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Post bags you use to get your laptop, tablet, and etc. around.

Starting college for Electrical Engineering has me carrying a bunch of shit.

Currently debating on getting the Thule Paramount 24L Daypack (pic related) or the Incase Icon Pack, not the slim one but full sized.
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I use pic related, got it a month ago, and I must say I'm pretty satisfied with it.
Military backpack. Good capacity, good quality and only cost 35€. I wouldn't use neither of those previous bags because they look to be lacking pockets.
Where to acquire a decent surplus one?

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I've heard so much about how good lambda-calculus is. Where the fuck do I actually go to code in it?

It is mostly just used in functional languages, or can I code in it directly?
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Lambda calculus is a mathematical model of computation. It's equivalent to turing machines. So this isn't realy a language you can write programms in if that what your interested in (although there are probably interpreters that allow you to evaluate some lambda expresions).

I think that LISP was based on lambda calculus (as far as syntex goes at least) so you might be interested in that.
Now can you explain Turing machines please
There also a mathematical model of computation. Just check wikipedia on the subject.

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Post your cats
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>applefags BTFO
They are all in my Tumblr
S5 is stuck on marshmallow, can haven't figured out that rom to use

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I've had iphones for the last decade, finally moved over to the android master race yesterday

what can I do on an android that I can't on the iphone/what have I been missing out on
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torrent and install pajeet roms
you can install programs outside an app-store. For example, bitcoin wallets.
install gentoo on it

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so elon musk revealed the first full picture of his space suit

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my honest thoughts? space isn't real
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looks like pajamas
yet again Elon Musk memes people into buying his shitty ideas thru a cult of personality on reddit
does it explode too?

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hey guys ive been thinking about how cool the foo fighters are and like the name and stuff. mostly since i just started javascript programming (installing linux too, still doing research on the repracutions) and i was reading about linuxs history and how important programmers are to it. i know in javascript programming sometimes we use foo and bar as variable names so people know theyre not real. it would be cool if the foo fighters could name one of their albums "bar" so maybe they could have it on the cover like:


idk im not a designer but it would be a nice hode to programming. maybe even put a penguin sticker on daves guitar. idk they seem like a really cool band that would do something like this. does anyone know how we could try to reach them? have there been any other programming references in pop culture and how did that work out?
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ill sketch some album art
sick cant wait
I'll do the logo

Holy shit how fucking delusional Apple Fags are? Seriously they can't get any lower than this

>"A deluded Alabama man who “married” his MacBook computer is suing state officials for refusing to recognize the nuptials."

>"Chris Sevier, who “married an object in New Mexico with female-like features,” said Blount County Probate Judge Chris Green “arbitrarily denied” his request for a new marriage license because Green found his relationship to be “morally repugnant,” according to his federal lawsuit."

>"The self-described “machinist” has filed multiple lawsuits involving his blushing computer bride, including one that sought to force a baker to make a wedding cake for the odd couple."

>"The cyber nut, a former attorney who lives Oneonta, filed his latest suit on behalf of a trio of polygamists who also want their marriage to each other recognized by the state of Alabama."

What timeline is this. Is this the absolute state of Apple fags?

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Kill yourself mobilefag
As expected of Alabama Man.

>"The self-described “machinist” has filed multiple lawsuits involving his blushing computer bride, including one that sought to force a baker to make a wedding cake for the odd couple."

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I've been wanting to upgrade from my old haswell build to a newer ryzen build, however when doing research about builds and whatnot this


has sort of turned me off of it. I'm a long time Windows user, currently on (and loving) W7, however this news is not just disheartening, it feels like a stab in the gut. I hate W10 and 8 with a passion, and I'm not using them. So, keeping in mind that I've never used linux, what are some good linux alternatives to Windows 7? And before you tell me to JFGI, I have and have found some things I like, however I want to hear your say on it.
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Is there anything you need to know about my PC that would help? Or maybe what I intend to do with it? I play a lot of video games, mostly from GOG and Steam but a lot emulated too. Most of the programs I use on the day-to-day are free, except for Discord. I know, I know, but it's what my friends use and I like the layout.
I've seen this advocated on here QUITE a lot, but I've never researched it much. What separates Gentoo from other distros such as (ones I have been looking into) Mint Cinnamon and Sparky?

