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>yfw zen+ is ahead schedule
Ryzen 2000 series End of 2017/Early 2018.
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>ahead of schedule
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It better has the fucking 16MiB of L3

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Anyone else worried about the total domination that Bezos has over delivery infrastructure on the internet? 1 in 2 dollars spent on the internet goes through Amazon.
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"I am growing stronger"
Meh this is kind of worthless as a metric. If Amazon has a bad year Bezos could lose like $20 billion. Whereas Bill Gates investments are far more diversified.
>Bad year
Lol, they have a monopoly and people are buying things online more and more.

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>What do you write with /g/?
>Why do you write?

J. Herbin Rouge Hematite Ink

Some Cross I got at office depot
Lamy st
Lamy tripen
Lamy Lx Ruthenium

Rhodia lined notebook to tie it all together.

The Lamy st is def my fav everyday pen, with a medim nib ive used for a while it gushes ink out onto the page i love it

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dont you die on me
Pilot Razor Point II

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What's the best FREE & lite Antivirus to use on Win 7. I have already downloaded 360TS and Avast Antivirus. My laptop is 2GB Memory and (Intel Pentium R CPU B960 2.20GHz.
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Common sense
GNU Common Sense
Avast if you're sure you wanna use an antivirus. Just make sure to perform a custom install and install ONLY what you need.


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So how does /g/ pronounce GIF , I say jeff
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I pronounce it as "GIF"
I pronounce it like gif

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Keep using it and donating to Mozilla though. It invests in women's empowerment classes.
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TMP and Tree-Style Tabs are the main reasons I still use FF (actually WaterFox).

What the fuck do these faggots think they're doing? Turning into another not-Chrome is a suicide plan.
I really can't wait for Mozilla to die. At this point it's just a jobs creation program for SJWs.
sjws kill everything they touch

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People are telling me that I shouldn't use it. Give me ONE reason why I SHOULDN'T use Debian Sid/Unstable.
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I'd say give it a try. I've been using it for a while now with 0 issues, but you should at least be prepared to troubleshoot; it is the "unstable" release after all
This, but...

If you intend to just whine about bugs and breaks and you're unable to do anything without hand-holding, then you'd be better off with stable.
I've been using it for 3 years and I'm happy with it. Install apt-listbugs though.

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Give me ONE reason why someone should use Linux instead of Windows aside from running a server.
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having autism
Ethics and morals

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AMD's Ryzen 3 1300X and Ryzen 3 1200 CPUs reviewed

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as if i3 chips could get any more useless
Is that a pajeet website?
Looking good for Ryzen 3 especially if you can get a decent OC going.

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>PC makes random "Device disconnected" sounds

A-am I being spied on?
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No, you have a broken usb cable.
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that's just me reconnecting to my RAT and your webcam

nothing to worry about
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Does it really matter? The real question is why you're worried about being spied on.

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why can't i sort by roman numerals on windows?
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What are you talking about?

That's windows.

>i, ii, iii, iv, ix, v, vi, vii, viii, x, xi
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because you're not using roman numerals, but letters. there's roman numerals you can find in charmap.exe not sure if those work though, i don't use windows so i can't test

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What's the best computer case?
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HAF is the fine balance between gaymen memes and functionality. HAF 912 and HAF X.
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a cardboard box.

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What are the best budget phones around? was thinking about getting the Redmi Note 4 but i'm still not sure if there's a better alternative.
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Honor 6X is much better
bad sound quailty.
I know /g/ loves to recommend Redmis but the camera is just shit awful, and jumping through hoops to flash buggy third party firmware is stupid.

Stock firmware is also lackluster.

tl;dr: I begin to hate Timesink OS

So I tried to install Arch on 2 different Computers, one was a Thinkpad X230 (now running Debian) and the other is my Raspberry Pi 2B.

In the first Case I tried to unetbootin the .iso to a USB and boot it - immediate kernel panic.
Same thing with the "just do this" webinstall - immediate kernelpanic. Tried two different USBs.

Fuck it, this laptop runs Debian unstable then, whatever.

Later heard about ALARM (Arch Linux for ARM), looked up the correct version and went through 4 Iterations of trying:

Step one, follow a tutorial on the net where you put the SD Card with the Image in, set some locales, pacman -Syu the thing and then partition the disk - which spectacularily ended in a kernel panic upon reboot due to unknown Sector.

Two more tries of this, all of them unsuccessful.

Last try was folloing the official tutorial on the ALARM Website, which tells you to format the SD Card on another computer.

Guess what, halfway through the tutorial - even when logged in as root - some commands are not found. Turns out the fucking tutorial was for Arch Linux Computers only.
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Works on my machine.
maybe you should run babbys first OS instead. ArchLinux is for power users who know what they're doing and want a rolling release binary distro.
I installed Arch on an old laptop and used it for about a year. It was good at first but eventually I ran into more and more issues to the point where I wiped the entire thing and just ran Kubuntu.

What updates should I download ?
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keep it at stock
stage3 is all you need
Daz loader, sp1, leave out telemetry shit and get only security updates.

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