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Seems like he's innocent. The "land of the free" is a fucking joke.
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Here we fucking go again lads.
>that hairline
>grey hats
Cowards who are afraid to take a position in the grand scheme of things

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they know x86 is dying
Because they don't want to step on Intel's toes. It's asking like why Chrysler doesn't make a car that's better than a Ferrari in every regard.

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>get UPS
>never give a shit about a rolling blackout ever again

Batteries are king.
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>Buy UPS for all my shit
>Move to place that doesn't have shit power grid
>Suddenly they're all big heavy paperweights

I still use them but seems like a waste.
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>tfw live in florida but haven't bought a ups yet
thunderstorms every fuckin day
This is now a shitty infrastructure uptime thread
,g$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P. Machine: flurry
,g$$P" """Y$$.". ---------------------------
,$$P' `$$$. OS: Debian 9.1 x86_64
',$$P ,ggs. `$$b: Kernel: Linux 4.9.0-3-amd64
`d$$' ,$P"' . $$$ Shell: /bin/bash
$$P d$' , $$P IP:
$$: $$. - ,d$$' Packages: 1029
$$; Y$b._ _,d$P' Uptime: 27d 10h 14m
Y$$. `.`"Y$$$$P"' CPU: Celeron J1900 [26.8°C]
`$$b "-.__ CPU Usage: 60%
`Y$$ Memory: 4735MB / 7883MB
`Y$$. Disk: 3.3T / 3.8T (93%)
`Y$$b. ████████████████████████

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New firefox is pretty good. What do you think, guys?
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I think I'll be switching to Brave
cmon ruskie, time to upgrade.
You mean to another chromium reskin browser?

It's my work pc

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I'm supposed to port something to webExtensions. It is an add-on that involves the analysis of Javascript.

I know that since webdevs can't code for toffee, they often use JQuery and whatnot. This confuses me, it's hard to tell what is a library and what isn't.

Where is the official specification for the "syscalls" of Javascript? If I wanted to prevent Javascript from sending information from a browser to the internet, what would I have to block?
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who dis lil girl
Wife material.
Disgusting freckle monster. Hitler should have gassed gingers.

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Intel getting outsold by AMD on Amazon!

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>I have no idea how Amazon works
>AMD's shares spiked
>down 0.97%
yes intel got btfo here

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Do you prefer "natural" or "reverse" scrolling?

I find that on webpages or PDFs natural scrolling feels better, but for volume and seeks bars only reverse scrolling makes sense.
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It's pretty dumb, and anti-ergonomic
Reverse obviously
Natural obviously

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ITT; we get as paranoid as possible. What about this set-up?

>two Thinkpad X60s (Intel 945 chipset (i.e. pre-AMT)) bought from local seller in person, with cash
>secured against remote hardware, firmware and chipset accessibility
>one X60 permanently offline, removed HDD, removed microphone, webcam, Wi-Fi card, Bluetooth card, Ethernet port filled with glue etc.
>Use encrypted USB, Tails installed
> IceCat/Tor browser, HTTP Encryption, Adblock Plus, NoScript to block Java and Flash.
>Claws Mail with OpenPGP for email encryption
>physically near me at all times, otherwise compromised
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>Not hiding anything behind wall sockets or trim
What would be your strategy for using the internet, though? Random coffee shops? Tunnel through compromised computers?
this is computer cargo cult security

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>Make first contribution to an open source project on github
>small project
>get shit on when I opened the PR

does it get better?
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don't even bother with helping open source projects, get a job then you'll get paid to deal with fragile egos
FOSS is doing downhill fast. Trannys and faggots are destroying projects with meaningless shit like bitching about gendered pronouns in documentation and the use of words such as master/slave.

Honestly though OP, try to find decent projects to contribute to or start your own.
Check previous PRs before submiting a new one

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Last thread: >>>61687239
Max quality video config:

Site: https://mpv.io
GitHub: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv
Git master reference manual (updated daily): https://mpv.io/manual/master
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reminder that cross platform is code word for shit
agree, should be linux only to avoid diluting the quality
spline36 has more aliasing but is way less blurry, so I guess it's subjective

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literally perfect.png
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>picture related
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yeah windows 10 already did
7fags really are the new XPfags

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What's the best way to optimize a GNU/Linux system without recompiling the kernel? There's no excuse for a computer running nothing but a window manager to take up ~120MB of RAM.
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install cloveros
Just install Solus, the whole OS including the DE uses only 350MB ram on my pc.

But if you're ram limited then switch to something like tiny core with a window manager.
It's just Linux you dumb retard.
also, quit posting 3dpd to attract attention
finally, fuck off.

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redpill me on systems programming as of 2017, is it still relevant? can a graduate pursue it as a long life career now? I hate both high level programming and embedded programming, but I have good knowledge of linux kernel & computer architecture and want to find a career in systems programming but I have a fear it might be a dying & not very profitable these days
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As sad as it is to say, look for a *shudder* DevOps job.
>redpill me
learn powershell, you should have no trouble with the WMI/CIM aspects of it and you can make yourself quite marketable.

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I have a situation, I am trying to convince my parents to get smart lights for the house and they keep rejecting, I think this might be for 2 reasons

1. We have some other smart stuff (thermostats, Tesla) and my dad takes it upon himself to look at what we are doing and bitch and have a baby fit if he doesn't like what we are doing at all time

2. my parents are around 50 and don't know how to use new technology

please help me
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i suggest graduating highschool
>smart lights
Nice botnet. Your parents seem wise.
>I need help convincing my parents

You must be 18 to post here

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what the fuck was maries problem
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being a woman
she didn't install gentoo

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