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is the moto /g/ still recommended?

if no, what's the new moto /g/?

please responds
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Nokia 6.
A cheap phone that werks that is literally a brick when it comes to durability.
Just search in Google and YouTube about Motorola g5 reviews and make your own choice
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Nah, fuck the new models.
Lenovo fucked every thing up.
>1080p screen, no concave back and a fingerprint sensor
they added the useless parts no "smart" phone should have

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> Have custom PC
> Wanna build a new one and sell old one
> Wanna sell new one at cost and make another one
> Repeat
> Is this feasible?
> Don't care about not making money, wouldn't mind losing $50 per sale, think of it as hobby cost.

I recently got into building gaming PC.
I am a Software Engineer and did some Arduino stuff in the past too. But never did any PC building until now. It's easy as fuck compared to it (arduino/coding)

Anyway, I wanna build a new one and sell my old one. I could just get a new GFX but I REALLY just wanna build a new one and sell the current one.
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How the fuck is that even a question?
Yes, use ebay or whatever and sell your shit. As long as the price is right it will sell. If you market it well enough you can make some money out of it.
There only way is to sell locally to ultra normies who don't know what they are buying

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retro build in general
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Those scsi cables make me wet. Anyone else?
It's Parallel ATA
0/10 made me reply
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>computer from 2001
I bet you're one of those idiots that things spongebob is ~~NOSTALGIA~~

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Why would anyone here need 17TB of storage? Maybe in 20 years when software has bloated another order of magnitude but right now nobody normal needs that much.
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I'm autistic and a hoarder
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why the fuck does chrome open so many fucking processes then freeze when all i do is open one fucking window/tab every damn time?
Then force me to get to the bottom on this in freezerfox!
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>winblows 10
fucking retard
chrome uses multiple processes instead of multiple threads every addon and tab gets it's own process if your offended by that kys

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ramlets btfo.jpg
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>you'll never need more than 8gb of ram !!!

lol @ ramlets when will they learn
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>everyones use case is the same as me
when will autists learn?

mad ramlet detected
I honestly never need more than 6 on Linux, but on windows I am always using more than 10GB

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Is this best bloatware-free android on the market that's not the meme pixel? Or should I just look for a used nexus 5x or 6P?
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Just get any phone that has Lineage OS and then flash it without GApps
I am also considering this phone

Essential Phone™

Firefox is a shit. Chrome is a shit. Edge and IE is both a shit.

Is Seamonkey any good? I'm not averse to using an internet suite, just wondering if it's worth installing to try out.
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I use it as my secondary browser but no tab groups and the fact that it lists all my tabs in the taskbar make it a no go for jumping off the firefox ship.
Lol semen key

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Should i build a NAS or just buy one? And if yes, what OS should i run on it?
>inb4 freenas
zfs is a meme and im not gonna spend my burgers on ecc ram
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Build your own, and use FreeBSD.

You won't regret it.
Get a cheap used HP Microserver and run Freenas like a real white man
He's a frog poster so he should probably just buy one.

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Waverider is my waifu

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A thousand mile (a minute)
>needs to be supersonic to be able to generate power
>can't keep up at lower altitudes because of drag, can only glide
>can't takeoff on it's own unless it has additional engines, which add more weigh and drag
horrible meme, but it is was kind of interesting in Kerbal Space Program, you could just throwaway your main engines because it's a game and no one would care and get to high enough sub orbital speeds and then activate main stage and be left off with more delta-v than usual, but you'd still be stuck with dumbass wings which are dead-weight in space.

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Mozilla is cucked. Here's where we stand now:

Firefox 54.0.2 (64-bit) (Current)
Used to use this for Netflix only. Netflix works on Pale Moon and Waterfox atm.
Pale Moon 27.4.1 (64-bit) (Current)
Used to be main browser, switched to Waterfox since more extensions work.
WaterFox 54.0.1 (64-bit) (Current)
Been using as main for a couple weeks, pretty comfy.
IceCat not currently available for winblows.
Tor Browser Bundle maybe?

Privacy Extensions

Cookies Manager+
FoxyProxy Standard
HTTPS Everywhere
Lightbeam (not supported by Pale Moon atm)
Privacy Badger (not supported by Pale Moon atm)
Self-Destructing Cookies (not supported by Pale Moon atm)
uBlock Origin (manually select which 3rd party lists you want {I pick most of them}, purge all caches, and update them on a regular basis.

Blender (Turned off, affects some websites negatively when logging in or displaying search results only one on this list I consider “a pain”)

Will FF and all or some of these spin-offs and extensions be kill when update 57 happens in Nov? The only reason I use FF and its derivatives is because the extension add-on system allows great control over your browser’s behavior and features.
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I've been using Palemoon since the day it's been out, Netflix and everything else works fine.
Palemoon has problems with a lot of extensions and occasionally it gives me this weird rendering glitch with black bars around text. Waterfox works fine, using it now actually.

Right now there aren't many decent browsers out there.
Considering how long that list is, and Lightbeam being not critical, and Privacy Badger being possibly redudant with ublock origin, id say not bad.

Pale Moon was intended to have a separate dev path from FF iirc.

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*blocks your path*
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*calls stallman*
its not debian linoox ree
*you've beaten a shitty memephone, you gained 0 exp*

I'm not falling for this shit again

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So why aren't you utilizing the easiest free income source, /g/?
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im 1000 x happier than you right now
who even needs money
I mine ether with my 1080ti, electricity is $.1041/kwh. I am not sure it is profitable. HR 32.471 mh/s
Who said I wasn't? 10 GTX 970s making me $300 a month. Electricity is only .04 here.

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Welcome to the botnet.
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Why should I care?
I don't give a fuck what jewgle sees me doing.
good thread
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Did you enable it?
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Yes, at maximum precision.
What's the point when I never leave my house?
Yes, debotnetted

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