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What's currently the best web browser?
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The one that suits all your needs
Firefox Beta/Nightly.
Brave on phones.

My Gfs iphone got stolen a vhile ago. she put it under lost mode but didnt blocked it completly. Few month ago she got letter that her iphone was located in another part of the world. And today she got email that her phone was removed from "my device" or something and cannot be located by find my iphone anymore. Is it possible to block fone completly somehow or try to hack in to it and see whos that motherfucker who has it if you have imei number?
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Give it back Tyrone
Give it back Hatmaguptafratarinagarosterlous

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what the fuck is wrong with your hand?

What's the way to go.

Mini, mid or full tower?
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all the way, OP.
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Full then?
Don't give yourself limits full

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Talk about Terry and TempleOS in this thread.

For me, I want to know what book he reads from when he goes outside to meditate.
It seems profound and I want to read it too.
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where the FUCK can i get that shirt
someone here made it and sent it to him

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Why Linux is not popular among regular users?

Why nobody uses Linux besides developers and hobbists?

Why Linux has such a low market share?
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Because linux isn't for utter moron tech illiterate people. You have to know a little about computers to install it or even know it exists.
>Why Linux is not popular among regular users?
because its not 1-click install for everything

>Why nobody uses Linux besides developers and hobbists?
I am a developer and a hobbist. I don't use it since I want to do devving on my projects.

In Windows I will be devving 100% of the time.

In Linux it is 30% devving and 110% fighting with the OS while going on to Indiana Jones style treasure treks to track down that missing package that seemingly every single thing in my installation is dependant on, but along the voyage it turns out that this package was last updated at year 1743 AD and that it also depends on a package(that no one assed to include with it). Solving the mystery behind that package reveals that this package has never existed and people have just used a workaround where you have to pour olive oil into cooler fan at the 4th night of Friday in February in a 5-way intersection. For that incantation to work, one has to have released a FOSS project in the previous night at the same exact location. Also, this ritual is a little bit different for each possible distribution and the version of distribution of Linux.

>Why Linux has such a low market share?
I wonder why.

>Jealous pajeets btfo

>For years, chipmaker Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) has been iterating -- reasonably successfully, I might add -- on its processor architecture-branded Core.

>At a roughly annual clip, thanks to improvements in both chip design as well as chip manufacturing technology, Intel has delivered increased processor performance while keeping power consumption in check.

>However, in recent years, the advancements in processor performance have become somewhat uninspiring. There's only so much room for Intel to crank up the frequencies at which its processors operate and the amount of work that these chips can get done per clock cycle hasn't gone up by that much over the last several years.

>It would seem, based on a job listing on Intel's website, that Intel is looking to build a brand-new processor core to presumably deliver a more exciting leap in performance than it has been able to do over the last half-decade or so.

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>here's only so much room for Intel to crank up the frequencies at which its processors operate and the amount of work that these chips can get done per clock cycle hasn't gone up by that much over the last several years.

Yeah thats why this is happening.
>Intel creates itanium 2
>HP goes bankrupt
>AMD released new x86 extension with the same improved capabilities whilst maintaining backwards compatibility with their new EPYC-FU processors
>Intel bolts amd-FU extension on to repeat lake
>intel starts work on core4 architecture.

We're on the good timeline again.
>AMD btfo
What happened the last few times Intel tried to introduce a new architecture to beat competition?

>Itanium lol
>Bentium IV Bibelines :DDD
>x86 in phones

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Thread for the discussion of the most superior browser custom-coded by /g/, for /g/.

Whatever happened to netrunner, /g/?
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first for chrome shills BTFO
>Implying Chrome isn't comfy and objectively better
Dead project. Move on already

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Network admins, how much do you make?
I recently got an entry level job for 52k a year. I know it's possible to get 60k a year, but after that I don't know.
I'm in Texas
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20 million per year but this year was bad so I had to make 40 million instead

Why is Tor so god damn slow?
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because nodes are hosted by people and not giant warehouses of servers. be patient
Excuse my ignorance /g/entooman, but can normal Tor users, as in a pleb using his home connection without a VPN, be used as an exit node on the network? So if a Paedo makes a request to some shady site then it will be your IP that is logged?
Dunno, maybe because you are browsing behind seven proxyz?

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I was wondering if anybody knew of a tool for downloading website pages and even entire websites. I want to do this so I can save exercise instructions, diet tips, etc., and print them out in a neat format so I can take my final steps away from the Internet. I already know that you can save a website with Firefox or Chrome, but I wonder if there's something that can conveniently convert the website into a neat PDF or .docx without taking too much space.

I know that this could get complicated really quickly if you're dealing with a large website or a website with elaborate presentation, media, or videos, so I won't mind if there's something only for simple websites. Of course, if there's something that can "compromise" on more complex websites without losing too much functionality, then I'd like to see that too.

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It's called a web browser. You can save the complete page, or a complete screenshot, or "Print to PDF".
wew lad this entire post

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should i pull the trigger?
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RAM is crazy expensive right now, I hope you'd have a good reason for getting 32 GB. You could probably get a less expensive motherboard, too.
>650w psu
>full price motherboard
>32gb of ram
>1700x and not 1600 or 1500

kys kid
>xe fell for the muh coars meme

just get the r5 1600 idiot

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Why did the netbook meme die?
With the invention of highly efficient processors, great screens even in tiny sizes and cheap solid stage storage you'd expect to see an increase in them, not a decrease.
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get a tablet and a keyboard attachment
They're too small.
screen is too small to be useful
13" is minimum and laptops with that size are common

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About a year ago some random guy made a display controller that had really good refresh rates. I'm wondering if anyone else makes custom versions of these.

Here's a video of the thing I'm talking about.

and here being demonstrated

Anyone else doing stuff like this?
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That's sick.

How do so few pinouts from the board drive every pixel on the monitor. If there isn't another board in between the panel and this board, shouldn't there be a pin for every pixel, or is the data somehow multiplexed?
lcds "scan" even though they don't physically scan, lvds sends two pixels at a time and uses hsync and vsync signals the way text files use crlf and ^L.

there is more logic between a display controller and the actual panel, obviously, to facilitate this.
Who is this fe(male)

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daily Plan 9 thread

> Plan 9 docs

> Introduction to Operating Systems AbstractionsUsing Plan 9 from Bell Labs

> 9fron docs

> Plan 9 - Thursday Night Tech Talks

> FOSDEM 2006 plan9

> A tour of Acme

> Get a 9front
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best music player for plan 9?


play - simple audio player

play [ -o file ] [ file | url ... ]

Play is a simple audio player that understands a number of
audio and playlist formats.

If no file or url arguments are given, standard input is
used. The file type is determined using the file(1) command
and a matching audio(1) decoder is applied.

By default, raw audio data is written to /dev/audio unless
changed with the -o option.


audio(1), hget(1)

Play first appeared in 9front (January, 2012).

Also see http://man.aiju.de/7/playlistfs
>download Plan 9 on QEMU
>can't save a file on acme
>can't compile a C program from acme

Nay, I'll keep my Gentoo.

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