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I'm running linux on my laptop but need Windows for some uni classes, microcontrollers and stuff like that.

Which version of Windows should I use for virtualization?
And what can I do to make windows using the less resources possible
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Throw Linux into the trash where it belongs and install Windows 10©.
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Use windows 7
Everything else is shit or outdated and don't forget to turn the updates off.
otherwise it's going to install 20GB of patches

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I'm considering upgrading a Celeron M380 (self reported mPGA479M) to a pentium M755 from a local auction website.

Is there any point in doing that, will there be any difference and possibility of installing anything newer than windows xp or at least an android if it'll work with a radeon xpress200m?
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you should probably consider upgrading to another system altogether
in fact, i'm pretty sure there are schools giving away their C2D systems out there
are you using it for vintage games?

I have a pentium M 755 laptop (nc8000) with 2 GB of RAM, and it's REALLY slow for today's workload. it didn't use to be. back in the days, it only had trouble playing 720p or higher H.264 video (100% CPU for 720p, and dropped frames for anything higher). everything else worked perfectly (in particular web surfing with regular browser).

recently I gave it another spin with XP (with all the POSReady updates up till august 2017). it can BARELY load web pages (even google). it's almost always at 100% with basic surfing. I won't digress about this being proof of how javascript ruined the web. however for functionality, it won't do much. You can run office 2003 on it, and maybe play light games (it has a mobility radeon 9600) without the CPU maxing out and the fans always spinning at max. in fact I think it'll work for almost anything save web surfing.
windows 7 is even worse. 100% CPU use nearly all the time (even just loading notepad...), and fans really loud. room also gets hot fast... similar results on linux mint mate 18.1 x86 live CD

single core processors prior to core2 are underpowered for today's uses. upgrade, or use for lightweight vintage games. not much more.

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>"Why, yes, I do hinder my computing experience by exclusively using FOSS garbage and CuckCuckGo under the false pretence that not only do I matter, but I matter so much that the machine built for convenience should be as inconvenient as possible to protect muh privatez, thanks for asking"
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What a shit life you must lead if you feel compelled to post this garbage every few hours.
Stupid cunt
>he gets this angry
>over a post
>on a uzbekistani comic forum
I really, really like this post.

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I just hacked my comfy levels guys, this is absolutely insane. Who knew what adding a pillow and a footrest could do, now I can stay programming even when I'm tired. Comfylevels should always be a top#1 priority.
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comfy is just code for boring desu
Finally a comfyness general

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>fan gets louder the slower it goes
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It's probably only more apparently louder because it either enters into a frequency range without competing noises to drown it out or your brain doesn't adapt to the more infrequent revolutions and you are more attentive to it. It's physically impossible for it to generate more db by going slower, it's all to do with your perception.
fan at lower speeds vibrates at resonating frecuency of computer case
solution: force fan into higher speeds and enjoy cooler cpu

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What specs can handle Madvillainy?
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>Intel Xeon E5-2695 V3
>PNY Quadro M6000 SLI
>another nigger-lover thread
Fuck off, cunt.

Look how fucking awful the website of adobe's new office is: http://whitecollarfactory.com

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Should have used flash :^)
Most web designers are fucking morons that don't understand the basics of user experience design.

They would rather push this bullshit claiming its art than making it easy to use

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>You must restart your computer to apply this update
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sorry your rabbi mutilated your dick bro
What a great assortment of words
Get raped twice and kill yourself, you retarded fucking faggot sack of nigger shit with down syndrome.

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Ryzen Threadripper is such a power hog..

Why can't it be power efficient as the latest Intel HEDT offerings?
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because if it was as power efficient it would be sucking down way more power. It is, in fact, more power efficient. 1.6x the cores for 1.21x the power draw.
> 16 core CPU consumes slightly more power than a 10 core Intlel Housefire while somehow staying cooler.
If that's not more efficient I don't know wtf is wrong with you.
>not measured from power connectors

Anyone know anything about this? I found this computer at a yard sale but can't find anything about it online.
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>Anyone know anything about this? I
About what, three fucking words? How about showing is the device you dense cunt?

/g/ I have never owned a 16 by 9 monitor. The only time i have ever used a display was on a computer at the library or tv.

All of my monitors have either been crt's or 1280 by 1024 cheap monitors that you get from the thrift stores.

Should I buy into the modern display meme?
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They're so cheap these days there's pretty much no excuse not to get one on some open box/Fry's email special/etc.

Better yet, since you're not yet tainted by "modern" shit, just get a $250 55" TV and enjoy your big screen. Don't fall for the 144hz/4k bullshit memes.
I usually ran my crt's at 144+ hz so if I were to cop a non shit monitor I would get a high rate one. I don't think I need 4k or even a 1440p or 21 by 9 memes
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No, get 1:1

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Is privatevpn a scam? I bought 15 months from them and then their entire site went down and I cant reach support or anything.
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Should have gone with ProtonVPN.
it's better?
if you mean private internet access, then no they are not a scam, I used it for a year.

I'm thinking of buying a new computer desk and the rest of the furniture is black-brown (even though all the black/brown shit looks black)




what does /g/ think? Could I go with a better table top color?
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The idea looks fine. Are you sure those legs will be secure enough, though? I imagine that a simple hit will bend those legs and ruin the material where they are anchored.
Dumb Australians.

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>He thinks his home server is more secure than the cloud services offered by companies
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>mom stole the home server
>...and the backups
Subhuman frog poster
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can't get pwned if nobody knows the server even exists

>ctrl+F returns results
>not found in the webpage anywhere
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>google keyword
>click on a result
>Ctrl+F same keyword
>no result
>ctrl + f
>find results
>they aren't highlighted by chrome
every time

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