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> when someone goes to a site by going through google first in front of you
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i dont have autism so i dont share this feeling. Sorry OP

Good luck on your thread though
>when someone goes to google through google
I've seen a university professor do this

>open browser
>home page is not google
>mindlessly confused
>type "google" into address bar
>this opens a google search for google
>click the first link to google
>now search for the desired website
>it was as easy as desiredwebsite.com

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so there's no way in hell all the data that we feed into google captcha isn't being sent somewhere, right?
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its helps their machine learning shit, which is why it went from ocr'd books to fucking cars/signs
>shut it down, the goyim know
who is this asian alex jones guy?

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Forth is the arch linux of programming languages. Why include the bloat of c?
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I would think that using a distro like arch is superior and therefore using a programming language which is similar to arch in design philosophy is superior.
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Autistics are naturally drawn to arch linux because of it's minimalism and since forth is the most minimal programming language then autistics should be drawn to that as well.
I mean these basement guys have got to have the most extreme minimal stuff otherwise they can not say that they are truly 1337

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Whats a good filebrowser for linux?

Normally I just use the CLI but once in a while it's nice to have a GUI browser for photos and stuff like that.

Thunar is kinda budget so wondering if anyone has any better recommendations.
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I like Thunar because it has an address bar which you can type in. It's easier to jump to the hidden folders when you can just type the name. I don't want to keep them shown at all times. Some file browsers only have buttons for the path which may be fast for normal use but not for hidden folders.

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>want to get an eReader but the selection is shit
>"I know, I'll just wait a few years until the industry gets its shit together"
>fast forward to today
>nothing changed


Anyone else waiting for shit here?
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? The paperwhite 3 is literally a perfect e-reader, assuming this one doesn't break I'll never need to buy another one. What more could you want?
>paperwhite 3: good screen contrast long battery life, backlit screen, high resolution.
Seriously the papewhite (1 and 2 also) recived 9/10 star reviews (or close to that score). What more do you want from a device that should have only one purpose (to read books on the device) OP?
If you actually want an eReader that you can do shit with, get an Onyx BOOX n96. Runs android so you can install different readers, browse the web, get kindle books that you bought(or not) read epub AND it has a pen that allows you to mark up your documents/books. Oh and a backlight.

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>at shitty local community college studying webdev
>parents pay for it and I don't have anything better to do so I take it
>test where we can use class activities as reference
>test is a MVC CRUD webapp in JSP with for a given SQL schema as always
>everyone just copies and pastes and changes stuff as needed from the past class activities
>I'm smarter than everyone else, so I make a skeleton project with everything from the base model classes, the servlet controller and the HTML forms, fill and refactor as needed
>finish test in 20 minutes while everyone takes 2 hours
>next week
>teacher wants to speak to me
>"Anon we noticed you cheated in the test"
>what? I did not
>"yes you did, you brought the test assignment half done from home"
>but doesn't everyone just do the same? The test assignments are always extremely similar to class activities and everyone just copies and pastes from past projects, and you always have always been cool with that. What's the real difference between copying and pasting during the test or just doing it at home and bring it half done?"
>"no anon blah blah blah, that isn't allowed, you cheated and your score will be 0"

I appealed to the academic director last Friday and I'm waiting for my response this Monday. Am I really that wrong? If they cared that much they wouldn't allow copy and pasting.
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Of course that's cheating, are you retarded?
What they did was worse than what you did for sure. I think the trouble is that they couldn't know you did it all from the start if you brought it in partially done.
If the test was about copying and pasting it would be cheating, but it's about web development and I completed the work accordingly.

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Gentoo founder.png
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>Founder of Gentoo uses Windows 7 and OSX
>Python is his primary language

Where were you when your God died?
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Install Windows 7.
>Uses Chrome
isn't portage written in python?

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