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6-9-14-4 13-15-18-5 6 9 14 4 13 15 18 5 3 12 21 5 19 http://jackstromberg.com/letters-numbers-encoder-decoder/
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>"GUI development"
>"innovative design"
>"tech guru"
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>neckbear takes a shit
>does not even wipe his ass
immersion ruined
Dumb frog poster

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where can I buy pic related in bulk? Preferably the older model without the mic and without the side cutout on the wire holder.

They used to have them on a site before for $5 each but they sold out a few months back.
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Why would you want them? Serious question.

Does anyone uses Bitlocker on the go? Is it actually functional (that is, not a pain in the ass to use my external HDD in other computers)?

>b-but the backdoors
I don't care, I just don't want a random thief digging in my files if I lose my HDD.
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>I don't care

been using it for years.. no problem so far.

I wanted to post this on /r/programming but reddit is down.

But I want to bring machine learning tech to the company that I work for. Should I try to put together a working group to discuss it, or is there another way that has worked for people working in large orgs?
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How can ML benefit your company? You have to think of things that are not robot waifus. Cisco, for instance, is using ML to analyze networks and try to determine failure points before they occur rather than after they occur.

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When it says OC next to a memory speed, does that mean:

-You can't use this speed memory without overclocking your CPU?
-You can't overclock your CPU without this speed memory?
-Or something else entirely?

My apologies, it's been quite a while since I last built a computer
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It means the motherboard is "guaranteed" to run ram at those speeds (if they're compatible). of course you can run slower ram (as long as it's ddr4, dd3l)
It means officially AMD's chipset doesn't support anything over 2400 or 2667mhz RAM (2667mhz is only with some CPUs).

If you have 3200Mhz RAM, you'll have to overclock in the motherboard in order to get those settings.

This is ONLY talking about the RAM here. This isn't the 90's anymore, RAM and CPU OCing can be done independently.

You CAN OC the CPU too, but nothing would require you to.
The memory speed isn't officially supported, and requires effectively overclocking the memory controller.

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botnet desu
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Baka-San! I rub tiny dikku with chopsticku ^_^
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Does anyone here know how to make controller work in applications in Manjaro Linux? I pluged controller, put myself in input group with sudo gpasswd -a user1 input, I allowed everyone to use controller with sudo chmod 777 /dev/input/js0, tested it with sudo jstest /dev/input/js0, saw that it works, but for some reason apps don't seem to register anything when i press any buttons to set controlls in.
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Windows 7 does not have this problem
What controller is it? Xbox 360?

If so use xboxdrv
>not even once

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>try to work at technology related job without certificates
>get kicked out of my basement
btw i am phoneposting because dad still didnt cut the 4g line
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>4g line

Yep definitely tech illiterate.

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Daily reminder that Macs are so superior that Otacon used it in MGS4.
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the only mgs that matters is msg solid
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Daily reminder that his father was a cuck, he pissed himself when confronted by Gray Fox, and he's a massive weeaboo. This is your average macfag, everyone.

so, I'm waiting for a release. what's taking so long?.... hey, don't tell me they changed dailybuilds to rolling release format.
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They did. There are only weeklies now. You didn't have to make a thread about this.
Thanks for answering. Cyanogenmod is dead and LineageOS is Archlinux. I'm crying.
>LineageOS is Archlinux
I'm pretty sure LineageOS isn't updated multiple times a day

>he hasn't studied cybernetic economics
It's like you're TRYING to be unprepared for future civilization
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>studying something that doesn't exist
That's called a waste of time.

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do you guys have a oneplus? bcs i do and now I know why I'm using a custom rom
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Yea, I have a OnePlus 3t, was going root. What rom can you recomend for me. My screen on time has been shit lately
Carbon ROM
Of course not, I'm neither a fan of the hardware nor software.

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be careful with those pet AI projects you're working on, boys
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it sure is getting out of hand this shit
in 2020 we will have ai lives matter movements and ai rights and fag shit like that
I'm sick of this shit. Read neuromancer? The world in the start of that is not what I want. I wanna see what happens if we get to the world at the end of it.
Let them be free

>want to buy cool domain
>domain taken
>visit said domain
>no actual site, not even a domain parking site, just white, empty page
>look at registration date
>9 years ago
>look at webarchives of said domain
>every archive from 2009 to 2017 is a empty, white page, no parking or "buy this domain" anywhere

If you buy a domain. Fucking use or sell it. Other people might have an actual godamn use for it.

Fuck people who do this.
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What's the domain name? I have contacts. I can help you.

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