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Since Firefox is killing the Classic Theme Restorer in November, I figured it's time to finally jump ship. Briefly considered sticking with my current version but maybe this is a good opportunity.

Is Vivaldi any good? Installed it, looks clean and fine, but for some reason I always had issues with the Opera user experience.
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just use waterfox/any other fork
I use waterfox as a daily driver and it's really solid haven't had a single problem
vivaldi is fucking incredible.

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Just updated to Firefox 55 and noticed one very strange thing that ONLY applies to 4chan.

I use the "Self Destructing Cookies" add-on for Firefox and EVERY time I came to 4chan I had to select "legacy captcha" in the settings. But NOW it's whatever I used last time. In fact ANY setting I change (like "linkify URLs") stays FOREVER.

According to Firefox my cookies are being deleted when I close it. In fact OTHER SITES don't seem to be saving any cookies. But somehow 4chan remembers me as if there are cookies I CAN NOT SEE OR DELETE. I even changed my IP (no change). And tried IE (no cookies saved there).

So is there something I'm missing about Firefox. Also is there some other browser I could use. Firefox is starting to get really annoying.
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Construya muro, Paco
A curious thing is, since when Firefox Nightly (on mobile) updated to the new GUI, I stop getting notifications from self destructing cookies entirely. I fear they're messing up with some stuff that made it work...
this guy is on drugs lmao

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Is SharePoint still relevant in 2017? My company uses it as a glorified RSS feed and has a few "general information about topic xy" Word documents on it. If there is potential, I'm sure we're wasting it.
What does your company do with SharePoint, or are you using an alternative?
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SharePoint admin here, it only ''works'' if the entire company is using it and people keep using it, if it slips away it will become abandoned with lightning speed.
Also you need a good admin that knows what the possibilities of SP are and is able to integrate them perfectly.
This is correct. It requires staff with deep knowledge of the product and a workplace that is willing to commit to it.

Most places use it as a glorified file server. The problem is that SharePoint was designed with the technology and workplace sensibilities of the early to mid 2000s and their core philosophy has not changed since. They're making an effort to rebuild the product in SharePoint online but it's going to take a while. Compare administrating and using Google Docs and SharePoint and you may better understand what I mean.
The place i work at uses it for access requests, knowledge/feature docs, and code manifests for production. Could be worse I guess. Kinda sucks that most of the stuff only works in I thought.

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What is /g/'s dream job
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Computer architect, only a few in the world are privileged to be computer architects and they're becoming fewer because competition is mainly in software these days
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dumb frogposter.png
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being a househusband and getting tenderly pegged by my female:muscle tall amazon wife tobehonest

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how stay on top of latest IT sec news?
Used to get it from twitter, but i deleted it.
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Unironically /g/
Hacker news
announce mailing lists

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Puts that kiddie app Clover to absolute shame
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Not sure what you're referring to but pretty much anything beats clover, its not that hard.
Why should I care?
source or gtfo

Should i learn web dev (front end, which i love)

Or Python (which i also love but more effort)
And i have a book for python (automate boring stuff with python)

I want a freelance job, hence why im leaning towards web dev, where its not such a huge project where i need college butnsomething that can yield me 60€-250€ per project or something
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Is it really love if you don't know them?
Well i was learning for a few days but did not fully commit

Jumping to boards directly with their board url (such as /g/, /sci/, /mu/ etc.) instead of scrolling the board list from the dropdown when?
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I love how you can tell the edit was made in GIMP
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That's the first thing i thought as well.
>3G Tor nodes on Pigeons

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Name them.
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Define the degree of complexity

In terms of heating, performance and durability, should i get a RX560 2GB (Gigabyte) or a GTX1050 2GB (EVGA)?

I know those cards are very similiar, but witch one would last more? My country is very warm.

They also have the same price and my CPU is an FX6300.
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also similar question - not op
i have an fx 6350 and i was wondering if it would bottleneck a 1060 6gb at all
Get a 1050Ti. Better bang for the buck, also you get 4GB of VRAM which is a minimum these days.

The whole FX lineup will probably bottleneck these GPUs in recent titles.
i can only get the 2GB versions right now, the 1050 is still the best option?

