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when you thought firefox couldn't get any worse
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Maybe having fox facing user will lure back its former userbase
You need new eyes you cheeky cunt.
That's just the nightly build logo and it looks good. Stop acting like it's the stable logo

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Isn't the GPU and CPU market in pretty much an optimal state now?
Nvidia and Intel are making huge profits, that they re-invest to make technology advance faster than if the profit was split on several companies
While AMD is always there as the off-brand alternative that makes sure they have to keep prices resonable
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>using your bike when it's wet
>being a fucking pussy
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What is the BEST website for learning how to program?
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The website of a respected university where you can get a legitimate education. Self-taught programmers are fucking garbage, with very few exceptions.

Spoiler: You are not an exception.
Amazon so you can buy C Programming Language, 2nd Edition

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Just accidentally punched my computer on accident lads
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>mudman has anger issues
Try punching yourself instead.
apologize immediately

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Your new torrent client.

- no known bugs at all (qbitstalled has over 1000 open issues on its repo)
- no crashes
- no "stalled"s
- no bullshit
- no sadness, only win
- developed by an autistic cryptocurrency enthusiast with mega emphasis on privacy and security
- manipulate petabytes at the blink of an eye. No lagging at manipulating even huge torrents with thousands of files such as the complete MAME romsets/chds
- extremely configurable. You can change all colors, columns etc. both on the main client and the web client
- guaranteed usage of your top Internet speeds. You'll ALWAYS downloaded at the top possible speed given there are decent peers
- linux version for the whiny losers
- tons of useful features other clients can only dream about, such as:
-- assigning torrents automatically to a category based on its tracker(s)/names/contents etc., and then automatically limiting for long/at what speed it should be seeded
-- forcing "choke" on peers to leech at turbo speeds
-- selecting and manipulating specific files in a torrent to different directories, so you can point a bunch of torrents from different trackers to the same file go
gain ultra bonus points on private trackers while saving tons of disk space
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>non-free software

into the trash.jpg
t. gentooman

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>graduate with a BSc in Computer Science
>still can't code
>still can't program
>can understand code but can't write code
>have to Google on how to code
>majority of my coding is just Googling and replacing them rather than writing from scratch

How do you girls do it?
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>he fell for the adult daycare meme
I bet you didn't even post your macaroni pictures on a blog to use a portfolio
Oh don't worry SJW companies will still hire you, and steal credit from people who can code for you to take.

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loooool some people have jobs and are working to achieve their dreams looooool

and people with other kinds of jobs are willingly to spend MONEY in exchange of knowledge and services so they can use their free time to have sex/fun/explore the world loooooool

what a bunch of losers loooool

>"use Ryzen its better for what you want to do"
>hesitant to try AMD cpus
>say fuck it, Microcenter will let me return anything even if i cum on it
>not even 10 minutes into windows and it's already BSODing me giving me the watchdog clock whatever error.

Event Viewer keeps telling me Kernel Error : 41 along with some other problems like "XXXXXXX is filled up"

I'm just fucking stumped. I've built dozens of computers before, never had any faulty parts. Never had these kinds of problems. Systems were always intel.

Current build

Ryzen 7 1700 with stock cooler
DDR4 16GB 3000Hz
Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 1
Corsair 650watts

Motherboard is properly mounted
CPU Fan is properly mounted
All cable connections are solid
Power Strip and outlet work fine, have been using for years
PSU same wattage as older build
Everything in stock
Latest version of BIOS
Latest drivers/chipset drivers installed
Reset CMOS Battery
Ram is compatable on MOBO list
Made sure Hard Drive sleep mode set to never
NO USBs or any external devices attached besides M&KB

Only old part is a RX470 which worked fine on my last machine :^)

It's really weird. It will lock up from between 5-20 minutes, doesn't matter what I do. I ran a stress test for 10 minutes and it didn't lock up, but it will lock up if i search something, go through the settings, or watch videos.

The computer will not lock up while using the BIOS.

The only thing I can think would be the problem is maybe the Windows installation was corrupted. I'm using a launch Win 10 ISO.

I'm trying to think of what else it could be. Maybe AMD cpus are just shit. I wanted to give Ryzen a shot but I'm already regretting my purchase in less than an hour.
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It means your ass is filled with jewish cum so you should stick to using intel cpu as per usual.
Gigabyte mother board are trash.

T. Gigabyte motherboard owner

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Powerspec. I know those gradation labels usually don't say shit but if they could've slapped a Gold label on those other three psu's they would have.
You need almost 1200W platinum to power up a decent pc this days...
go fuck off to johnnyguru

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>82 days since last Windows 10 update

Should I even care anymore, /g/? Im afraid that Creators will only break more things than it adds.

Whats your approach towards Windows updates? In before "using Windows" - none of the Linux distros worked for me, I ahd to switch to Windows everytime I needed something to be done.
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install gentoo
So what? You will install it sooner or later. Just suck that ms cock as usual.

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How many pentium 4s will still be in operation by 2020?

If you only do light web browsing using such a system with Windows 7 is viable.
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>light web browsing
nice meme
web browsing is one of the most processor intensive tasks these days, thanks to all the pajeets ruining the web with their shit.js crap
A lot, I'm sure. P4s can still work for the average govt employee checking email, maybe opening a word doc or two

YouTube playback or programming maybe not so much

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is this little shit really worth 500 dolaroos?
who the fuck are the chinks kidding?
something needs to be done.
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It's a relatively unique and niche product. So unfortunately that conveys a premium.

I'd rather go for the GPD Win personally.
If I had enough money just sitting around I'd probably get one to use instead of a tablet, but I can't afford to pay an extra 300 quid for comfyness
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chocolate keyboard

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PHP beta 7.2 was released a couple days ago, what does /g/ think of PHP in general.
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PHP and Python sucks
And you suck for making this and you should feel bad.
PHP is a solid web language. Every language is full of shit, but most languages don't have the years of massive support that PHP has. With php-fpm, as well as the new 7.x gen of the PHP runtime, PHP is blazing fast and very stable. It's very C-like, which I enjoy.

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This cost me 50 pounds sterling. What does /g/ think? No botnet from Windows or Google.
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It costs me 49 united states dollars but it runs on Google Android with added Amazon botnet.
>No botnet from Windows or Google.

But from Amazon. Do you think Amazon is not a botnet? Oh boi.
can't you root this shit and install Lineage?

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>16:9 1920x1080 monitor
>16:10 1920x1200 monitor

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absolutely disgusting
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Don't you know? 16:10 is a proprietary format.
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>Not using 16:10 1440x900

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