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Oh shit son

CPU-Z thread

rate muh overclock?
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also compared to 8350 because thats what i upgraded from
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waiting for threadripper since x299 turned out to be a bigger joke "upgrade" than x99, R7 1700 is nice but in reality outside of the extra 2 cores everything else is on par with my OC'd 3930k @ 4.4ghz, and I can push this to 4.8ghz 24/7 during the winter months.
95% of the performance
For 1/5 the price

Ok /g/ time to post those homescreens. Finally got a few minutes to really tinker with mine. Rate and be rated!
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Simplistic and productive

Is a vpn a waste of money? Do you have a vpn?
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Yes, but the most valuable site in the world, 4chan, is against it. Other than that, it works everywhere else.
I don't really think I should have to have one, but we live in a world of malicious ISPs. And five bucks a month isn't that big a deal
4chan isn't against VPNs, it's just all the IPs are banned because people use them to post CP or ban evade or whatever.

I just found a 0day for:


SQL Injection gives Administrative access to site.

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Yes plz
>sql injection
what fucking year is this?

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Just set up my ubuntu VM, how do I make it beautiful?
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How about not making it "beautiful" and do something productive instead?
How about not browsing /g/ and do something productive instead?
Making it look beautiful will help my productivity.

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I can't go back to being a normie, I can't! Help us together fight back and win this, it's a revolution!
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^Ban your terrible music.
ISPs slow lanes, aka:
>Return of IRC
>No more clickbait
>Text based browser (lynx bby)
>Less spamming on all fronts
>Normies will probably gtfo of everything but normiebook
Sign me the FUCK up

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Going to be moving to Biloxi, MI after I graduate with my associates in computer networking. Have heard that the casino's are nice to work in and would like to do so. Any advice on what I should try to learn to get my foot in the door?
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>associates in computer networking.

>the casino's are nice

Story checks out.
>second hand smoke
I'm moving to Mississippi, my standards and choices aren't exactly high.

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/g/ What is the best video chat application?
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It's Skype ofc
cisco has pretty awesome products + software

How is Lenovo's IdeaPad? (https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-IdeaPad-15-6-Inch-Windows-80XL003HUS/dp/B06W5RPQ5Z/ref=sr_1_2?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1499921790&sr=1-2-spons&keywords=laptop&refinements=p_36%3A2421886011&psc=1) I want a budget laptop that I can install linux on and use for school. Haven't shopped for laptops in 5 or 6 years so I have no idea what typical specs are these days
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budget laptops are all shit. Just buy some used business laptop. We just got some latitude e 5430 and e6240 on work and I have to say, they aren't half bad. Trackpad and keyboard also feels much nicer than anything you could buy new for ~300€
Try to get the versions with the extended batteries if needed.
the hp 640 and 840 g1 are better options if you don't mind gettin them used
Never been a huge HP fan, but I suppose I could give them a look

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>friend is a consumerist whore despite using linux (which I got him into)
>constantly praises inane consumerist technology for no reason besides post-purchase rationalization
>one argument, he refuses to believe ssds are in any way inferior to hdds (he's replaced all hdds with ssds, even for storage)
>ignores the fact that flash storage will leak electrons after a period, unlike magnetic storage
>says "I'll have a new computer anyway by the time they wear out"
>happens to have no concept of security, leaves his computers logged in when away
>the shit DE he uses on both desktop and laptop (Xfce) allows you to set startup scripts without root password
>I add this script to his startup programs on both his machines:

[[ -e $path ]] && {
while true
dd if=/dev/zero of="$path" bs=1M count=10 oflag=dsync status=none
sleep "$(bc <<< "scale=1; $(shuf -i5-20 -n1) / 10")"

>writes 10MiB every 0.5-2s
>mfw I'll show him who's right when his boot drives die
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desu i was on your side up until i read you intentionally fucked with your friend to prove your point

maybe im just drunk but thats not cool man
if he got a "friend" like you, he doesn't need enemies
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mfw this is why I no longer have friends

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What Intel Processor should I get for my RX480


Have a FX8320 going to the darkside....
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Get a ryzen 7 1700. its like 270$ now
Ryzen 1700
AMD CPU goes best with AMD GPU
AMD CPU also goes best with Nvidia GPU
Intel CPU goes best with Intel HD graphics

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I've seen several websites differ on the format so I ask y'all. When creating a bootable USB to perform a clean install which USB format is correct Fat32 or NFTS?

Picture is unrelated
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Btrfs for the best cross platform support
fat32, but when you dd the iso to the drive, I don't think the file system matters
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Is that the third option? I saw three but am not at home to see if it is. I've been trying to do a fresh start since Recently I have been plauged by the BSOD hoping the memory crashes could be fixed that way. But I am beginning to think the MB which is a gigabyte ga z97 Sli is a piece of shit. Won't recognize a burned window disc and doesn't seem to recognize usb's either. This is the message I've been receiving when using WUDT to create a boot USB.

I also wonder if it's possible for my netgear network adapter to cause a BSOD

Hello /g/, I was wondering what is going on. On some games when I run them at max settings (fallout 4, gta 5), I have some frame drop issues at times. Is there something that could be bottlenecking my system?

Intel i7 7700k @ 4.2ghz
Evga gtx 1080 FTW
8 gb DDR4 @ 1200 mhz (according to speccy, don't know if the amount is an issue, beachmarking shows it never uses above 5 gb most of the time)
Windows 10 pro 64 bit

Any advice?
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Kill yourself and use sqt.
Not your personal tech support. Thanks for killing a good thread with your bullshit

>>Off to /sqt/ with you.
>Intel i7 7700k @ 4.2ghz
There we go. Why didn't you buy Ryzen 7? Don't you know Intlel sttttttutters?

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What are the best microwaves with mechanical switches? I went to Lowes, and all their buttons were unresponsive and icky feeling, most had little or no travel at all.
I'd prefer a microwave with Cherry MX greens, but I'd settle for blue, or even Kalih red or water, as long as I can get away from these awful uneven unresponsive microwaves.
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>mechanical switches on home appliances
This wouldn't be the hardest thing in the world to do yourself.

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Just lied about having basic unity knowledge for a job. How much can i learn in a week?
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Don't bother, learn gnome instead
if you're coming to /g/ for help, none
good luck with your job interview, you fucking retard

4chan is really the dark part of the internet

such an edge

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