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Ok, so I took the time to learn FreeBSD and OpenBSD. They seem like good OSes to run on a machine that performs very specific tasks very performantly, with uptime being crucial.

So... what thing of significance would I actually MAKE with either of these OSes now? I'm not an idea man. "Make a custom router, lol" and "build a NAS" have already been done a billion times.

Picture unrelated.
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> Please tell me what to do with an operating system.
>What do i do with my computer!?!??

idk lol what do u do with ur other computers
a thread died for this

Could /g/ please explain to me why DRM is being compiled into my kernel?
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It's never-ending...
Did you try installing gentoo?
I literally am

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>using winrar
Why use WinRAR when 7-Zip exists?
>Not using a cracked version.

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Hey bros just got this for free. It has 4GB of RAM, just bought a 250GB SSD.

Where can I get 16GB of cheap RAM for this?
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Give it back, Tyrone
Give it back Jamal.
Make sure the RAM isn't soldered on first.
Most new mackbooks are non-upgradeable.

Also, RAM is expensive as fuck right now. Prices have doubled and nearly trippled since last December.

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What does /g/ use for remote desktop access? Pic related, it's my current solution.
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Technologically, Teamviewer is top of class, but its commercial use detection makes it unreliable unless you buy it.
Tigervnc supports OpenGL and VirtualGL if you like remote opengl rendering, Nomachine is probably better for its network detection and streaming codec options.

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My little brother (15) has taken an interest at computer, aside from gaming. He wants to learn but I really don't know shit about this and don't really know where to get him started. I had hoped he would learn something in his robotic class this year but he got expelled for bad behavior and the new school has no such programs.

I thought of subscribing to an online course from Udemy, teaching how to make games ftom Unreal engine 4:


He would learn at the same time of having fun (instead of wasting hours on Minecraft).

What's your opinion about this class? Any other suggestion?
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>My little brother (15)
Sure, anon. Come back in 3 years.
you're a good bro, bro. there are many YouTube tutorials on UE4. maybe have him watch some of them to see if he shows interest. also, there are other engines that are not as intimidating as UE4. the key will be to keep it interesting for him and see if it sparks his curiosity enough to stick with it. there are torrents to be found with courses on UE4, including development content, videos, and even a precompiled version of UE4. I have all of these. Don't discount engines like Unity, it is very capable. if he has a Steam account with some games, he can use Valve's Hammer Editor and edit maps from his own games, or download and edit other users maps and modify them.

keep being a good bro, bro.
holy fucking shit, thats worse than aliexpress links. pls go back

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Rate non-managing IT proffessions. Here's my opinion:

God tier:
Malware Reverse Engineer, Hardware architect, Algorithm developer, Kernel/OS Engineer, R&D

High tier:
Security researcher, Data Scientist, Backend developer, low-level developer, Devops, Full Stack Developer, BI consultant

Mid tier:
Sysadmin, Netadmin, Mobile/frontend web developer, SOC analyst

Low tier:
PC/Networking technician, Helpdesk, NOC/Operations, QA, Webmaster

Shit tier:
Sales, Tech support for a specific company's product/application, PC shop clerk, Indian outsourced slave
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Just curious, whats the difference between R&D and a data scientist?

>web developer same tier as sysadmin
Why do you think this is wrong?

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from guru3d :

Well, that was bound to happen. Inno3D is the first manufacturer to warn cryptocurrency coin-miners that they are possible voiding the warranty on their cards. See, graphics cards are not design to do full load 24/7/365, and that is exactly what miners are doing.

We're pretty sure that the RMA return rates have gone up ever since the mining hype started. Inno3D is the first to issue a warning. Thing is though, if a card breaks down after all that abuse, how would Inno3D ever figure out that it was used for mining?

It brings up the question, what is the lifespan of a graphics card with normal usage? I had this discussion once with folks from Nvidia, and in their believe with pretty hefty daily gaming that would average out roughly at 5 years. At one point the GPU will start leaking. If you place that 5 years into perspective compared to what miner are doing with them, I dunno maybe the cards are bound to die after a year or less?

> I had this discussion once with folks from Nvidia, and in their believe with pretty hefty daily gaming that would average out roughly at 5 years. At one point the GPU will start leaking.

> At one point the GPU will start leaking.
> leaking

what did they mean by this ?
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I was about to post something very informative but noticed you posted the gay nigger frog. This meme is very forced and is now recognized as a symbol of homosexuality by most. It's no better than furryposting now

Anyway I hope you have a horrible day and get throat cancer.
I like that frog, so I save it for future use.
I don't know what to say about your news, since I don't mine with my 750 TI OC.
Nice frogi, keep em coming.
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I wish you were dead frog in pic related.

Also homosexuality is a sin so enjoy burning in hell forever you sick fuck.

Sup with iridium?
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It says right fucking there in the error message that their SSL certificate expired
check ur clock

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Name ONE (1) reason i should use a private tracker.
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well good private trackers usually have other things than the garbage you watch
>private trackers usually have other things than the garbage you watch
Like what?
find me a torrent for I'm the Elephant, U Are the Mouse thanks

So long story short I submitted an application to sys-admin/data center job with a "notable" yet not to be named government intelligence agency. I did it because why the fuck not and partly for shits and giggles because what the hell could go wrong?
It was all fun and games until "shits and giggles" called me just an hour ago. They want to setup an interview on monday and I'm fucked!
I'm having a panic attack here, I don't know jack shit about networking

What the fuck am I going to do? I'm having a full on panic attack here! I don't know jack shit about networking outside of the barebone basics and my computer knowledge is just hardware based like building your own PC A+ cert bullshit and basically the shit you pick up here on /g/. Their going to run me through a fucking security clearance and poly find out i'm a fraud (i put down my dad friends IT company as place I worked for to which he agreed to be my reference).
I'm going to be blacklisted probably and never be able to work even a private sector job let alone a .gov one if I drop the spaghetti on this.
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install gentoo
No reason to sperg out.
Tell them thanks for the interest but you have accepted another position.
this. you can still back out of the interview you fucking sperg.

How is she still the CEO of IBM?
How much longer will she last?
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is IBM still a thing? WTF
>How is she still the CEO of IBM?
No one is asking her to step down. Investors aren't upset with her decision to spin down IBM and focus on their few key areas.

>How much longer will she last?
She'll probably die at her desk.

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Does anyone use this email service? Is it any good and can it be trusted?
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>Does anyone use this email service?

>Is it any good

>can it be trusted?

Read their homepage, it flat out tells you to not trust the service and to use it at your own risk

Hello /g/!
So, Recently a friend of mine gave me this old toshiba satellite a100 laptop with no hdd, and i want to make it a ''browsing'' laptop mostly for visiting 4chan, social media etc. what linux should get for this laptop?
>inb4 install gentoo
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"Browsing" eh? Tails is great if you just want to run off of a USB.
Ubuntu LTS 14 should run well enough once you give it a hard drive.
Does it have a sata or pata hdd connector? If it has a pata connector: use a flashcard to pata 2.5" adapter and load xubuntu or lubuntu on the flashcard.
i'm pretty sure it uses an sata connector, i haven't checked tho.

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What does /g/ think of my rig?
What would you improve?
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i would buy a new GPU and monitor
its shit

Word, those were the only real things I was thinking about replacing. Thanks anon.

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