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Hey /g/ what's this?
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shota onahole and a 6-pack of bikini panties
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Why is Loonix so popular with autists who have a ton of time on their hands?

Do they not realize literally no one uses this thing?
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Even you use Linux regularly, it's just not your desktop OS.
What hobbies do you recommend?
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>Upgrading your kernel twice a week is a hobby

Can't make this stuff up.

/g/ in 2018.
Still no router security nor security general. And no, that cyberpunk thread doesn't count as anything, its just a joke at this point.
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Should change the sticky to be like "please provide a dxdiag in your posts before asking a support question"
All me
it's 2017

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Laptops that can fit into your pocket™.

>Released in 2016/2017
- GPD Pocket (2017)
- GPD Win (2016)

>Still in development
- Graalphone (end of 2017/early 2018)
- Gemini PDA (december 2017)
- KS-Pro (?????)
- Dragonbox Pyra (????)
- .....
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I want to buy one of these comfy machines, but the GPD Pocket is currently $509+shipping. Despite all the hate for it on /g/ the reviews are actually quite positive, although the keyboard layout is meh.

Should I buy one (I have the money) or should I hold out for something better?
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Bought one of these this week for 200 bucks pure for the novelty factor. Did I fuck up?

Yes. Its worthless.

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whether I'm watching YouTube, or streaming some movie from a random site

I regularly get the following problems

>simply doesn't start
>crashes halfway through for no reason
>crashes if I try to skip to a different section of the video
(even if the part was previously loaded)

why does this stuff still happen?

is this an issue with the video player software itself?

I think it might be, cus YouTube's desktop player crashes quite often,
but only rarely on the app

webms on here crash on both desktop and mobile
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"we" haven't fixed it because it's not OUR problem, it's YOUR problem.
/g/ is not your personal tech support. Read the sticky.
OS and software you are using?
chill,it might be a fun pajeet.
dude's even failing on watching YouTube

Just a quick reminder that we’ve won, gcc has lost.
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Clang hasn't gotten C++17 yet, stay cucked for ever lmao
Why is that called Low Level Virtual Machine? It's a compiler infra.

Doesn’t matter because C++ is irrelevant, much less a modern version.

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Show off your drives /g/
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Bet none of you fagets have less space than me
Why are you on /g/ if you use Windows 10?

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Reminder that 16:9 is outdated and that 4K and 144hz are memes.

Join the 21:9 master race and never look back.
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4k a meme? do you hate sharp fonts and graphics?
I don't need a stretched out version of my 27" screen.
Give me one with the height of a 32" 16:9 monitor and then we'll talk.
8K is out. Don't push old tech.

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>stuck at certain part while programming
>look up tutorials on youtube
>video title is in english
>"HOLA A TODOS proprogrammer1999, ME GUSTA Y SUSCRIBETE G-"
>annotations pop up blocking the whole screen
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>Looking up tutorials on youtube
How is it even possible to fail at greentexting?

I followed this video but it didn't work for some reason:


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hey /g/ well im looking at starting to learn some coding, as i am completely new to this, i am wondering where a good place to start would be

currently in a position where i have time and resources to learn and want to know where a good idea to start would be
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>When your are so stupid as you can't even read the wiki then no one can help you
Learn python with this free book : http://greenteapress.com/wp/think-python-2e/

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Sup /g/, I'm a bdsm Master and I'm looking for a good app to install on one of my slaves phones to know where he is 24 hours a day. It must have the option to turn off my own location and work on linux (web app or desktop app). I'm using life360 atm. Extra upbotes for FOSS, I want to be the botnet, not being botnetted. Thanks!
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>I'm a bdsm Master
>asking /g/ for help

How gnu are you?
Would like to know this too
If you are just wanting location data I recommend using location sharing on Google Maps. If they are on android they already have it and it works great. Plus you can see where they are (and not the other way around) on your app or browser.

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You can buy share's of gab ai for starting at 200 dollar's should I buy some?
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AIDS and cancer

>another pump and dump scam set up by (((AndrewTorba))) in 2016, a former member of Y Combinator who saw the rise of thealt-rightduring the2016 presidential electionand realised that he had another bunch of sheep he could use to pawn off his inferior social media competitor toTwitterusing only a$49 dollar social media templatealong withsomeone else's microblogging codethat their CPOforked on Githubalong with PHP that can be 6 months+ out of date
Its pretty dead. The purpose of a social media platform is that you can interact with a large community. Thats why twitter and facebook have value to the end user. Gab doesn't have that, and its likely not going to grow.

>that line of horseshit
Incorrect. Torba himself will sperg out if you voice too extreme of an opinion. He definitely wanted to pull in users from the Trump camp, but hes too much of a cuck to actually tolerate White Nationalists.
But will disney or google eventually buy gab ai for a billion dollars?
Twitter wants disney or google to buy them for 13-19 billion.
If disney buys gab ai instead of twitter the share holder's can become rich.

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Encrypted some stuff a few months ago for a gag, but now I'm taking a flight soon and need this shit off my machine.

I can't find anything online about this. How would I find my containers (I forgot which file/partition they're in) and delete them?

I've also forgotten my passwords and keyfiles.

If worst comes to worst, a full SSD wipe should clear everything, yes?
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yes. no. maybe.

>My sources say no
Atlast, I see.
what does flying have to do with getting rid of veracrypt containers?

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Does anyone here have any experience with the Mini PCI-E to PCI-E x1 adapters for wireless cards? If it works correctly it seems like a cheap way to get a decent desktop wireless adapter with good drivers.
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I do, and I was dissatisfied by the WiFi-on-desktop experience in general. Powerline works better for me. More consistent.
wireless adapters are always shit and should never be used on a desktop when possible.

If your house has Coaxial use MoCA adapters for a wired LAN. MoCA 2.0 can hit 400-450mbps, Bonded MoCA 2.0 can hit 800mbps+

If your house doesn't have coax but has somewhat recent electrical wiring, you can also try powerline adapters, though they tend to be much more prone to failure than the MoCA solution from my experience.
I bought one from aliexpress and it works fine. These are pretty basic and passive to there's not much you have to worry about. Also >>>/g/csg

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I recently switched from Windows 7 to Fedora and I'm looking for a decent text editor for Java. Any good editors that are similar to Notepad++?
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Bags of sand
Learn a real text editor
Atom :^)

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