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How do you think those cheap 4 cores will be for games?

The problem with those cheap AMD builds, is the poor single threaded performance for older titles.
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>is the poor single threaded performance for older titles.
brute forcing 200 fps in those titles is not enough?
>is the poor single threaded performance for older titles.

if you think 150fps is shit compare to 200fps then yes
If that's the final frquency then it wont be much better than ryzen.

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are there any apps that create a copy of a network drive on your own computer and then if u make any changes to that copy, it then updates the central network drive automatically? It would be similar to dropbox but the dropbox server is in your house essentially. So basically the folder on your computer is a mirror of the network drive. and the network drive is also a mirror of your local folder. If someone on another computer changes the network drive, then the folder on your computer will get updated too. This gives you the speed of storing files locally on your own HD instead of a NAS.
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i'd give lucie the pohl
>you will never fuck lucie pohl while wearing a vr headset and watching yourself fuck mercy while lucie says sexy things
why live

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Macs are better and everyone knows it.
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a thread died for this
More than a million spermatozoides died for human waste of your caliber to be born. Do I cry about it every day ? No. This is the nature of things
yeah, thank goodness we're slowly making /g/ better. one thread at a time!

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compiz thread
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What a disgusting idea
doesn't get comfier than this

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Want to pick up a cheap laptop to turn into a linux baby, few people said a Thinkpad? What and where gimme the deets you neets
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Thinkpad and ebay. Couple hundred bucks.
make sure you check for a laptop that is linux ready

you'll thank me later when you don't have to spend a day fiddling with drivers on some old chinkshit. There is a lot of stuff Linux won't support

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Show off your setup

what are you hosting

talk about shit
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Old PC, soon will have a pfsense vm to replace the asus ac68u.
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my setup is under my bed. it's a hackintosh that drives a couple of 4k monitors on my desk so my laptop doesn't need anything (cables, etc) to drive them. it just needs to be on the same network and it sees them as an extended desktop.
oh and it's hosting a terabyte or so of TV and movies. and a bunch of porn

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There was a video out there where a couple of scantily wearing girls on beds would explain linus/sys admin stuff while slowly stripping. Anyone know where to find the video? I meant to watch the entire thing one day, but I can't find it anymore.
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linux not linus fuck
Sounds like something the linus audience would like. Good luck
fuck does noone know? I am not crazy right?

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>copy text from website
>paste it somewhere
>includes "read more at: http://imapieceofshitwebdeveloper.com"
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aren't they a clever developer for tricking brainlets into giving them free advertising with every copy/paste?

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yea, i saw it yesterday, when this was posted
Do you know anything worse? I am actually curious. Video form though.

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We did it /g/!
>It is now possible to log in to snapd using your username/password on the machine instead of having to have an Ubuntu One account. Further changes are awaiting review to allow you to actually install and remove snaps in this way too.

The thread in question.
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This is stupid, it is a bug in ubuntu store.

U don't need login trought terminal.
Not everyone wants a Botnet One account.

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Let's discuss technological progress, how far we need to go, and how much work needs to be done.
Realistically, how close is technology to:
>making anime real
>replacing women with babymaker machines
>creating realistic sex doll robots
>transforming us into cyborgs ala ghost in the shell or the marix
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>tfw born too early to live forever
Men can technically make babies too. Trannies are the ultimate sex.

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Any SWL's here? If so, whats the weirdest thing you've found?
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strangest thing was some guy snoring. after a few hours he was still asleep.
Hams reminiscing about their high school days.
Someone rebroadcasting a local FM station on SW.
Telemetric data from the water quality sensors around my neighborhood.
In indiana all i can get normally are a lot of church broadcasts. i occasionally get a few cool bounces, i got a numbers station in french once.

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Which one?
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neither because I'm not some pedo
HTTPSEverywhere is a fucking botnet and it only works if some site is in their database. They can disable some site tomorrow and make it insecure.

SmartHTTPS tests shit automatically and doesn't need a database.

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>tfw corelet
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My other computer is a Athlon64
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Moar coars won't make you a better person.
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>tfw my tablet has more dedicated cores than my desktop
But i3 6100 just werks. I plan to use it for the next five years.

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Are there any worthwhile gaming keypads besides this?
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the only gaming keypads that are worth it are the razer tartarus and orbweaver, they are actually ergonomic
>using a keyboard to play games
lol poorfag

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