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>developers of a DE create hard dependencies to a specific init system
What were they thinking /g/?
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which DE?
GNOME, systemd.
/g/ here, we think you should install the world's most advanced OS, macOS

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A days ago my keyboard lost de options of emoji and clipboard a don't know why, I also can't use copy/paste options, somebody can help? Plssss
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fucking google it then, retard.
clear your keyboard data on android apps settings
also this is not a tech support board

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Final release of greenclip with added support for merging with the X Primary selection
Purpose : Keeps track of your history of selections to quickly switch between them

Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Utk-9Gy8H3w
Github repo: https://github.com/erebe/greenclip
Motivation: I was using clipit but wanted something integrated with rofi. As none was available, I made mine

Installation :

It's a static binary so drop it anywhere in your $PATH env
wget https://github.com/erebe/greenclip/releases/download/2.0/greenclip

Alternatively if you are using Archlinux you can install the package from AUR

pacman -Sy greenclip
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less than 1Mb for the binary, not too bad for an haskell fag
Didn't knew rofi
go back

However, for example a vinyl can stock analogically values on it...
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computer does not know what analog is
computer only know what YES and NO are

Know of any really good digital TV antennas which don't require being perched on a roof? I know they work better up there but this isn't a single family home where I can just mount whatever I want.
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>watching TV in 2017
>paying the cable jew for television
> digital tv
> over the air
it's going to be shit anon

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I'm heavy emacs user and i want to learn Haskell. Is your editor good (for Haskell development mostly, for everything else I will still use emacs and IDEs) or is it just meme? Is it really emacs but with Haskell instead of lisp? What should I use for Haskell devel - yi, intellij plugin, leksah or emacs with Haskell-mode and intero?
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>is yi editor good
They made a whole wiki article about this:

Myself, I'm done with Haskell's fun FP sandbox for now, just gonna learn what the more traditional languages actually adapt instead.
Is eta and frege as good as Clojure?

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I have been following the webmproject guide to CRF mode encode that involves 2 pass encode but looks like a simple "ffmpeg -i animu.m2ts -c:v libvpx-vp9 -crf 17 -b:v 0 animu.webm" use a two pass encode too.

I'm probably overthinking this shit but what is the best way to do this or is there any additional tune config for my chinese cartoons encodes?
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>liru isn't real

why even bother living tbqhfamerino
In booby format
Why would you do that?

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>Work with business partner
>I believe I have found their private profile online
>I work with them a lot
>They seem to be a /pol/ fag
>Not sure how I feel about it
>I work with the guy, should private/online life remain separate from business?
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who are you quoting
Yes. I mean if they're a good worker and aren't actually your friend outside of work, it shouldn't matter.
So? I have to work with some tumblr/reddit autist type people at times. I try be polite, crack a joke here and there, I don't give a shit what they believe in as it isn't relevant to the work and so I don't bring it up.


>NVIDIA Titan Xp Performance Boosted Massively Under 385.12 Drivers – Direct Response To Radeon Vega, Quadro Level Features Unshackled

>53% to 654% performance increase
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More like....
>Texture resolution decreased 53% to 654%
I told you vega is doa...I told you
We had a thread about this already. nvidia is ungimping their drivers to come out better than AMD

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Thinking of learning to use pic related, does anyone know any good resources for doing so?
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Learn vim unless you like RSI. Every long term Emacs user eventually has massive RSI problems. RMS has been basically crippled for the last 20 years.
I already know Vim well, I just wanted to take a look. Grass is always greener, you get me anon?
I have a few things bookmarked:
OrgMode cookbook: https://home.fnal.gov/~neilsen/notebook/orgExamples/org-examples.html
Awesome Emacs: https://github.com/emacs-tw/awesome-emacs
Sacha Chuan blog: http://sachachua.com/blog/
Workflow with Org Agenda: http://cachestocaches.com/2016/9/my-workflow-org-agenda/
Emacs tutor: https://tuhdo.github.io/emacs-tutor.html
Zemansky blog: http://cestlaz.github.io/stories/emacs/
ErgoEmacs: http://ergoemacs.org/

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Mozilla FireFox is the only usable browser.


gorhill Raymond Hill:
>Chromium-based browsers do not support user styles
>Chromium-based browsers can’t block data: URI-based requests through the webRequest API.
>Chromium-based browsers are being “infested” by Instart Logic tech55 which works around blockers and worst, around browser privacy settings (they may start “infecting” Firefox eventually, but that is not happening now).
>I am not aware of any anti-fingerprinting initiative taken up with Chromium, unlike with Firefox

Chrometards are still wondering why they get ads and are tracked while using ad blockers.
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The only thing firefox has over ungoogled chromium, which has all the negative things you mentioned removed from it, is UserStyle.css, which I honestly don't mind, because I can just customize the UI in the sourcecode before I compile it.

Suck a dick mozilla shill. Go back to thinking niggers are human.
>he has to compile the browser himself to make it not visual cancer

if you are reading this consider yourself BTFO
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Reminds me of that guy who used emacs + a custom control dildo to program
don't think i would feel safe sticking this up my ass due to the lack of any sort of flared base.
>teledildonics control mode for emacs
Thanks senpai. I forgot to save it the first time i heard about it. Shit's hilarious.

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>friend builds a budget PC
>I suggest Linux Mint for his OS
>buys windows 10 pro just because "it loads faster"

why didnt I just fucking steal his money before he wasted it, his wallet was right fucking there
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I hope he at least bought a $7 Win10 Pro key off eBay.
he fuckin bought the £200 one from microsoft on a fucking £300 PC
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theft would have been kinder to him than allowing him to buy from microsoft, I am a bad friend

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If someone found a way to use software/a service without agreeing to the terms of service or EULA, would they be legally except from it?
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How would you do that though? They require you to accept it so if you bypass the accept button from the installer I reckon it'd be considered infringement.
You usually see something like 'by using this service/software you agree to the eula' just in case somebody bypasses it
but what if I didn't see that :)

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Hey fags, here's a quick story
>be me
>buys surface pro 2 second hand for 250 europoor, no warranty, battery shits itself
>contact Microsoft support via chat they say hey send it, we'll replace it for free.
>they send Surface pro 3, issues with pen, replacement has 3 month warranty, replace it again
>receive Surface pro 4, in box, new
>buy another broken SP3 for 200 euro, contact support, they offer free replacement, sell replacement for 500 euro
>TFW my Surface pro 4 is esentially free
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MS has some great customer service desu
but the device sort of costs 1150 euro, wtf

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