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just bought this at a yard sale for $30
What can i even do aside from wiping my ass with it?
its the first gen model with 9.3.5. So damn slow
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nice waste of $30 dude

you can use it for backwards compatibility testing on your software.
$30 drink coaster

it is a collector item you faggots wait 50 years
will pay

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ITT: Operating systems with aesthetic logos. Doesn't matter if you like the OS, just post logos.
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also unironically this. Microsoft has no idea how to build an OS, but they understand material design.
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Closed-System?Open-System? Would profit win over functionality? I asked this over at /co/, but no definitive answers were given, so I figured I could find a cross-boarder.

PS: We're talking comics here, not the MCU, but I'll accept either answer.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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can computers love?
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Can computers dream?
>implying a logic board that moves 1's and 0's around can love
would programmed love really be artificial? are we not programmed to love as well?

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Enterprise quality code thread
Nothing but serious, bussiness quality code

void bussinessQualityFunctionToDisplayHelloWorldOnTheScreen()
System.out.println("Hello World");
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get the fuck out
Pic unrelated motherfucker
Plus i use AVRs like a big boy, not goyduinos
On hindsight that was worded badly
I do not use arduino bootloader instead i write everything in pure C and assembly without using their bootloader (because that fucking abstraction and wasted cpu cycles)

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iPhone 7s.jpg
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>apple will still sell a phone with these bezels
>retards will still buy it
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The new iPhone comes out in literally 12 days. Shut the fuck up.
bezel-less phones are not comfortable you retard
stop supporting tech thats worse for the consumer
>having a camera popping out the back because you want to make a phone as thin as possible is okay
>having locked down OS and hardware that encourages buying a new phone every two years is okay
>removing the headphone jack is okay
>making a phone that bends (not a feature - see first point) is okay

>but bezels man... FUCKING STUPID BEZELS

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How do I get rid of this latest bot net bullshit again? I hate you mozilla and I hate my life.
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ESR 52 doesn't have this problem
Communist browser is making me regress again. "Organization sharing information," such a euphemism
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and what a hell are these??

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Humor thread ylyl
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His "clock" looked more like a bomb than that.

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For all that talk here about 4K, like no one on Steam even uses it.
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that's because hardly any graphics card can do [email protected]

personally i think [email protected] is the current sweetspot for video games and even that's more demanding than what most cards can output.

keep in mind that like 60% of steam users are third world poorfags


Are these decent? Or are they meme?

My original Nexus 5 is dying for real finally, sim card drops out constantly forcing me to restart. Battery life is randomly abysmal. Mouth piece doesn't work . . Etc etc.

At $180 the passport is tempting. Or should I just grab another Nexus 5?
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As somebody who loves his passport I tell you: Get something different.
It's a great phone, really, and if bb didn't abandon BBOS10 it might be worth trying, but as of now, the OS isn't on par with android at all.

If you want a keyboard, get either the keyone or a Moto Z and later the keybaord mod
They're incredible
I did have it for a time but now I recommend at least the Priv, nor the KEYone if you got the money. The pri however does lag a little on apps like fb and shit

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Hey /g/

I need a new laptop, I'm leaning towards thinkpad

I do embedded development and some web development, and only want to spend about 300$.

Please gimme some recommendations.
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A thinkpad
Thinkpad X220

Cant go wrong.

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Is learning the MEAN stack worth it? I found an Edx course on it but im not sure if it's a meme
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I've seen job postings asking about it so the best answer is: it depends.

It's a stage-4 cancer.

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As someone who has dropped Arch in the past due to breakage, I'm curious if you guys ever gave arch another try?

I was a happy Windows 7/8.1 user but started looking into using linux again when trying to use 10 and WSL and decided I wanted the real thing.

After doing trial runs of various distros including Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Gentoo and Void, I always end up going back to arch.

I've done daily pacman -Syu sometimes, and other times let it sit for 2 months before doing a system update, never had an issue.

I'm not a ricer, I don't have transparant terminal windows or anime titties in the background. I try to use the defaults whenever possible and only tweak configs where I feel it's necessary for my workflow.

I only want to a distro that gets me up and running on a productive workstation as quickly and painlessly as possible.

It's almost ironic to me that Arch seems to fit the bill better than any other distro, but any time I trial another distro, I'm back to my Arch partition within a week.
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People are paranoid autists about systemd
>I only want to a distro that gets me up and running on a productive workstation as quickly and painlessly as possible.
what exactly are other distros lacking?
breakage has been a dead meme for years.
up to date packages.

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>just installed windows 7 on an old Asus G74Sx
>drivers are on external HDD
>windows doesnt see the external hdd
>BIOS on this machine & win10 OS on other machine sees it just fine
>external hdd was built for win 7 not 8/10
>and who the hell taught microsoft to count anyway
>external is plug and play, have used on many machines since i got it years ago
...Da Fuq!?
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Asus is shit.
Asus is god
Asus is mediocre.

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i'm getting tired of this shit. whatever microphone i try the volume is just too low. have to shout or literally put the mic in my mouth so people can hear me.

tried few mics. from the old good ones to usb. it's always so low volume. does anyone have a fix for that. could it be just the mobo? assrock 770. and using w10. yea yea bot net whatever.
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You fucking realize that Windows sets microphones to ~52% gain by default, right?

Go turn that shit up in the sound settings.

it's already at 100%
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screen cap this

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