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Sorry for personal army question but..

Do any of you know android apps that let you record sensor input? i particularly need to record compass (and maybe accelerometer) during like an hour, and then use all that data as input in an arduino based system. Not that it makes any difference, i'll format the data myself if i have to. All i need is those few thousand data i'd gather with the sensors and i don't wanna try 20 apps before finding a decent one

pic unrelated
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please help.
Anything on playstore or F-droid i can try
2 seconds search fag
looks good enough, will try.
No need to be a douche tho

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I'm about to update to Windows 10 CU, what am I in for?
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more bloat, less privacy :^)

Same old shit tbqh. Just get a program to uninstall all the useless apps they reinstall and use Spybot Anti-beacon.

Or do the right thing, and install gentoo

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>be me
>build pc for shitposting and gamen
>onboard adapter is realtek gbe controller
>observe my speeds capped at 3.5 mbps
>come to /g/, helpful anons tell me to buy intel gigabit ethernet adapter
>spend $30
>it came today, install it
>bridge both ethernet connections
>check speed again
what can i do? i want to kill myself
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So other devices on the network get faster speeds on ethernet?
no other computers with ethernet ports, but on wifi yes
I pay Charter for a 60 mbps connection, i can get that easily on wifi
Well without another device you can't diagnose if it's your computer at all. It most likely isn't. Computers from 15 years ago were getting 100mbps

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help me /g/ my danish student accommodation wants to spy on me
wat do... :(
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Install tails if you care that much
Get yourself a VPN
Find a good offshore VPS and run sTunnel + OpenVPN

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I'm a Windows user, never used Linux before. I've decided to test out Linux in a VM, downloaded Xubuntu, installed and now I have it fully functional and I'm a bit confused about it.

Many guys here pretty much worship Linux so do tell me, what's so special about it ? What should I do with it ? I've got a fresh install in a VM and know almost nothing about it. Convince me that it's better than Windows.
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the reason i use loonix on some of my pc's is because it's free (as in no $) and goes faster to install than windows 7.
and when you use a pc only for watching animuh and some mild shitposting (because of ancient hardware) it gets the job done.
I like Unix, free software (no $$$) and be part of something bigger.
I use loonix to feel haxor l33t

Less bloatware than FreeBSD with decent software
is GhostBSD the ultimate redpill?
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>less bloatware than freebsd
>built on top of freebsd with GTK
how can you fuck up font rendering that much?
No. Ultimate redpill is either NetBSD or OpenBSD.

What free FTP server is not complete shit?
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IIS 7.5 or later
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is this serious?

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Why are people getting so passive about microsoft forcibly uninstalling "deprecated" software from their computer with every update?

Do they not care? Do they think this is normal?
I've even seen people actually defending this shit.
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95% of windows users are tech illiterate normalfags, they don't know any better
>using windows
I wanna know why the fuck they took away the "open command prompt here" option.

>software on windows
>everyone is always trying to sell you something
>everything is always a trial
>everything is always behind some sort of paywall
>everything is caked in adware and malware

>software on linux
>everything just works
>everything is free as in beer
>everything is honest

Why is this?
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what about all the professional video production programs on linux. those arent free
If you only use free software on windows it'd be the same.
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That's how captalism works boi

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>pay thousands of dollars for a mac
>act all smug and might about it throughout your whole like
>get infected like the pleb


Suck it applefags
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what was that antivirus software that was actually a virus again? I forget
anyway, porn sites can't drive-by ads on iOS as well as on Android
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>he can't afford a Mac
You're a retard. Mac viruses have been around since the 1980s. A threat died for this because you didnt know about things which have been going on since before you were born.


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Why does technology keep changing? As soon as I've learned an OS or program a new version is out and I have to learn it all again. I don't like change. Why can't they just make computers faster but keep the way you use them the same?
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jews and computer training course offers
Learn RPGLE or Cobol, get hired to work on old AS400 systems, never learn any new technology for years.

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>tfw really want to fall for the ssd meme
Im sick and fucking tired of these 1 minute boot times, I really wanna feel the speed
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install gentoo
install gentoo
reinstall windows

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>mfw a percentage of internet traffic is people streaming credits on Netflix
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>mfw a percentage of internet traffic is people shitposting
not like those image sequences are particularly hard to compress
mfw when a percentage of people is water amirite

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Watched a documentary on octopuses last night.. how long before they are more technologically advanced than us?
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As soon as they and the dolphins grow opposable thumbs.
When they learn to play the clarinet
Never. We will kill all of them before they reach anywhere near that point.

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Has anyone spoofed a NY Metrocard or a SEPTA Transpass or any of those public transportation pass cards? The SEPTA ones are simple magstripe paper cards. Whats involved?
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pay the toll jamal
nice try nypd
Get a real one, scan it and store the magstripe data. Then use it and store the data again. Do this a few times and you should be able to see if there's data being changed on the card itselfor if the card data is just an ID that gets queried on the metro system itself

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