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If I'm using Windows 7 and Windows 7 only, should I get Ryzen or Baby-Lake? Which has better compatibility?
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there are reports that ryzen has trouble with everything, and there are reports of ryzen having no issues at all

there are only reports of intel chips being foolproof
this, listen to him goy. also, ryzen is antisemitic.

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/g/ rate my new build. This one was painstakingly hand crafted. Can't wait to get windows 10 installed and get her up and running.
Shit tier soft tube peasants need not apply.
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is the top tube a handle of sorts
What does it looks like with the case?
either stay in /v/ or >>61704426. Waste of a thread.

Do you guys realize that in 6 years we'll have to migrate to Windows 10 because no CPU will support it?
will we be using AMDs and Intel Celeron from 2014 for the rest our lives?
Why is Microsoft forcing the windows 10 meme?
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Well CIA should hurry up and release their secret alien CPU tech. Because at this point they fucked themselves due to
>lol 7% gains
gnu/linux does not have this problem :^)
Wait... what? We have to use Windows 10 because no CPU will support it?

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What personal programming project of yours are you most proud of?
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Wrote a parser of legal documents.
Who knew that legal docs follow a grammar simple enough for some regex hacks.
Userspace NVMe diskdriver that allows a SSD to be used concurrently by multiple nodes in a PCIe cluster and by individual threads in a CUDA kernel, eliminating CPU in the data path entirely.
I modified my GLMatrix screensaver white to match my backlit keyboard and then recompiled it.

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>availability targeted with coffee lake-s and canonlake PCH
>intel confirmes coffee needs a new PCH
>t-thanks intel
what is a pci lane?
also, will gen 8 be compatible with windows 7/8 ?
why are you here if you don't know what pcie lane means?
and, no it won't support old os.

Am I missing something?, Since when AMD become the darling of /g/ over Intel?
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*did AMD
shoo jew
As soon as they made better CPU than Intel.

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if you don't know c you should probably make like a tree and fuck off.
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People who live in glass houses sink ships OP
Its not a good book
>inb4 muh rust

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Pay for 100Mbs This is what I get. What can I do About this?
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Get a tech sent out there, tell them over the phone you are only getting half of what you are paying for and when the tech comes tell him it dropped another 15Mbps after you called

Might peak his curiosity to actually give a fuck and do something about it

Paying 64.99 for 100/10 in SoCal, this is what I'm getting
thanks for the reply, I'll make sure to call this afternoon.
Call the company and have them reset everything. This always happens with modems.

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I fucking hate this company. Aside from charging an arm and a leg, they are charging me a fucking "smartphone access fee". Whatever the fuck that is.

So my bill that SHOULD only be 110, is in actuality 190.

What the fuck is this shit? Are there any other options for me? Is there no way out? Am I destined to be cucked for all eternity by them?
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>Are there any other options for me?
No anon. You are eternally cucked by Verizon. Other telephone companies don't exist.
what the fuck is a "smartphone fee"? Not even the UK is that cucked for internet
I suppose what I mean to ask is "Where should I go to pay just what my plan says I'll pay, as opposed to a bunch of bullshit charges"?

I haven't the faintest fucking clue as to what it is. I looked it up and apparently it's a sneaky way for cell phone companies to get more money out of you. If you pay off the phone it's apparently even more or less depending.

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Update 9/29: Our favorite infosec expert (whom we’ve cited before on a few matters) SwiftOnSecurity, let us know today that Ungoogled Chromium is a student project and doesn’t have the ability to update itself (and likely hasn’t been updated.) In that regard, we can’t recommend it. She recommends Brave if you’d like an alternative.

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iridium, it's big ungoogled chromium contributor
Yes, yes, Iridium is good HOWEVER what about Sleipnir?
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Me personally would lick Nik's balls, love his lkcr no webrtc builds.

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Im playing with an idea of getting a IT related tattoo, something clever and lasting
Got something anons?
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why dont you just get dickhead on your forehead.

nothing says loser like a fucking IT related tattoo..

fucking hell, never reproduce u cunt
Use the sticky pic

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>it's not about money, it's about caring about your freedoms
>need to literally prostitute yourself working to buy a pc
>need to sell your kidney because taxes
>need to pay with your soul to be educated
>haha i installed a os i have freedom now

How the fuck someone can fall for this sorta of meme?
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he also eats shit off his feet. Search it up on youtube. Stal eats shit off feet
What the fuck are you talking about?
Who needs to prostitute themselves and sell organs to buy a computer?

Free software has nothing to do with the price of software and certainly nothing to do with the price of hardware.
Yeah, bruh. I run my free software on a rock.

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Simple but perfect examples of technology.
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I was trying to find a pic without the pencil, but fuck it.
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I told you yesterday and I'm telling you again. There is something suspicious going on with the web. Something will happen soon, and whatever it is, it won't be nice. With this post, consider yourself warned.
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w-what are you gonna do OP?
What do you mean "web"? Do you mean all internet or web pages?
Net neutrality is going to get rid off. This is old news.

Technical interview by a Pajeet for Amazon tomorrow. Wat do?
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remember to wash your body and especially your hands with lots of soap before the interview so you don't smell like poo.

I am white, the interviewer will by a Pajeet.
7/10, got me reply.
just put one of those dots on your forehead

he will totally give you the job

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