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My internet ends in 20 mins maybe
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bye bye :(
What do you mean by this
I forgot to pay for next months Internet :(

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Are there any translators that can handle voice, exiting from speakers not the microphone that google has, to text for windows 7? All i can find is for 8 and above and android etc.
iTranslate Voice/Translator Microsoft and so on
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>Translating "American" to english.
>there is no difference between american english and british english
you heard it here first /g/
theres differences between someone from yorkshire and someone from cornwall for example, yet we don't need a translator you dumb amerifat

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GTX1080 or 1080ti? If I'm upgrading from the previous gen, and going to play using a 1440p monitor, what is worth it?
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Wait for Nvidia Volta GV104 GTX 2080
1080 ti

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What is /g/ opinion on Blokada?

It's an open source Ad blocker made for smartphones which is available on F-droid.

To my surprise, it really works, even on other app's ads.

But I was quite worried because you have to connect through a VPN to make it work.
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>What is AdAway
Requires root. This thing apparently doesn't. That's pretty big, because majority of normies refuse to root their phones.
Should be fine just for ad blocking, but not sure about privacy.

What are some good privacy respecting email providers?
I was gonna use ProtonMail, but in light of recent developments I've changed my mind.
How's openmailbox?
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>What are some good privacy respecting email providers?
the email server you set up yourself
this, or tutanota.

Lets see if /g/ approves
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As long as it's Linux
bad bait mate

fuck gmail, which should i use /g/?
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run your own openbsd mail server

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I'm considering upgrading my build, and would love some input on what to upgrade first. I'm considering either to upgrade to a GTX1080 or GTX1080ti but I'm not sure if the price difference is worth it, or which model/manufacturer is recommended.

And I'm considering upgrading my proccessor as well.
My goal is to run Destiny 2 and Witcher 3 at a high solid framerate at 1440p
Here are my specs:

-GTX970 -Intel Core i7-4770K @3.5 (OCed to 3.8)
-MSI B85M-E45, Socket-1150
-Cooler Master GX 650W PSU
-240gb Kingston SSD
-20gb DDR3 1600MHz RAM
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heres a bump 4u

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How to buy from taobao? I can't read japanes, and only tao bao has the stuff needed to upgrade/mod my thinkpads. How to do this safely?
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ask the chink-shit general on /g/

also /cgl/ has regular threads similar to CSG
I'll ask /csg/. Thanks.
what is this and can i wear it as a man

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Well /g/, you know what to do.
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>the entirety of /g/ unites together and refuses to use/refer to jewtube
>Youtube, having lost approximately 1% of their income stream, gives no fucks.

Really activates my almonds.

Thumb up ?
la salsa?

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Is Google a dog? Are the two "o"s in Google supposed to be the dog's eyes? Is all the information on Google the stuff you send the dog out to fetch?
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no this is
That's Lycos.

Remember Lycos?

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Name one (1) project that would qualify someone as a good developer.
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anything non-trivial that involves AI or machine learning
>b-b-but those are memes!
your life is a meme
a driver

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YouTube requires nonfree software (Javascript code) for normal use of the site; as of September 2017, nothing is visible without running nonfree Javascript code. Sad to say, youtube-dl does not help. It works by running the same nonfree Javascript code specified by the pages of Youtube.

For my own freedom's sake, I do not run the nonfree software currently required to view anything on Youtube. I advise you to refuse likewise; what's directly at stake is your own freedom.

For the sake of everyone else's freedom, it is my duty not to post anything on Youtube, or refer to anything on Youtube. I hope you feel the same, and that you join me in refusing.
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>For my own freedom's sake, I do not run the nonfree software
>For my own freedom's sake
>implying that your rights have been threatened

wew lad
Great YouTube advertising retard
>I hope you feel the same, and that you join me in refusing

Fuck off SJW shill, go compile gentoo for the sixth time this week.

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>b-but 7 m-market share!! p-people dont want 10!!
Literal 3rd world-tier OS
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Would you consider South Africa a third world country? Would you consider Japan and Australia to be third world countries? Something is not right about this logic.
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>force w10 upon users even if they dismissed prompt
>invalidate their w7 keys few days later
>literal SPYware in every letter
>l-look! win10 is success!
fuck off schlomo
South Africa may not be Congo tier but they're certainly not close to being 1st world. In Japan specifically 10 is beating 7 out by almost 10% whereas in India 7 is beating 10 out by almost 30%. If you left only the 3rd world countries in Asia it would be even more heavily slanted in favor of 7. Australia is part of Oceania which is clearly displayed on the map where 10 is crushing 7.

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Since Firefox is killing off legacy addons soon, I cobbled this together so I can still browse full-sized images on 4chan in a nice lightbox.
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and where am I supposed find this gallery button
isn't that just gallery mode in 4chanx?
Yes. I wanted to make it compatible with any website but I got lazy. Couldn't think of a good place to stick the "gallery" link in general.

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