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Where did /g/ first learn penetration testing? All I can ever find are uninformative written documents, videos that don't explain shit(just use the tools and play retarded music in the background while you hear them breath on their mic like a fucking greasy sub human gorilla manchild) YouTube videos by Indians who can barely speak English that are impossible to understand. I'm guessing all hackers start out as script kiddies... then when they get familiar with the how the tools work they can build their own...
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on your mom
Hey.. if your info fucking corpses be my gest vergina :D
If you watch video to learn coding you're lost.

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are there any softwares that you could boot on a flashdrive that'll work on a tv usb port?
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I think most tv's only support mpeg4 files
Sorry, i was wrong, only mpeg1 or 2
install gentoo

What's the current state of QUIC? Will it deprecate TCP soon? When will the final RFC come out? Have you enabled QUIC in your browser?
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Sounds interesting
>As a result, I expect QUIC to largely displace TCP, even as QUIC provides any/all technology suggestions for incorporation into TCP. TCP is routinely implemented in the kernel, which makes evolutionary steps take 5-15 years (including market penetration!… not to mention battles with middle-boxes), while QUIC can evolve in the course of weeks or months.

t. Google
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>replacing TCP with UDP

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>year of our lord 2017
>4chan still doesnt support webp
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Guess 4chan has a fetish for supporting rotting corpses. Webp would not only replace jpg but png and gif too.
>4chan supports VP8 WEBM
>4chan doesn't support VP9 WEBM
>VP9 has lossless encoding
I want something to kill GIF, please. AV1 can't come soon enough.

Does lossy WEBP have generation loss? I'm afraid of unifying PNG with JPEG.
tell me more tell me more

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How tf do i convert a webm to mp4 pls help
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It's piss easy to convert

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>current year
>hasn't installed trisquel
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What even is trisquel?
What's taking them so long to put out a new release?
Fuck off Richard it's called "Linux"

I have a few sites that use reCAPTCHA and I want to use something else but I can't find anything that's up to par. I know a lot of you dislike reCAPTCHA on 4chan, what would you guys prefer instead?
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nothing, captcha is shit.
if you fear spam or some shit like that, implement a detection for spam and then throw some shitty js only recaptcha.
the old fashioned one where you type a bunch of distorted letters in the box.

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Have any of you cunts tried blackarch yet? Is it better in your opinion than kali? What are is pros/cons in relation to other penetration testing operating systems?
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Heard it's good, haven't tried. Is there a liveUSB image i can use?
This is where I downloaded the live ISO. It can be installed over arch Linux or (I prefer this) installed onto a USB
i think I'll go the route of burning the ISO and making a persistent home partition. Thanks!

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so what is your bitcoin wallet /g/?
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Used to be coinbase, until I forgot my pass and I realized just how shitty their fucking customer support is.
Mycelium in the meantime

Installing KDE.
What should I expect?
What are good settings?
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I just made this pic for you senpai uwu
KDE is a bloated mess, just like GNOME.

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>he doesn't clean his glasses, monitor and tv screens with a microfiber towel
Enjoy your scratches
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>having such a shitty monitor it gets scratched by regular towels.

Fuck, I have an acer monitor that was $200 and it has no scratches after 3 years.
>glasses get scratched
>get a new pair because my work pays for them
>monitor gets scratched
>get a new one because it belongs to work
What now, faggot?
How do you even get scratches on a monitor without being a absolute retarded?

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hey gents, I am starting a new IT job for my university. We will only deal with faculty and staff, no students. Not my first job, but first in IT.
pic not related.
>Tips / tricks / comments / concerns?
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sounds exactly like what I did

a little IT support and coding and mantaining the faculty websites and servers

sounds comfy. Any tips you'd have on moving up or extracting more experience out of the job? I'm going to be here for the next two years finishing my BSME.


We wired now.
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in the /g/ version, the user should endure such torture as using a second hand thinkpad, rice their desktops with minimalist anime wallpapers, getting into private trackers and other /g/ things, ultimately installing gentoo.
These kids wanted to die regardless. There will always be kids commiting suicide, it's a sad fact of life that won't go away anytime soon.

I personally tried to OD on sleeping pills as a teenager when I was abused by my mom and barely got sleep every night since my mom and dad found it their favorite time to argue and break dishes.

Anyway I was put in a mental hospital for a few years and then got my GED and a job as a painter. I have never tried or will try to make contact with my parents for as long as I live.
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Shit like that makes me posting blue whale too.

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Opera 12.15.png
94KB, 1154x811px
Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/prestocore-fan/presto (Mirrored at https://git.teknik.io/Zero3K/presto)
Patches: https://github.com/PrestoXen/openopera-patches
Issue Tracker: https://github.com/PrestoXen/openopera-issues/issues
IRC Channel: #openopera on crowley.anonnet.org:6697 (via a SSL connection)
Webchat: http://site.anonnet.org/webirc/openopera
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WV9s9uw
Forum: http://forum.timsky.ru
Custom 32-bit Build (with Patches applied): https://u.teknik.io/wLUu9.zip
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Any news regarding the integration of a newer libvpx into it?

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If I install Linux Mint, disable the Mint repository in sources.list, and dist-upgrade using the latest Ubuntu release, don't I basically have Ubuntu with a less shit desktop?
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Install ubuntu and add the mint repository.
Ubuntu with a better DE.
Are you really so lazy you can't just install something else like Xubuntu? Or is it REALLY HARD to put an "x" before Ubuntu?
I said less shit, not it has an X before it so it's more hackery.

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