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WHATs the point of having more than 5 tabs open?
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Name a case where you need more than 5 tabs to be productive.
>This guy doesn't program.
Why even

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How come you aren't on 10/G/bE ?

Just upgraded my RAID6 server to 10GbE from Gigabit and it even saturates my local SSD.

I can't hide this bulge in my pants.
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That's only 4.3Gbps you nerd
because i dont have massive files to transfer
and it's wasted on a windows user too dumb to take a screenshot

>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread: >>61987082
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Bump >>61994828
They are nice planars, but you may into some trouble with its build
$0 - $50 AUD
Xduoo x3 or phone
>Type of headphone
over ear preferred
>Open or closed
i dont mind
>Comfort level
anything that isnt unbearable
>Sound signature
i dont care
>Past headphones
apple earbuds (lots of them)
HTC earbuds (lots of them)
digitor Cat C 4154 (good luck finding it)

Vega is shit only because the foundry is shit, TSMC is better than GlobalFoundries with GPUs. The Vega desing is good.
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hardware's fine, how about they hire more fucking driver devs and actually start using all those features

with more nigs they could start doing more game-specific hacks the way nvidia does
>AMDrones denial

Vega is an overrated, overhyped hot piece of shit, its only use is for miners/workstations or AMD fans willing to pay extra money for lower performance.
Vega suck on every games and efficiency, this is not a specific driver issue.

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Is applying Thermal Paste the "dark souls" of building your own PC?
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>both require no skill
First response best response

What are some laptops that are like Dell XPS 15, but aren't made by Dell?

Would be nice if the price was the same or cheaper.
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What's wrong with Dell?
mi notebook air
MacBook Pro 15"

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So are school just gave everyone there personal chromebook but they were sure to note that they were the schools chromebook. They also stated to not to plug your phone in since all the files go to the schools system. They use a program called gaggle to manage all this stuff.

I was wanting to install windows on to the chrome book but this would get me in trouble. I bought a 32gb sd card to install windows on which I will do on a separate computer.

Is there a way to boot to the sd card before chrome OS starts so they cant get the files? Or even if I boot to it will they be able to detect it? Would a different hard drive solve the problem? Also I'll be installing windows 7
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I know it's fun to be rebellious in high school but you really shouldn't mess with their computers, just do your homework and you can start ruining other people's stuff once you get to college.
Wow you're asking 4Chan what a newfag
you must be 18 years or older to post on 4chan

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Whats better, MATE or XFCE?
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Show us the your home menu on either Android or IOS

I'll start
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God damn OP, it's like you're trying for cancer right away with that wp
This wallpaper is always fun to use to fuck with people that don't know poison

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2000 - 2006

How was it, /g/?
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also AIM, albinoblacksheep, and newgrounds.

Most exploits were for shits and giggles. I don't know anyone who hasn't had all their internet explorer bookmarks filled with porn sites at least once. But these experiences taught me to be humbled by technology and smart with my usage.

Nowadays the internet is so accessible, but exploits aren't for so much fun anymore: identity theft and the like. Kids need to be taught internet safety if not by their parents then at school. The craziest thing to me is kids don't even know how to type on the keyboard anymore; they show off how fast they can type on the phone without even realizing how degenerate society's usage has become.
>Where can I get a gmail invite
That one hurt. I remember a time when I trusted Google. I was so excited when I got my gmail address.
yeah i was probably one of the first 25k users. I should have just used [email protected] I use my own domain's now. google is only a search engine and youtube to me

Hey /g/ what are some *not* dead usenet newsgroups?
Do you even Usenet?

Pic unrelated
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alt.binaries is the only not dead newsgroup. Combined with a decent indexer, it's pretty based.

No I meant for text discussion, am currently reading alt.os.development and its aight
>No I meant for text discussion
go to bed, grandpa

got the s8 plus a month ago should I upgrade to the iphone 8 later ?
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that's downgrade, Nokia 9 is the upgrade

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Help a retardo out
>wants to learn C#
>was following this for several videos https://mva.microsoft.com/en-us/training-courses/c-fundamentals-for-absolute-beginners-16169?l=Lvld4EQIC_2706218949
>I get bored with videos
Where is the equivalent documentation of this?
Don't recommend me some outdated ass book. Is their a site that is text not videos and up to date?
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It's called .net: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/

No it isn't. .net is not C# nor is it C# exclusive
C# if for Microsoft cock suckers. Just learn a real language like Rust or Ruby.

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>he can't name a better Android browser than pic related

I have used every recommended Android browser but I keep coming back to Lightning.
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Fuck off
too unstable
i agree, except the stock android browser
it is pretty good in some roms

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What are you working on, /g/?
Previous thread: >>61984897
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Idris is the language of the future
How the fuck are all the Django tutorials broken. Fuck this framework.
>inb4 removed ableist language

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