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Find a better combo for web dev.

Pro tip: You cant
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Better combo? Just dont webdev
chair, rope, pen, paper (for the suicide note)
the developer equivalent to a basic bitch

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It is the impression I get when I see pages like this one : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Steam/Troubleshooting
What is the point in making pages helping to solve problems when the developers could solve them at the source ?
I used to run arch and installing steam and getting games to work was really a painful experience compared to other distros such as Debian where installing the package from the repos is good enough.

Same for the installer, what is the point in running dozens of commands to install arch when arch developers could simply have created an installer or install script ?

This makes the distro subject to many bugs that must be fixed by the users

Seriously look at this : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=%2Ftroubleshooting&go=Go

What does /g/ think about it ?
This "If we can do it, users can do it too" policy seems to be a proof that Arch GNU/Linux is garbageā€¦
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>using arch
>for steam
go fuck yourself
Yes, Arch is garbage.
You literally discovered that earth revolves around Sun.

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You should be able to answer this.
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>women in CS were a mistake
It depends.

Are we talking about designer pants or regular pants?
>posting bullshit from programmerhumor

Fuck off.

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Well... how does one explain this?
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He was a janitor.
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>he goes on the same board everyday, making the same thread everyday thinking people will pay any genuine notice to him
He proved he works for Intel, big whoop.

I know absolutely nothing about routers.

I have a Cisco-Linksys WRT54GS

I for 100mbs and I get about 11mbs in my room and 20mbs in my living room.

Will upgrading my router get me faster speeds? if so what router do you recommend?
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I pay for 100mbs*
Install DD-WRT
Your router caps out at 54mbps in a lab setting with perfect RF conditions, the ONLY way you'll get more than ~20-30mbps is if you upgrade your router.

AC1900 routers are a good place to start.

Shut the fuck up you dumb nigger faggot, DDWRT isn't going to change the fact it's over a decade old router.

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Are prebuilds ever worth it? Have you ever seen a pre-built that was worth a damn? Would you recommend buying the parts and paying for someone to assemble it if you're a lazy piece of shit?

Pic related: It's an 8pack OrionX, A.K.A. a 26,000 euro computer.
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Most prebuilts are fine nowadays actually. The biggest thing to watch out for is weak PSU's and overkill CPU's. For some reason some "gaminh PCs" have an i7 and like a 750Ti. It's always funny when people on /v/ and /g/ will say shit like "I can build this for half the price!" And then massively cut corners and use inferior parts.
>120mm deepkewl
>el e deee fans
>el e deeee strip lighting
>over kill 1000w power supply with shitty bronze efficiency
>windows 10

what did they mean by this

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linked mkv support, chapters, volume control, settings menu, and doom9 unbanning when?
>still asking to add retarded 90s things

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Hello /g/, I mainly browse /sp/ and /fit/. Done some torrenting, and but nothing other than yify within the past few years and a few game torrents about 2.5 years ago.

I just had this happen
>Boot up laptop like normal
>Start doing some work
>Suddenly screen turns light blue, not a color I have ever seen before, (I have windows 10) and gives me a big winking face saying that my computer needs to do some important updates and that afterward I can attempt to contact someone named Bad_Pool_Guy
>Immediately unplug and turn off my computer by pulling out the battery before it can restart, now using it as normal, but am also somewhat worried.

>inb4 delete system 32
Please help me guys, I'm just some poor normie
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goddamn it, please someone else help me
check the installgentoo wiki on the sticky, it has an entire site dedicated to it
/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.

For tech support/issues with computers, use /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests or one of the following:
https://startpage.com/ or https://duckduckgo.com (i.e., fucking google it)

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Going to be getting a Technics SL1210 MK2 next month, what's the maximum i should pay for a really well looked after one?
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I paid 400$ for a decent condition one. If its mint, I'd pay max 800$. That's if its perfect.
What mixer are you using OP-
None but i will get one down the line eventually

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You too can feel the joy of the bearded ones.
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already using archlinux. i'm now lifting weights because i feel such manly.
i have transcended. no returning from my precipice. how could i come back. i might call the bogs.

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Been learning about transistors, logic gates, flip-flops, multivibrators, sequential circuits, cpu, assembly, compilers, kernels, operating systems, computer networks, programming, data structures, algorithms, databases, linear algebra, formal logic, real analysis, peano axioms, graph theory, complex analysis, abstract algebra, group theory, set theory (the pedantic one, not the cuck Cantor naiiive one) for a while, I wanna do some real haxor stuff now. How do I proceed, should I install Kali now or wat
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unironically, the easiest way to dip your toes in and feed your appetite would be to learn node.js and do some ddos / spamming tools and develop some cool web apps / network apps. then make your way into reading code and finding vulnerabilities etc
>Been learning about transistors, logic gates, flip-flops, multivibrators, sequential circuits
why would you learn that if all you wanted to do was hack a computer?

Just bought one of these. What should I expect?
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install gentoo
Finger cramps, not being able to control your mouse precisely for the first few eons and a lot of weird looks.
Perpetual disappointment.

Send it back.

/g/ is my PSU dying?
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It's still technically within the ATX specification.

12v rail can be as low as 11.40v and as high as 12.60v and still be within spec.

Your 5v is also within spec.
Considering it is in BIOS does that change your opinion, Im probably going to upgrade to a 1000w PSU as I'm looking at getting 2 GTX 1080 to run in SLI
You can run two GTX Titan X's with an OC'd 6700k on an 800w PSU.

1000W and more is for 3-4+ GPUs.

I'm having a really weird specific issue with my new Ryzen system.

If I just load the default bios settings on the newest update of my motherboard, the r7 1700 runs fine at 3.2, boosting to 3.750, and the ram at 2133.

For whatever reason, when I try to overclock to anything above 3.7 manually, CPU-z on windows 10 tells me my multiplier is set to 15.5 (not 37.5 or 38 like I've been trying)
and that means its running at 1.55ghz, I can't figure out why its doing that.

Windows 10 if I go to System will even tell me what the CPU *should* be running at with the settings I have in the bios (3.75ghz for example when I use the 37.5 multiplier)

Is this some issue with the bios, or is windows 10 doing something fucky?

Ryzen R7 1700
MSI tomahawk arctic b350
Corsair Vengeance LPX @ 2133 (but it'll also run 3200mhz just fine)
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Intel CPUs don't have this problem. Just saying.
Windows sees that I've set the multiplier manually, but CPU-z says my multiplier is 15.5, and if I run any test, it is definitely clocked down that low.
I seem to have made some progress, though whats happening is still kind of beyond me. I lowered the CPU voltage to 1.3v flat, and the CPU is telling me the correct multiplier now, whereas I was putting it at 1.36v in an attempt to try seeing if I could get a stable 3.9 and then start dropping the vcore until I started crashing, instead it just dropped my multiplier without giving me a reason.

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I got banned from a small forum about 4 years ago. Since then, I've had my IP changed several times.

Is it finally safe to go back, or can they detect me again?
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It wouldn't be morally right to go back.
You have to go back
If you got IP banned then in their eyes you must be a massive faggot
Don't to back

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