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What you like about it?
What you hate about it?
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>Good battery
>Good keyboard
>Hardware is sturdy
>Good wifi card
>Ethernet jack
>Multiple usb 2.0 and 3.0
>Fast charging.
>Linux friendly hardware

>windows 10 botnet
>Not the brightest screen for outdoors.

Overall I like mine 9/10

Ok /g/, what now? This is ready for use? Or i need to change anything?
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Don't forget to update the packages if it's a fresh install.
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It has come to /g/'s understanding that there are new janitors who refuse to delete off-topic threads such as desktop threads and amd/nvidia threads.

Great job chink moot
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>desktop threads
>amd/nvidia threads
>off-topic to /g/, a technology board
Are you retarded, OP?

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Is there anything wrong with my hdd?
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>Seek Error Rate : 0000054074FC
lol wtf are you doing ?
stop microwaving your hdd

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Fuck off with your erp bullshit
You're in the wrong place moron.
hi im the programmer please message me on 4chan thank u :)

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what prevents actually good software from existing on the play store?
there's so much stuff CM apps do without any bullshit that just has no alternative on normal phones, I've as far as extracted the recorder, music and gallery applications from Lineage as APKs to use on other phones, just because there's no equally good native feeling alternatives on the play store.
why doesn't Android even have a stable text editor?
Why is it that the only good software has ever come from kids and the unemployed, just trying to help people?
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As soon as you have a "store" you attract people who don't give a shit about technology or quality software, just what'll sell. Or what they can squeeze ad money out of. This happens in every market where the primary buyers are nontechnical people. They can't judge technical quality well, so the market doesn't supply it.

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Monthly monopoly Internet provider can see what i do, whenever, wherever they want?

what if close friend or relative works there?

wouldn't you keep up with your friends browsing history?
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They can, but they don't unless something is flagged to them from authorities.

All the data is fed directly to police/intelligence services who will glean the data for terrorism then its put into vaults until whenever.

But an is doesn't give a shit unless they're told too. Any employees found snooping in data without reason are normally fired on the spot and sued.
thing is my isp isn't some major USA one. pretty sure all the workers can snoop around, its a shitstorm out here.

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I don't know if this exactly /g/ related I enjoy programming but lately I've been having issues trying to focus on learning other languages, is there a way to fix concentration?
>inb4 drugs
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Get enough sleep and stop eating trash.
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Always helps to have soft acoustics in the background with no lyrics for me.
i didn't consider sleeping thanks anon

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Mostly kids playing Minecraft with a little bit of porn mixed in.
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Noutube.net not .com .com is some phishing site

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Wanted to make a compilation of my skate stuff. Need the sofware to include slow mo, text and own audio e.g. song. (btw this is my first ever post) thanks
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welcome to /g/, you can use something like movie maker or just torrent sony vegas or something
your computer most likely has a free software on it, either movie maker or imovie
or get adobe premiere
i dont think there are any that have songs included. but you can take any music file you have and put it in the video
If you're feeling brace try davinci resolve, it's free and is starting to give premiere a run for its money

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>apple removed all ports from upcoming iphone before getting wireless charging to work
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what's it matter if wireless charging eventually works
it's not like apple users aren't used to getting fucked in the ass by now
how's this gonna effect anyone negatively

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So a few days ago i saw someone talking about memtest and today i decided to try it (pic related)...

Mfw first the test says is STD, now im kinda worried and not even sure how this happent since im the only one that uses the computer, could it be someone at the store where i bought it?

What do i do now? Also how do i find out which STD is, and is it possible that i got infected aswell should i get myself tested too?
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install gentoo and include me in the screenshot of this epic bread
Just googled gentoo and linux isnt really my thing
Gona run the anti virus now posting results asap


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Republicans don't care what we think. They want to sell us out, they're in power, so that's what we're going to get.
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stop forcing this shit no one fucking cares
i'm not an american so i wrote my name as richard stallman.

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Hey /g/, i know you are not personal tech support but ive tried tons of forums and wsr but no luck.
I have a 3.5mm combo jack headset with a microphone and i bought the adapter that splits it into microphone and audio with separate jacks however my microphone doesnt seem to work.
It seems as though the computer sees both jacks as audio output jacks, i tried doing a skype echo test and when i open skypes volume settings during a call it says its playing the audio through my microphone even though i hear it through the headset.
Tested it through my phone and there it works perfectly, any ideas?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Is there a way to find out why my phone is always active ?
My battery emptys too fast even though it's pretty new
Lineage os
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Install iOS
no you
custom rom probably leaks memory.
try a stable rom.

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