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Fry's a shit now. At least the one in Arlington, Texas. They had like a dozen video cards. Half the shit in their e-mail blitzkrieg campaign was nowhere to be found. Sad how low they have fallen.
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>buying graphics cards at a FUCKING STORE

I didn't buy one, just commenting on how shitty the selection is. Also, they would price match Newegg or Amazon or whoever the fuck else you might compare them to, and you wouldn't have to wait a couple days for shipping.
Some people live in the first world that can drive and go to a actual store to get there PC parts right away and return it the same day if its fucked. Seems rather nice desu.

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>roommate invites a friend over
>he wants the wifi password
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Sure here's the guest WiFi which can access the google chromedongle and not anything else
This is what VLANs are for. Set up a guest wifi network and segregate it from your LAN. Even limit the bandwidth if you don't want them downloading tons of shit on your WAN.

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jesus fuck
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install the proper locale
You deserve it for being a donkey fucking sack of shit. kill yourself.

What's the best beginner friendly language and why is it Java?
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its C or x86 asm
Java is a clusterfuck with its this.mambo.jumbo(bla.bla, bla.lalala())
Scanner reader = new Scanner(System.in);

int variable = reader.nextInt();

The answer is its library.
Go back to werk

I work as student engineer at my colleges radio station, which is in a brand new super expensive facility. What are some ways I could improve the station ? I'm currently working on making the webplayer display song and artist info. But I want to brainstorm some other possible ways I could improve the station
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Play anime music every morning.
Play nothing but anime music.
anime music

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/g/ I have a confession to make.....

I'm scared to say it,

But it needs to come out.....

I used to be a full fledged MP3 freak, and thinking FLAC was for noobs and fuckers who had too much space.

Today, I listened to the most wonderful FLAC file of my life, and am now a firm believer.

Thank you Chiru.no for the FREE FLAC


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Yeah, I was amazed at the quality increase when I converted my library from mp3 to FLAC format.
My ears are in heaven and will stay there
I listened to a FLAC today and it cured my autism.

has anyone tried xiaomi laptops before ?
thinking about buying one
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The amount of Chinese hardware backdoors on that machine must be crazy
I've often thought about buying the smaller one, but it's usually sold out.
i'd rather have chink backdoors than americuck backdoors f4malam

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How does it feel knowing that an entire ecosystem full of potential is being held back by the abortion that is V8?
How does it feel knowing that Javascript will never be taken seriously because of how terrible V8 is (and because it's (((Google)))'s)?
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A little good because of shaudenfraud but a little bad because it is sad to see so much misdirected effort.
Javascript was never going to be good anyway. Go be a shitty web ((((((developer)))))) somewhere else.
phpfags please leave

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Sorry if this sounds autistic, but is it possible to change out ethernet ports on a laptop? Like, change out a 100mbps port for a 1000mbps one?
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yes and no
>100mbps port for a 1000mbps one?
>the absolute state of /g/
Theyre not a card or anything like that, they're soldered directly to the board and their performance and speed standard is dependent on the motherboard chipset. In some cases updating a mobo chipset can give you better features but not for things like ports. Cant turn USB 2.0 into 3.0, cant make 100mbps to 1gbps

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Now I wonder would the culprits be to do such a thing?

Angry feminists?

Dr Nick Patterson spoke out this week revealing that robots could eventually turn on their owners – but not by developing their own minds.

No, the lecturer said the dolls could prove to be dangerous if hackers manage to get into their heads, something that would likely be pretty straight forward compared to taking over computers or mobiles.

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>Sex robots could kill degenerates and pedophiles if they are hacked
I see no problem here.
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this is a doll.jpg
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ill take those chances
so don't connect them to the internet?

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Time to wear v for vendetta masks.
there's already a thread on this you faggot
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H-hey I'm on your side m8.

I just thought I would make a separate thread to highlight the biggest effect this fruit scanner has.

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No homebutton, it will have apparently (unconfirmed) use multitasking like the iPad Pro.

The lock button has become the side button and will have multiple uses (locking, siri, camera, accessibility etc.)

It has a True Tone display for white balancing like the iPad Pro at 1125 x 2436 (just under 2k resolution)

All OLED iPhones are black front regardless of back panel colour. (black, gold and white)

Glass back for wireless charging

Cutout custom screen a la Essential PH-1 (pic related)
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New wallpapers throwback to original earth photo of OG iPhone, made to show OLED panels off (pic related)

Portrait Lighting. This feature appears to be an enhancement on the iPhone’s Portrait mode
for creating dSLR-like shots using depth by simulating different lighting effects.

The current effects are known as Contour Light, Natural Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono, and Studio Light.

The camera shoots:
1080p HD at 240 fps
480 MB with 1080p HD at 240 fps

4K at 24 fps (Footer)
270 MB with 4K at 24 fps (film style) (HEVC Footer)
135 MB with 4K at 24 fps (film style)

4K at 60 fps (Footer)
450 MB with 4K at 60 fps (higher resolution, smoother) (HEVC Footer)
400 MB with 4K at 60 fps (higher resolution, smoother)
>No charging port
>No microphone
>No repro
>No camera

Now introducing new wireless dongles, anything can be plugged in your device!
Will they be removing the screen next?


Not an apple schill, but can you name a better pair of wireless in ear headphones? I know the sound quality isn't great, but going without wires or that strap seems great.
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Ok I'll just go ahead and fashion you 1 (one) saiyan scouter
finally seen someone wearing these in public the other day, had a good laugh
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>I know the sound quality isn't great

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Formated HDD by accident. What should I do to recover files?

I've scanned the HDD with Data Recovery Pro but to restore files it requires for me to buy the programme. Currently scanning HDD using Recuva which should be the best free option. Any other thoughts?
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Pic unrelated. I am just lacking photos to post because, well, you get it why.
Restore partition with testdisk


are you ready to get outed from your closet /g/?
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yeah run my face through it
>still falling for dumb clickbait articles blowing dumb gimmicks out of proportion
All females are 60% lesbian and 30% asexual and 10% straight for pay.

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