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Where do I find circuit board glue? I want to glue a nonconductive foam pad to the bottom of my circuit board and I don't know what to search for this

It needs to be heat resistant and extremely sticky so that the foam stays forever even when living in a high heat environment for years

heat resistant nonconductive electrical glue
>no results

wat do
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Anybody here have experience with the Surface Pro? How is it? Is it comfy?

pic not related
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do i need to continue?
There is no such thing as comfy with a kickstand
What if you're using it in tablet mode?

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Is it possible to infect a computer with malware through an image on 4chan(Not downloaded just enlarged)

My friends computer just crashed and his HDD no longer is displayed in BIOS, just before it crashed he clicked on an image in a 4chan thread.. Coincidence?
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>he's too new to know Cornelia
Even if he didn't click on it, it would have been cached by his browser. I saw you in that thread. No one else seems to be bitching about it (including myself) so probably not.

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Updates always download at max download speed

Can rarely find a mirror with 1 MB/s or more

Does this mean Linux is unimportant?
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Pretty much. The Russians have better things to do with their botnet than update 1% of desktops.

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show me your fucking command lines /g/
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Install ConEmu.
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Are braided cords a meme?
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They offer no benefits in terms of shielding or durability but they feel nice.
tangle free
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Fabric braiding won't crack/split and is less prone to tangling.

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How comes the PC back then revolutionized mostly in a positive way meanwhile smartphones seem to dumb down people?
Now even cars get ruined by this stuff.
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Is that fucking Doug? Wtf is he doing?
I thonk its Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. Wtf is he doing?
Because computers were made for doing work. Most normalfags looked at them and said "fuck this nerd shit." On the other hand, tablets and smartphones were made for normalfags. This more or less answers your question. When any market shifts to catering to the lowest common denominator, this inevitably happens.

ITT we discuss our favourite programming languages. Picture related, javascript is a god tier language.

Prove me wrong
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My wife's boyfriend taught me Rust. I love it.
sefmentation fault
There's literally nothing wrong with the first two statements.

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Hello /g/

Is there any way to hide threads that only have 1 post by the original poster? This filter would be for boards with poster IDs, of course.

After looking through content on multiple boards, the only worthwhile threads for discussion are the threads where the original poster is an active participant in the discourse.

I would imagine a simply post counter would suffice. If a thread has over 20 replies, and the original poster only has 1 post, then the thread is hidden. Would such a script be feasible?
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i think you got the wrong website, pal
reddit.com sounds more like what you're looking for
>the only worthwhile threads for discussion are the threads where the original poster is an active participant in the discourse.

No anon, people shitpost because you love the ((((you))))), it doesn't matter if it's a new thread or a reply.

Also it is feasible, the fact that you are here asking if it is means you're a brainlet faggot who can;t into computers.
I'll do it for you but I'm fucking tired, post your request somewhere it won't 404 by tomorrow. Or maybe some other faggot on here will help you.

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Any fellow anons attend GVSU? Tell me what I need to know before starting my computing major there. How is it for autists?
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I've never heard anything about GVSU's computer science program, so I'm going to take an educated guess that it's second rate and taking a backseat to their bread and butter (hanky panky liberal arts bullshit, as far as I remember).

It really doesn't matter where you get your degree as long as it says BSc. on the paper. All you're trying to do with it is pass bullshit HR screening. If you actually give a fuck about going to a "good" college and "excelling", go to UofM, or maybe Tech if you're really interested in hardware (think electrical engineering). If you couldn't make it into UofM or Tech, you fucked up somewhere along the line.

Once you've graduated, you probably won't know anything hugely useful or applicable to most CRUD software development, which is probably what most of your work will be in. If you want to not be a retard, you'll have to learn most of the important shit on your spare time.
Definitely have the scores to attend UofM but not some place I'd like to go.
In that case, just abstain from a "big" school. Paying anything over $10,000 in yearly tuition if you have no interested in flexing with the resultant degree is pissing away money.

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>Our first quarter results showed continued demand for our cloud-based services," says Amy Hood, Microsoft's chief financial officer and executive vice president. "We continue to invest, position ourselves for long-term growth, and execute well across our businesses."
Is this inevitable? Are we all heading into a future where surrendering our privacy to the tech giants is considered normal?
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>le botnet maymay has reached unfathomed proportions
>this isn't even my final form

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How do i make a Microsoft Word document corrupted , i want to prank a friend
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A thread had to die for this garbage. Wow.
Open in a text editor, delete a random part that contains metadata, like the first 20 characters or something.

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Hey I was wondering if someone could explain something to me because I'm still new to the coding thing.

here I have some basic RPG alignment code but the one I made was crude and bloated so someone made it smoother and trimmed off the extra nonsense. unfortunately even though it works I don't quite understand why a certain part of it works so I was hoping someone could explain it to me as if I was 4 on a why it works.

good_evil_level = 0
lawful_chaotic_level = 0

def player_alignment_update():
if lawful_chaotic_level > 0:
player_alignment = "lawful"
elif lawful_chaotic_level < 0:
player_alignment = "chaotic"
player_alignment = "neutral"

# I'm having specific trouble here
# Why are there pluses what do they do
if good_evil_level > 0:
player_alignment += " good"
elif good_evil_level < 0:
player_alignment += " evil"
elif good_evil_level == 0 and player_alignment != "neutral":
player_alignment += " neutral"

print("You are " + player_alignment)

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X op= Y
is usually equivalent to
X = X op Y
Read the fucking sticky you dumb fuck pynigger

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first time poster here. I have recently bought a LOT of headphones mostly for 3D sound location and i have found pic related the be the very best. I tested the
hyper x cloud, cloud 2(very comfortable headphones, disappointing in sound imo) revolver( best in comfort and sound)
corsair void(great sound, very cheap feeling and uncomfortable headset)
Audio Techinica m50x (very great headset, but the 3D sound of it in game left me wanting more), ATH-AD700x(i hate the open air headphones)
and the
Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 80 ohm edition.
All of this was powered by an Asus Xonor Dgx which is also a recent buy for me and has made a massive difference in my in game sound and enjoyment.

So what do you guys use when gaming? When listening to music?
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I have Xonar Essence STX (1st gen) as source, usually using dolby headphones post processing, unless I'm listening to music, then I go WASAPI in F2K.
I used to have Audio-GD 11.1 but the XTX give better results.

I use AKG Q702.

I also have Denon D2000 (one driver broken, need replacement) and ATH-AD700 (closed). Sony MDR-1A on the go.

Those gayming headsets are crap if you ask me, just get a separate mic.
i do use a separate mic. The revolver is amazing in every regard imo. This is my first time with a sound card ever, and im nearly 30. Getting this headset/card has made the difference between hearing guys the floor above me and not being able to tell if the guy is in front of me, below, or above me. insane difference in my game play experience.

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Hey guys. My appData Folder is taking a lot of space, many, many GB.

I was wondering, is there a safe way to delete the contents of that folder and gain many, many GB of hard drive.

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>Cleaning up AppData
Windows is permanently messy my pal! BUY AMD! INSTALL UBUNTU!
You can't Adam
Maybe, Alan.

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