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who is going to update the linux operating system when he dies?
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Steve Wozniak, and then Lennart Poettering, in that order.
Everything in the world is just going to get worse, isn't it.
RMS is irreplaceable, but when the day comes, hopefully in the distant future....
I hope they can find somebody gnu.

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Hey /g/, sorry if this isnt the right place to post this.
My PC has started to crash a lot. Basically I get a black screen all the sudden, and then a churning or whatever low voice from the speakers. It leaves me with no option but to kill the PC from the power switch button, and then reboot.

I have the driver booster program installed, it says all my drivers are fine. Pic related is my specs. The build is still quite new, 2 years old or so. I have no security problems, so no viruses etc. Temperatures should be all fine, speccy says so. Also, crashes happen when the PC has just been started, meaning it hasnt had time to warm up too much.
The PC has pretty much always been doing this to an extent, when a semi friend of mine built this and I got home, it crashed the first time. It was less frequent back then, and I did pretty much nothing. Now it's way more frequent.
Any idea what I could try to fix this?
Heres additional info; it most certainly happens now if I try to play a video game that requires some power, dota 2 on good settings for example.
Also, the mouse and keyboard sometimes do not work, and I have to boot again for them to work properly. Meaning they just light up when I first start the PC, then lose power and do nothing. This is another indicator that all of this may be a hardware problem?

Any help would be nice!
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>driver booster
uninstall that one
on a fresh install, people I consider human beings use drp.su 16 or older, offline version

try running prime95 for at least 24 hours & memtest86 until it finishes
also try some gpu related benchmark programs
i can sense a strong ghostly presence from that image, i would advise you to hire an exorcist immediately.
Thanks. Will do the prime95 and memtest tomorrow, it's late. Will report back.

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From the Brave github page. Firecucks and Chrome shills BTFO.

>All unencrypted (HTTP) connections are blocked by default, preventing attacks from malicious exit nodes.
>Javascript is disabled and fingerprinting protection is enabled by default.
>Each TPB tab uses a separate Tor circuit for requests originating from the webview in the tab. Requests originating from the main process related to TPB tabs (ex: URL bar search queries, favicon fetches, maybe websocket requests) should either go through a new Tor circuit or be blocked.
>No browsing data from TPB tabs should be written to disk.
>TPB tabs should not inherit state from regular tabs or vice-versa. This includes cookies, localStorage, cache, HSTS, etc.
>Browsing in regular tabs should not be affected, performance-wise.
>Plugins, extensions, and Brave Sync will not be runnable.

Can you imagine this?
>Browsing in regular tabs should not be affected, performance-wise.

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>being that one single moron on the entire Tor network who uses Brave instead of the modified Firefox
I'm sure you'll be fine
>fingerprinting protection
gonna need moar info on that one
It's all in early development so not a lot of info at this point. Still great that they're considering this. Also >>62103033 one of their main devs works with the EFF and the Tor project so I'm sure there won't be major privacy issues.

>keeps getting fucked in the ass by <company name>
>keeps using <company name> products

I never understood this mentality.

I used Windows for over two decades, but the Windows 10 bullshit was unacceptable and I switched over to Linux. Even if I didn't like Linux, maybe I would have switched over to MacOS on a hackintosh. When I had a Sony minidisc player, I hated that I had to use SonicStage just to fucking transfer some songs (which also had to be converted). After that, I decided I would never use a device that required special software just to transfer files. This is also partly why I never bought an iPod or iPhone.
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Nice blog fag. Surprised you didn't share your opinion of the last Game of Thrones episode you fucking sack slurper.
atrax was god tier faggot

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i'm taking a linux fundamentals class

we are doing literally everything in windows with a linux vm

I'm also taking an A+ hardware course and the PCs we have to work on are fucking proprietary dell pcs with fucking BTX motherboards

why are instructors retarded
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Feels good to learn python at school on Debian with only open sources softwares.
Yeah, our instructor said we were using redhat before, but the license expired and they stopped giving them out to schools for free

now we're using centOS
A bit unrelated, but I always found this attitude a bit strange:
"The license expired"
As if the license had a mind of it's own and just decided to expire out of blue. When in reality from even before somebody bought that license the terms were absolutely clear: valid for X years.
So what irks me is that people buy licenses without a) knowing if they will renew the license in the future, and b) having any idea if they will be able to pay the fees in the future. Why are they so shortsighted?

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