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Hey /g/ I need to study a lot for an important test in the end of the year and I procrastinate a shit ton
How do I make a script that will turn the wifi on my laptop down and turn it off for 3 hours so I wont mindlessly stop studying and not notice?
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give it back jamal
Throw router out the window
my books are downloaded

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i'm looking for an android phone and this one seems cool
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It's worth considering, but wait for how the V30 turns out. If money/price is an issue, get a G6 since it'll probably be a little cheaper.
It LOOKS like an unpolished S8 concept but it actually does a ton of things better such as the wide camera lens and quad dac (if you're lucky).
It's like a smol and new V20. I'd get it but I'm undecisive as fuck. I can't trust LG's soldering + bootloops

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fake and gay.png
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>I cant believe people block ads!
I do that on most sites and I secretly install adblockers on my families computers and hide the icon.
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An ad-blocker is better malware protection for normies than an antivirus, because it stops shit like this.
>"Don't mind me, I'm just visiting a site with my AD blocker ON"
>"Don't mind me, I'm just installing malware through my ads"

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Is spending your time working out how to avoid the botnet a big fucking waste of energy? Are we all just basically fucked? I mean even if you have the most secure system your ISP knows everything. And VPNs are hardly bulletproof.
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No, because privacy isn't an either-or thing where you're either 100% anonymous from everyone all the time or you're under perfect surveillance at all times. It's a sliding scale, and doing just a few basic things goes quite a long way, because most botnettery is passive dragnet stuff, not targeted focused-on-you surveillance.
The shittiest depiction of a prism I've seen yet.
Anything beyond uBlock Origin and uMatrix is pure autism. If you block JavaScript websites can't really gather more than your HTTP headers so maybe at most if you use a pre-release version you should spoof the user agent to match the release version.

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What is this? And why is it being sold on Amazon claiming it's fit exactly to the iPhone 8?
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The first ever leaks of iphone8 came from case manufactures with specs given by apple.


brand new iphone owners never use a case because they practicly bought it to scream to the world "look at my new iphone"

i have many friends that scratched and broke jet black 7's just because of the look at me factor

meanwhile i just jot a jet black case for my 6 and everyone swears its a 7 lol
How are people going to use the fingerprint scanner?

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Does /g/ like Nvidia ?
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Not really. But they are sometimes a nevessary evil.
The only thing Nvidia is good for are games, altcoin mining, and amateur ML work.

Out of all three, the latter is the only one that is seemingly respectable and least represented of the bunch

Tl;td: No. Fuck Nvidia no real OS has drivers for it.
Sure, they provided well-performing drivers on Linux and BSD for years, when ATI/AMD has virtually abandoned every non-Windows platfrom.

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>tfw you now need to FINANCE a gpu due to inflation from miners.
What a time to be alive
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or you could just pay cash since $420 canadabux is what, $350?
What is a credit card?
Like to see 6mths interest free on a credit card.

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Just ordered one of these. How bad did I fuq up /g/uys? Please, be honest with me...
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Looks like shit. Touch screen on laptops is such a fucking meme.

Why not a x2x0?
It's advertised with 15h battery life if you add the productivity module.
>10h + 5h
Touch screen is useless for trying to actually do anything, but for kicking back in bed and watching some videos it's real nice to be able to use it and not have the keyboard get in the way.

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What is the safest browser for Windows?
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unplug your network cable
>Microsoft releases new always on update in 2018

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this honestly not TERRIBLE browser... better than netrunner anyways 4Head EleGiggle
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I like Edge, but its sync feature is slow. Bookmarks added on one device are not immediately available on other devices. Sometimes it takes several hours to sync.
>no webm
>have to use Windows 10
Yeah, no thank you poojeet.
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TriHard fuck off

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I am struggling to even get 45 fps in Fallout:New Vegas.
I believe I have enough RAM and an average graphics card. I am honesty very frustrated. Please help me /g/. What am I missing?
Please let me know if you need any other info to help me.
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I guess Im in the wrong board to ask for help, sorry
Find some performance mods

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Will I make more shekels writing software for Windows, for Mac, or for Linux?
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Windows. But write it for all OSes and you'll get the most dinero.

Writing specialized software might make Mac OS a better candidate because the users are (stereotypically) willing to pay more.
Do you really have nothing better to than make inane threads and posts frogs?
Write mainframe code in COBOL :^)

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Do people studying CS outside ivy schools ever attend those childish events in their first weeks? You don't get that shit in ivy schools because they're doing the smart thing which is showing you around the campus and that's it. Then there are clubs you can join.
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the ones where we circlejerk to 2D? yeah, we have those here
why don't real life 6 year olds have big booty?

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Are there any alternatives to Pale Moon?
RIP Pale Meme.
Uninstall immediately. Install IceCat or WaterFox instead.
That Manchild's a total fucking scumbag piece of shit.
I'm afraid not if you want XUL addons and a UI that doesn't look like Chrome.

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Is there a legitimate reason why you still have a desktop or laptop and haven't switched to the mobile only master race yet?
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I actually work
now nsa shills gtfo

This. Most of the tools I use don't run that well on Android, and don't run at all on iOS (and would not be allowed inside of the iOS app store).

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