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Are sound cards a meme?

>recently upgraded mobo/CPU
>had shitty mobo with basic sound
>new mobo has on paper much better sound hardware
>notice slight increase in quality

They seem like a gigantic meme
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No fucking duh unless you need one for a job or you don't have onboard sound there isn't much of a point
I feel like people who make these "is X a meme" thread are just butthurt they're too poor to afford what ever the thread is about so they make the thread hoping to feel better.
Why not just get a USB sound card?

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>kali linux

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Anyone have experience running a forum, and has advice about it? Or know sites with good tech/legal/community management advice?

I have a hobby that doesn't fit here, and don't want to use reddit/8ch/voat.

Kind of scared about legal troubles from copyright, trolls posting CP, etc. Also worries how much it will cost.
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what's your hobby anon?
Probably mylittle pony vagina collection.
What's your problem with 8ch?

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What torrenting software do you use, /g?
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Yea jew, not everybody is a richfag

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I have an S7, ama
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What's your daily average dick intake? What are you doing to improve?

Ask your dad, faget
He said you should show more enthusiasm.

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>(almost) all men
>requires no degree
>can leave you with debilitating health problems (carpal tunnel)
story checks out.
not if they keep outsourcing to pajeet it's not
we UNION now

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Why should I use C++ over C for hobbyist programming?
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For hobbyist, stick with Java or C#.
Or with C, if you want 'muh memory management'.
C++ provides much, much more possibilities, but they sometimes are really complicated and need really good practice.
just use python, brainlet.
if you're hobbyist, use this. package management is really nice and you can use stuff you write on linux, windows or mac.

What programms do I need to become as good as him?
I run Windows.
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Turn your PC off, go outside
lol no :D
You need an ephemeral port on your ISP's backbone, LANGuardian, and the most powerful computer you've ever heard of.

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Let's study hard so we can succeed! edition.

Previous thread: >>62217857

What are you working on /g/?
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https://danluu.com/programming-books/ :)
If you want to talk more in real-time, we also have a new Discord Server:
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I love Curly Braces

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my desktop (ubuntu/windows 7) sometimes (often) boots with no display (no signal to monitors). could this be a gpu issue? nvidia gtx 960.
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also happens when logging off in w7 or running some commands like xrandr and nvidia-settings or nvidia-smi
and i always have to reboot by either holding the power button for a few seconds or flipping the psu switch. reset button on case doesn't work (usually does).
dead gpu or maybe motherboard?

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Why is firefox on GNU/Linux complete shit now?
>Used to have no performance issues with 200-300 tabs open
>Firefox constantly lags and freezes now if I have more than 20 tabs open
What the fuck did they do?
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It's weird how porn stars are starting to get roid guts these days from HGH overuse.
Current version (55) runs good for me. But won't be long before they screw it up again.
That's odd, I'm running 55.2 and it's had constant performance issues

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Can you hack a vending machine?
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It's as big as your mommy, so yes, I can.
Yeah just uplug it
give it back, jamal

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CS major here
where to study the basics and data structure thoroughly? my class textbooks are some shit..
what textbook should i buy? /g/ wiki page book links are ded
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>sign up for Facebook
>No recommended friends are people I know
>No information they guess about me is correct
>tfw off-the-radar
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>facebook starts recommending you alt-right things and/or groups linked to 4chan and furries
I lol'd good at this
Facebook don't care who you are.
They care about the brand of toothpaste you use and how to make you buy more of it.

Can anyone make sense of these errors? Trying to revive this old Z8300 tablet and it's reporting all these weird partitions that I can't remove.
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Bump, someone help me out here. I just want to wipe the memory entirely but nothing seems to work.

Format with fdisk/gdisk. Then install a new Operating System other than Mac.
Thanks, I'm trying to zero the drive right now with sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0 the weird part is that gparted shows sda2 as having 30GB of unallocated space, the tablets internal mem was 32gb and the live usb is only 8GB, could it be reporting the wrong drives?

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