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Why does she like apple so much?
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Stupid woman.
Because it sells. She's into "geek culture" for the money.
she knows it triggers you

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Facebook seems down around the globe.

Worldwide hacking or has Skynet finally awoken?
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Nobody cares

Go back to rebbit, social media fag
>>implying facebook
>4chan is different from facebook

10/10 windows software, I'll start

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I literally thought I was the only person that used bomi
Nice forced and fallacious meme

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>I use Windows because it works and I play games
>Playing games and having fun doesn't make you a child
>There's nothing wrong with using Ubuntu
>There's nothing wrong with using an IDE
>Python is a good language that gets shit done
>Programming in C# and the .NET ecosystem is comfy as hell
>I don't care what OS, text editor or other shit you use
>I use proprietary software

Anything else?
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>I have a job
>I use the tools that work best
>I post anime
>I'm a pedo

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Am I wrong to discriminate against applicants for a programming position based on their lifestyles?

(not sexual orientation, gender [lol yea right], or appearance)?
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No you are not wrong.
Personal habits are a good indicator of work habits.
Yes, only look at their code
Exactly how I feel, thanks

so is it a monopoly, /g/?
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wanna be frens?
what's a googlle?

What is your favorite font?

Mine would be Open Sans.
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Fira Code
leberation / croscore sans
cantarel for ui

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So I know I could have gone to the PC building thread. I have $400, and I wanna make a half decent casual gaming desktop. The laptop I have now can barely run any game at bare minimum without terrible resolution. I wanna be able to play anything from Warframe to borderlands. Nothing too demanding. But I need help. Any advice?
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>So I know I could have gone to the PC building thread.
why didn't you?
It says provide a PC part list or whatever. But idek what I want.

It's not pretty, or amazing, but fits your budget.

Should be able to run most games if you don't get carried away in graphic settings. You can exchange the case for something better looking. make sure it's ATX compatible though.

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Ricing Windows 7 now, what's the /g/ recommended shell replacement?
bblean and most of it's spin offs has been in inactive development for years.
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cute loli
>Ricing Windows 7 now, what's the /g/ recommended shell replacement?
since bblean is dead just install Linux
>ricing windows
install gentoo
I don't really see the point. I just modified the classic shell to be black with blue accents instead of grey. Looks bretty good desu

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How do I get a new apple ID?

I'm a fucking idiot and can't remember my password to my icloud thingy. Also gave a fake dob i can't remember so i can't use that as the security verification answer. don't have a fucking notion what to do
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Give it back Tyrone
Give it back.
Bring the iPhone to the nearest police station and they'll be more than happy to help you out, Jamal.

Well if made simple program in C++. It helps in problem with your computer using the greatest wisdom of /g/.

There is a code
// Example program
#include <iostream>
#include <string>

int main()
std::string name;
std::cout << "What is your problem with computer?";
getline (std::cin, name);
std::cout << "Install Gentoo!";
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good thread bro
return 0;
Not idiomatic enough
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

auto main(void) -> int {
string discardable;
cout << "Describe your problem: " << flush;
cin >> discardable;
cout << "Install Gentoo" << endl;

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Best 4TB drives right now? No used NAS shit thanks.
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ZFS mirror and whatever cheap shit presents itself.
Unopened ones.

>buying junk drives and exploiting zfs

this intrigues me... has anyone pushed this and done a video

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The Great Debate

Haskell or LISP ? which one to choose?
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Why would I need any of those? I don't see their merit in the current day and age, unless you want to use emacs, then go for lisp (but real men use vim anyway)
You should know both but use neither. They'll give you more insight that will help you in real programming languages.

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If I want a music format and bitrate that is guaranteed to play on almost any device ever with acceptable sound quality, whether new or old, what would it be?

I am a fan of OGG but almost nothing supports it out of the box.
So far I think constant bitrate 128kb/s with joint stereo MP3 is the way to go, but maybe not everything supports joint stereo?
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The remaining American patents on MP3 just expired not long ago this year, so it's an open format now.
Takes too much space

So what happens now?
You don't need to pay if you decide to use mp3 files in your game or decode mp3 in some kind of music player?

This is a new daily dedicated,so /pol/ fags try to prove the connection between soros, and mozilla. I am sick and tired of people just combining these to and call people libs,shills etc without any info to back it up
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Are you drunk
shut up man and prove the connection between soros and Mozilla, or disprove it so /pol/ gets the message
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