4 and it's literaly like Dacia 500, why?
Xiaomi was beautiful, nice, great, amazing, have good spec for low price, good battery, nice LCD, ultra-fast like the best on the market.
Dacia 500, best city car, small, take 4 persons, takes 4,5 petrol per 100km, very economic, cheap, nice, great.
So where's the bait?
Xiaomi don't have original spare parts, when you broke LCD, official service can replace you LCD for the price of 3 screens, and it will have an yellow tint, bad touch recognition on the edges, 3 light for the buttons under the screen aren't transparent so they will no shine anymore.
Also don't know if this is related to screen, but when I surf the net I got notifications about high temperature 40*C, year ago when I play 3d game like Chinatown Wars it never overheated.
Dacia 500 also was great when it's new, but when something will break, you can't buy new spare parts, because factory din't make them, so you can get only parts from another used cars. And it will broke again soon, making this car impossible to maintain.
Don't understand how Xiaomi can drop in quality so fast, what's worst than "Made in China"?
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>Dacia 500
A what?
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dacia_Lăstun ... Neat, a Romanian car.
>takes 4.5L/100km
That's pretty good for a... LOL, never mind it's a 0.5L two cylinder engine making 22hp. I wonder how much better it would become if they applied Ford's "Eco-Boost" technology to it.

Question, would you want King Michael to reestablish the Monarchy rule over Romania again, or is the system in place now doing ok?
What would fit my HTC One m7? Volvo S70? It's not Nokia 3310 but it will last me another decade.
it was produced between 1988–1991, maks. speed was 106km/h, heard rumors that it's possible to get consumption at 4L/100km, but due to quality of the engine it can take even 9L

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