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Ok so I am on Telstra NBN and I keep getting 403 when I try to access any 4 chan board. I am currently tethering my phone to my laptop. It's also Telstra but it works. Had the same thing happening last night but sometimes it would work. Anyone know what the fuck is going on?
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what isp?

Try googles DNS
Telstra is the isp already have google as the dns but I don't have access to the router. I can get the login off my housemate but he already checked shit last night
also my housemate was bitching about reddit not working for him either last night so I dunno what the fuck is going on

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If neural networks are a meme then what should I study?
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> If neural networks are a meme
They are not. Big data, deep learning and other bullshit buzzword memes like that are though.
but deep learning is neural networks anon
it is just not something new, only processing power recently reaching the point where it is possible.
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i am more interested on a cat

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1990s WIRED magazine was vapory.
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Haha you guys don't realize that Intel's 18core processor is better than AMD's Threadripper 16core because it's $1,000 more!

Haha AMD BTFO big time
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Testing the socket melting capabilities of these chips will be interesting.
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I legitimately thought Intel would design a new socket for the 16 and 18 core chips. Existing motherboards are literally melting under the power draw of 10 core chips. This is 80% more chip, per chip.
Overclocking is not supported!

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So I bought this meme and have been using a 3DS XL case to carry it in my bag.
I am looking for a lightweight way to carry my GPD around (like a camera bag) that can fit a big portable battery and a couple of wires/USBs any recommendations?
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install gentoo
install arch
install macOS.

None of you can even point out exact details and statistics on what Windows sends to Microsoft
You all cry muh botnet but can't prove any of you privacy was violated can you?
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I'm scared and I don't want them to see the things I have.
We... They dont care about your fetishes

In fact OneDrive is a great place to store porn
We can. People have done packet sniffing, as well as other outgoing traffic testing. On top of that Microsoft released a document which says what they are (legally) collecting. Which is a lot. Keep in mind that Microsoft owns a bunch of other services too, like LinkedIn. (And can partner with any in the future) and just link your browsing habits, documents, pictures, etc. to your career, and potentially more of your profiles.

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Linux file management is easier than Windows. I love using an ncurses file manager.
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all of them lag like a motherfucker for some reason.
>hacking the art of exploitation

so tihs is the power of linux
that's not Midnight Commander

Is it very useful? What are your opinions on it?
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It's good. Useful language with intelligent syntax. Like c# better though.
it is indeed very usefull
the best thing is the wide availability of libraries and learning resources
It's fine. You end up writing more code than in other languages but it's fairly explicit and good for projects with large teams.

I just learned swift and really like it. It's strongly typed and catches most problems at compile time so good for large teams but you also write much less code than Java.

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Lol XDDDD so eckspensive have an upbloat! :D
Why not gp100 sli?

Show them your GUTS
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what case?
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jelly of your case op, nice build.
Here is some natual lighting

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Ok what the fuck

What do I put on my phone, or what phone do I get?

I want to use as few things google has made or touched as possible
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get a phone that Plasma supports
why are the people who make these images so stupid. the idea and design is on point, but the actual text is retarded.
>freedom is offensive
lmao, what was wrong with
>freedom is slavery

was this made by some 15yo /pol/ shitter? if you can't use words, ask /lit/
there is no such thing as ethical consumption under Capitalism

>I already mastered 4 languages and I'm currently learning Java
>That's so cool anon, I went to Bali during last spring break but besides English I can only speak French and a little Spanish, maybe next time I visit you can translate for me
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If this girl puts on any more foundation the city is gonna zone her as commercial property.
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rejoice. with that much foundation you could build a skyscraper

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>Does thing

The rest of the industry:
>”You can’t [do thing]! Buy our product, it [does old thing] still.”

1-5 years pass
>Apple thing becomes standard

Rinse and repeat
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This. But only with the bad things Apple does that are easily achievable.

>iPhone has no mSD card slot
>other brands release flagship phones without mSD slot
People don’t buy iPhones because they don’t have an mSD slot, they buy it in spite of having one.

>MacBooks have soldered on RAM and SSDs
>A lot of Apple’s devices are glued together
>Microsoft releases laptop that is glued together and has it’s storage soldered in
>Does kike things to shit out the cheapest made overpriced pile of shit they can

The rest of the industry:
>"Oh, we should fuck over consumers and try to cut corners that way too."

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What's /g/'s opinion on RFID chips?
Do you believe that they provide any special benefits?
Would you ever get one?
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there's so little things out there that interact with them that putting one inside your body would be a resoundingly stupid idea.
this is a pretty sad post. I guess /g/ really is all about consumer electronics nowadays.
Perhaps it might have more uses in the future; would you consider getting it then?

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/g/ is Bitcoin a safe/secretive method through which you can obtain illegal stuff and be safe that no one will be able to find the records of you purchasing it?
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you are the brazilian retard that blamed protonmail for ''leaking'' your email because you were buying drugs from reddit aren't you
Yea thats me!
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>not OP

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