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I bought a new laptop and i didnt notice that have a usb c port....Ok is really worth it to buy a stupid dongle to have more usb ports ?
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if you need only 1 port : yes
if you need more : buy an hub
you could slap an external GPU on that bitch. are you upset there's USB-C on that thing? USB-A is for poor cucks
External GPU in usb c port?
I only knew you can do it only with thunderbolt 3

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dubs will decide what I name my new laptop no matter what it is
>pic unrelated
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Who gets more pussy?

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Yo gays who gets more pussy?
Just buy an unlocked Motorola that was on Verizon, then you can use both and never lose.

The Moto G and E series is already compatible with all 4 carriers

Is Nokia finally back?
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it looks like ever other phone
it's literally chinkshit with nokias name slapped on top of it, just like the new version of the 3310
3310 was durable as fuck, literally the opposite of the meaning of "chinkshit"

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I don't have the money to buy an sdd with my parts, and need to know how to install windows 10 onto my hdd. should i use usb?
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Boot from usb through bios.

Who /hype/ here?
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Wrong board
apple haters are pathetic human beings.

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Hey /g/, is there a way to rip images off a disc to make an ISO? If so, what program should I use?
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no. kill yourself
Not really helpful advice.

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Which phone OS has the best security model?
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Replicant, anything else is shit
Are there any FOSS alternatives to android?
yeah, it's secure because NOTHING FUCKING WORKS. no baseband, no wifi,... perfect security.
damn baka.

so i decided to switch from Windows 10 to Linux. I have no prior experience with Linux. I want to see what /g/ would recommend I start doing.
>pic unrelated, is the russian hackers working with eltrumpo
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start out with a *buntu or mint
they are pretty user-friendly
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Start with Ubuntu gnome, move over to (or start with) Xubuntu if you want to customize your desktop
instell gentoo

Childhood is when you idolize iOS. Adulthood is when you realize Android is the better option.
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Enlightenment is when you rip out that botnet garbage and install a custom ROM.
You sound like a fucking loser, why do you even give a shit? Do you also care what other people wear and eat?

Stop trying to be other people and just be yourself, you're gonna die either way.

t. android user
>t. Android user

/g/, I have a question.
Is there any disadvantage installing a 64bits GNU/Linux OS in a low-end notebook/computer (2gb or less ram)?
I'm used to download always 64bits because I have a great desktop, but I'm kinda short of money now and bought some weak notebooks like a T400 and a RV411.
Installed Mint and Kali on the T400 and everything went great. However, Debian on the RV411 was laggy and buggy so I had to switch to Mint too. Maybe has something to do with the architecture.
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Well several devs are looking to abandon 32bit entirely...so running 64 bit will give you proper access to the software you may want to run. If you're still running a 32bit only machine, it may be time to upgrade to a C2D or C2Q.
Both machines run 64bits. My question is if even with a compatible processor, wouldnt have any disadvantage running them instead of 32? Because you know, these machines have low RAM (3gb for T400 and 2gb for RV411) and no video card (even integrated). They are very old and that's what I'm curious, if a 64bits would hold their little potential.
I'd do 64bit. For smaller distros like Mint running XFCE, 2gb is plenty. My Thinkpad R52 runs 64bit Mint XFCE like a champ and it only has 1.5gb of ram.

Why doesn't Intel just release a bare-die 'enthusiast' CPU for overclock spergs?
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The whole reason they added heatspreaders to begin with was overclockers (that is, the only people who install and remove a lot of coolers) chipping dies, RMAing CPUs, and eating into their profit margin.
Bare-die is for losers.
You already had this thread anon, fuck off and stop shitposting

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If a compiler compiles code down to machine code, and said machine code is for a certain type of CPU. Why are binaries locked by OS rather then specific CPU models.
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Because system calls are OS-specific you stupid weeb.
>and said machine code is for a certain type of CPU.
CPU architecture. Not CPU.

>Why are binaries locked by OS rather then specific CPU models.
Only the ones that written and compiled for a specific OS.
is why they're OS-specific

^this is why they're HW specific; architectures are designed to be binary compatible. look up the wiki on instruction set architectures (ISAs) for more.

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Can i make a 3d voice chat world in unity for android?

I a noob to video game making but want to make it so you can talk in the microphone to oththeavatars and the further away you are the lower the volume.

I also want to make it that you can change the color of your avatar before starting.
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I wouldn't waste my time with it if I were you
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is it possible? yes.
can you do it? maybe.
should you do it? doubtful.

Hey /g/ wtf is that black shit on the cpu cooler, aka i found this pc in the trash, but seriusly this is the most nasty computer i have ever found.
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Fuckin hell the cpu fan wont even spin
Does it smell of cigarettes? Possibly a smokers pc.
Its just dust
I have seen much worse
Just clean it all up and get the computer running again unless there is some kind of visible damage

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