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So, I traded some equipment and cash with a buddy of mine for this 10 year old 2950 server and a large Dell 21" monitor about a year ago. I had planned on using it as a test bench to learn how to work with Windows server and ESXi but I never got around to it.

Now, I moved into a new place with my fiance and we don't really have the room for the server (I'm keeping the monitor for my desktop). We are also nervous about the electric bill with those dual 750W PSUs.

What should I do with it? It came with a couple licenses and installer discs for I think Win Server 2003 and 2008 R2. It has 5x 300GB 10k RPM SAS drives and I upgraded the memory to 128GB of ECC DDR2.

is it worth selling? Would I get anything for it? It's pretty old, I think from 2008.
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Man, it's scary how fast such hardware goes from tens of thousands to a few bucks.
My local sales site is full of old server hardware, Poweredge like that go for 30 bucks with racks for slightly more. If you bother, you can even pick up one for free from behind places they where used.
Virtualise it, then do whatever you want - replace onedrive/dropbox with it, make a mail server, etc. 2nd PSU is for redundancy, it won't take 1500W. Also, wattage depends from the load you give.

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OP is a faggot.
Tweet notch. He should help you.
You have to pay to play that "game"? Lol

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Taking a trip to San Francisco, what are some cool tech-related things I should do/see while there /g/?
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Check out all the homeless people in the tenderloin.
this, it's not in San Francisco though. There's a fucking cool arcade on the pier with old arcade games and automata.

the exploratorium is cool too. I mean it's mostly for kids, but if anyone asks, just say you're a teacher or something about education.

also, if you wait long enough on the Golden Gate Bridge, you'll eventually see someone commit suicide.

Also check out all the facebook employees living in absolutely shit conditions in tenderloin but still paying $2000 a month rent.

well /g/?
You're not a loser with STRINGS are you?
Don't you want to be like Karlie?
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I have the Jaybird Freedom. Why would I go for the Beats?
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>Don't you want to be like Karlie?
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>>turning on bluetooth so that you can be tracked with sub-meter level accuracy IRL

I have 1gbps internet and these piece of shit "commercial grade" routers can't even sustain full gigabit speeds. Has anyone here fallen for the Ubiquiti meme ?

my piece of shit ISP supplied NetComm does faster speeds than this. Tried both the USG and Edgerouter X.
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>Edgerouter X
Was this named by a 14 year old?
Did you enable hardware NAT?

I too have 1gbps internet, and all the ubiquiti products are fine at these speeds assuming you've configured them correctly.

well it's an edge router, what else would you expect them to call it?

xX 2Edgy4U xX

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quick question
i was wondering with all the recent google shenanigans what browser you guys suggest i switch to. i honestly have no idea whats out there besides IE, firefox, and safari so its uncharted territory for me
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Don't listen to the crazies here. Chrome is just fine. Literally nothing wrong with it.

Don't let the paid anti-Google shills tell you otherwise.
Most people switch browsers based off a social preference of moral highgrounding and convincing themselves they are socially aware.

In reality it doesn't make a difference and in terms of speed you're probably better off just using the current chrome or firefox distribution.
well i have been wanting to switch from chrome for a while and i figured this was the perfect excuse

main reason i wanted to ask was to see if guys here knew of a better/faster/more reliable browser than firefox

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I won a tablet with Windows 10 on it in a competition.

My god, it's so awful. You can't do anything without signing in to some account or another and it asks for payment for even the most basic stuff. Every time it starts up it goes back into "tablet mode" even though I keep setting it to desktop mode. There's no pen and using fingers for everything is so imprecise. It only has one tiny USB port so I can't connect a mouse and a keyboard at the same time.

Am I a luddite or do Windows 10 tablets suck ass?
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Yeah, you're retarded.
T. Windows10 user
Windows 10 is garbage yeah
Any tech you win for free is most likely the shittiest of shit.

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* are technology edition

Sick of spammy gamer topics?
Dont care about watches, backpacks, pocket knives, temple os and mpv spam?

we have the technology, we can filter out the noise
Filters are available in the catalog page, no extensions necessary

share your filters, comment on the tastes of others, suggest other cancers requiring filtration, etc.
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muh women.png
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cull the diversity threads next
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added Kloss, and a few more gaymer and consumer generals
I wish there were a way to filter frogposters
The meme died months ago. Now I cringe whenever I see one one

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About 20" square inches in size and about 67 lbs heavy, any of you got any experience that could help me out?

I got offered one that still has nice colors for about 7 dollars, the guy really wants to get rid of the fat boy. I want one because I study electrical engineering and am a fan of the tech.
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Smuggle it inside your asshole.
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Pick it up
Get on bus
Get home
I have no idea how heavy 67 pounds is though. Is it a lot? Is it a little? I mean I really don't wanna drop it.

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hey niggers jujst taking a programming class with java and i need to print out a list of even numbers between 1 and 100 and i dont have a fucking clue lmao

i dunno what the fuck to do i didnt go to class cos ive been parting nonstop lol

so i dunno maybe i should just say print 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 til 100 and get full marks lmao

but i guess professor dude wants a fancy way hahaha

so what iguess it's like start at 1, add 2 then continue til 100? but you have to do it in the pgramming way hahaha
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You gotta go back.
Are you retarded? Get off this board
look up MODULO on google
if you still can't solve it, an hero

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Post your useful shell utilities, aliases and functions.
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rm -rf /home/
sudo rm rf xddddd

Listen everyone, I used to be a basement dwelling autistic child just like you!

But then I made a gorillion dollars off of coding and founded my own space company!

-Coked up businessman, 2017
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Just watch the free video and get started now, you just need to know the proven steps
Fuck yall nighas for shit talking THE KING, THE MESSIAH
He's a businessman who knows his audience well

just look at these disgusting autists
>hurr durr Michael Cera hehhee


>These are the type of people who follow Elon Musk

>first computer programmer was a woman

Hahaha /g/ BTFO
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They were mostly women back in the day, because being a programmer was literally nothing but translating a scientist's words to machine code. Literally a translator and nothing to do with logic / maths. Patriarchy btfo amirite
Fuck off, Ada is a bro. Feminists using her as a symbol to push politics in a purely technical field is a goddamn tragedy.

/g/ is more like Babbage and his delusions of grandeur fueled by memes anyhow.

VLC vs MX Player
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shit vs literally who
>normieshit vs literally who for non-Android users
Mx but its an older copy with updates turned off

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Why doesnt anybody make a version of ChromiumOS to work with linux programs?
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install gentoo

are you retarded?
How so?

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