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/g/, I need your help impressing a girl. Don't worry, I already know how to impress her. I'm gonna send her some encrypted poems anonymously. I thought about sending anonymous text messages but that's to boring. She deserves to be totally mind fucked, she has an Android phone. That's where I need your help, I want some kind of alert message box to pop up. You know the type that they (atleast here in the Netherlands) send when there is a fire with poison gasses and they recommend to close windows. Anyone knows how to do that or where to look? Anything is helpful books, tutorials, forums. Plz /g/ she makes my dick so hard and fires all the right neurons.
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>This is the kind of autists I browse /g/ with
Just broke out of a depressing loop, feel like I'm back in control and this girl got me psyched to learn new things about my self. I will master this brain pattern, I ain't a normal tard. They call me the wiz(((t)))ard
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That's not going to impress her retard. It would just scare the shit out of her.
Just ask her for a date

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Hello anons,
any of you work in data center administration? preferably on the networking side not so much the systems side

I'm having an interview for a job I really want, I'm a network engineer myself but I've only worked in ISP land so I was wondering what a serious interview would sound like for a data center networking position

any anons could help me out with some rough guidelines?
like architectures, keywords, essential stuff that's different from other environments
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>Datacenter admin
Have fun being a cable monkey
Just laugh condescendingly and say "too easy!" every time you're asked a technical question.
Mno not really, field services are usually outsourced or provided by the colo providers

But thanks for the bump anyway

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>he is not using the most up to date and safer BitTorrent client ever made
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>using torrents to pirate
So its not the safest then just safer than other shit?

I like my downloads to actually complete, but thanks for offering. I'll stick with Transmission.

is it possible to raid ram? if not why?
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Thank you sir, my sides are flying past Mercury by now.
Have you been living under a rock for the last 15 years?
Yeah I use ZFS file system on my ram.
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What the fuck?

Best C language (C++, C, C#, OBJ-C)
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C# > C++ > C > ObjC
also the best language is the best one for the job at hand

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C# vs C++ for game programming
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it depends on your autism levels
C# if you want to get a job in game biz.

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How does LXQt compare to other DEs like KDE or GNOME?
Is it any good?
Looks promising...
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it's in alpha stage
I think it be cool if they made a lxqt mate edition. If not I'll probably do it myself because gtk is dead now that theyre switching over to gtk3.

>i'll do it myself
Sure you will, sure you will.

>lxqt mate edition
>desktop environment version of a desktop environment

>gtk is dead now that theyre switching over to gtk3.
GTK3 development is at high steam. Your "now" is 6 years ago, when it was released in 2011.
Just another idiot roleplaying online by parroting shit he saw on 4chan or elsewhere.

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h-how d-do I i-i-i-nnnnstall G-g-ge-g-gentoo
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Just do it.
Follow the tutorial. Setting up to be usable afterwards with firmware and drivers might be daunting if you are a winbabby. I would recommend you start by installing an easier distro, and get comfy with the command line and the linux way of doing this before going into the deep end.

Check out /fglt/ and ask more questions there. Good luck!
fuck for a second I thought it was nodame in the picture. Why nodame is so unpopular on for chin?

Are people who use Android Studio retarded?
Why not just use Xamarin?
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Why would you even want to target Windows Phone or iOS?
>Why would you even want to maximize the target of your app?
Because Xamarin isn't free?

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any amd red team members on here?
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can i get a ryzen rollcall?
>can i get a ryzen recall?
just wait ™
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1MB, 282x263px

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What's a better size for laptops 17" or 15.6"?

Are 17" notebooks too big?
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14" master race

just use a tablet
Really depends. For gaymen 17 is the best, big because they are less likely to fuck up the cooling solution as they have a good amount of space available. For light work/home (net, movies, office) use, I'd say that 13" is ideal, and for actual work (programming, sysadmin stuff, photo and video editing) the best would be a 15".

But then again if you have to carry it with you 24/7 then the smaller the better. I also depends a lot on the actual model. My DELL XPS 13 has a 13,3" screen in a body that is about the same size as consumershit 11,6" netbooks.

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Old thread: >>61500040
What are you working on, /g/?
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im learning c++
Reposting question
>What's the idea place to discard fragments in OpenGL? I'm assuming it's at the end of the fragment shader even if it's not going to be used since at least it doesn't fuck with SIMD.
Learning Rust. So far, so good.

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>use Ryzen to compile Linux kernel
>it segfaults
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ye im not touching AMD shit. I talked a guy into trying out Ryzen cuz muh cores and he literally ordered 4 cpus and they all failed and wouldnt boot.
then he ordered the 7700k and no issues, worked immediately

whatever man
One X299 RAID Key has been sent to your address.
I hear similar things all the time. Ryzen has some serious reliability issues to go with all the bugs. It may be fine for gamer children, but for mission critical applications, it's just not suitable. It's sad, but AMD always find a way to mess things up.

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>phone screen randomly turns on
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dumb frogposter
>dumb faggot frogposter so socially stunted that the idea of receiving a phone call scares him
>webcam light on laptop suddenly comes on.

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Do you guys use any of the bigger smart assistance services?
I know its a data-mining shitfest but I'm a little bit intrigued after visiting a friend who had a Echo in his kitchen for Musik etc.
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Taking 15 seconds to select a playlist on my phone isn't a hassle that causes me any great trauma.
I'm not adverse to the idea, I just find repeating myself several times to achieve the right command pretty frustrating.
No but the new Firestick has Alexa built into it now so I tried it once to select an episode which took maybe 10 seconds less than if I would have manually played it.
The only Smart Assistant I need in my life is Clippy the Paper Clip.

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