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This fan is quieter and the same price (less actually in a twin pack)

It's also not shite colored
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Twin pack isn't the pro model
I have the ML140 pro corsair. It sounds like a fucking jet engine at 80%, there's a legit reason why people go noctua.
It may look loud if you look at dBA, but you have to do frequency analysis to get the full picture. Some frequencies sound louder than other

does any one actually use these buttons?
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all the time
I hate em. I accidentally click em and it takes me back on webites.
I have them macro'd or bound to other keys.

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Sem título.png
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Windows Explorer says I have 590 GB free. Steam says I have 604 GB, and the prompt says I have 634 GB free. Who's right? Am I doing something wrong or can I blame Windows 10?
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Found your problem. The windows explorer is purposefully truncating your disk usage becuase it wants to hide its hoarded telemetry data
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I should have noticed this
> Windows
> Hmmm...
> Windows....
> yes...
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You have 590GB

r8 my rig
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how to be an ultrafaggot: the post
imagine what the prices on those cards will be once they sell them.
Free market / 10

So how does /g/ run virtual machines? I use qemu with aqemu as a graphical interface. The only thing I don't like about aqemu is the stupid side tabs that look like trash with my current font. It works as intended though. I'm installing PowerPC OS X for fun tonight.
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qemu is an system emulator and not just a virtual machine
>le cde theme
it looks like shit, get over your false nostalgia
>stop liking what I don't like
>specially if it's personal preference!!!!
you do know how stupid you sound?

>false nostalgia
>implying people used UNIX workstations
>implying it's not for usability or personal preference

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>Nvidia in charge of DX12
>nvidia DX12
>decrease in performance

>increase in performance

Now you see why they delayed this release for so long. It would have been a PR nightmare if they released it a year or so ago when DX12 was all the hot shit.
>Release it today
>Run like shit
>WOW DX12 is such a scam
>Consumer and developer keep using DX11 for another two decades
>Nvidia doesn't need to bother with new API.

Fucking genius.

>sorry, I'm just breaking the la-... using a vpn
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You are not allowed to read wikipedia, chinese anon
Nice false equivalency ya got there
whoever owns the bot that shitposts these threads every day, just know that its convincing more people to be against your cause.

No technology need
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air conditioned space suit
trees are technology
>the green sunblocking things aren't technology
are you for real ?

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post your bookshelf
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>He still uses paper
How old are you?

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What's the best way to go about rooting a US Cellular s7 edge on Nougant? New to android and don't really wanna brick my phone.
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*Nougat, I'm an autist
You should probably start by googling it
Just google that shit nigger. Bricking your phone by rooting it is almost impossible by now.

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>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61189613
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Is there any audible difference between DAC X6 and Schiit stack?
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Help me decide /g/

E-Mu Teak, Fostex TH-X00, or HE-500 (used)
Best earbuds to buy that aren't super expensive, have great sound quality and don't dig into ears?

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Hey /g/ where did you buy your Thinkpad?
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eBay, look for NOS for best value
might go to Computer Surplus Solutions in Garden Grove, CA. they buy bulk and sell at prices cheaper than ebay, or so i've heard
Got my i7 x220 and x230 for 50eur each from my mums work when they started dumping old hw

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Is there anything out there that can record wavelengths in the Megahertz range. I've wanted to archive some very valuable broadcast VHS and U-Matic Tapes and while I have made 12mbps h264 copies of these tapes, I feel that recording the actual wave signal that is stored on the tape is the purest way to prolong the lifespan of the contentin the tape. It's kind of like having data on a floppy disk, transferring it to a hard disk, then to an ssd, you have the same exact content, just on another medium.
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OP here nvm i found it on google
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yeah, you should try googling shit before asking.
OP here (Seriously)
You Think I didn't do that already?

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>get a VPN after /g/ shills privacy and stuff
>your IP range/country is blocked due to abuse
I can't even shitpost now
>all of a sudden it's not only 4chan that constantly wants me to fill out a CAPTCHA
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Pay for a pass, goy
Kek. Get fucked dumbarse. Never trust /g/.
still can't be;ieve google is getting rid of the blobmoji

fuck them

Anyone got tips for people interested in starting coin mining?

I'm about to make my first rig
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Yes fuck off faggot
go fuck yourself
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